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INSANE Full Auto Floor 90 Hard Bommal Dreadhorn Doom Tower Team I Raid Shadow Legends


What’s going on guys, it is murderinc here back with another red shadow legends video. Today we’re going to be doing another stage: 90 heart full, auto team. Now this is really cool. Every single team i’ve shown to this point has been auto on the waves then manual, the boss. This team is going to be full, auto it’s going to work on every single stage, no matter what, with a not perfect and i’ll explain the win rate to all of you.

It’S not going to be possible to get 100 win rate but high enough to where it’s going to be really consistent. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the clip by shot of the team here, starting off in heart doom tower, so we have seafie double more to macabre duchess as well as volgoth. Now you could tell from seafie’s aura that i’m using a full resistance. Duchess here, everyone else is pretty unique: armor sets we’re going to go over, but more to macabre was kind of the key here. I was thinking about him thinking what can do damage to this boss?

We know bombs are a little bit underwhelming, so i did take advantage of the deflection set here. However, things like the side dread bomb kind of giving once again, this boss, a taste of his own medicine. You have to think about pure damage where it deals straight. Hp percent to these champions here, of course, you can use enemy max health champions like septimus. However, as we all know, enemy max health is limited on these bosses, but what isn’t limited are champions like morton macabre with their peril skill ability, that’s going to be.

The key we did just see pair will go off there, which is really cool, so it is going to help in the trash waves as well. That’S a key factor that does slow down these runs quite a bit. So with that being said, i figured why not use more to makeover. He has auv so decent wave, clear, he’s green affinity, so he can’t weak hit here and there’s a lot of potential with cfe applying so many buffs to everybody having them get stripped. Having deflection work, i don’t think it happened in this run, but i’ve had some runs where you just fill up the entire bar of the boss with bomb debuffs that have been deflected back.

Of course, it’s going to be a low probability chance of happening here, and this trash wave clear, as we just saw, wasn’t as fast as it could have been, but this is pretty much the basic principle of the boss here. The fact that there’s a built-in three percent chance to penetrate with these bomb debuffs makes is not 100 chance. There’S no way around that unless you have some champion that can never be debuffed, which should be awesome, but that’s not the case for duchess here. So she is using crazy resistance that she doesn’t even have warm master. She has the resistance mastery on her, because i could not hit the stats with my gear here.

We can kind of see the synergy in here have a decent idea of this energy here. Arrows doing insane damage to these champions here see if he’s buffing duchess is buffing we’re getting some good damage from masteries here, but most of it, like, i just said, is coming from that peril debuff, as well as any deflected bombs here now. I think this one. Okay, so we had three bombs deflected here: the team’s gon na die here and at one point in this it gets kind of low health in terms of wiping i’m not sure. If i remember, let’s see, is it right here?

Okay, so that’s not too low health. That’S just the standard okay. This is where duchess almost dies here. If duchess did die, i’m pretty sure seafie’s revive isn’t up. I could be wrong about that.

Maybe that just does die. I did so many of these runs to test the consistency, i’m not sure which front ended up making it in here. The two side bombs are going to go off eventually and okay, so cfe had her revive the whole time. So this wasn’t going to fail regardless, but this is just a really cool team. If you’re not sure volgoth works when he takes damage, he does heal everyone based on that damage.

It’S reduced from bosses to 25, but that doesn’t include the side bombs here. Making this such a good team and on top of this being full auto, let’s take a moment and look at the time here so my best time for this team, i believe, is 3 minutes and 11 seconds or 3 minutes and 12 seconds the other tests. I’Ve done have been around 3 minutes and 17 seconds, but really quickly. Before i move on, let’s take a look at the damage breakdown. We have a million damage from more to 750 from the second more to here.

This is where you can kind of see the deflection rng here cv did a good amount of healing. I did have to gear a certain way to make sure the healing did work out in our favor, based on how cb’s kit works. Vogoth, of course, did a ton of healing when it really mattered. A lot of cp’s healing did come from the trash waves and at the moment, this team, i’m not sure how interchangeable it is. You could attempt to use master butcher instead of voggoth.

I cannot say if it’s going to work or not work, i haven’t tried it myself, marching macabre, you don’t need two of them. This team will have the same success rate. Whether this seems three minutes five minutes. Six minutes doesn’t really matter all of the bad energy that can happen will happen in the first minute, second minute, third minute so on and so forth. So that’s nothing you have to worry about.

If you want to swap out both of these more to macabre, i probably would stick with the green affinity champion the longer they live, the more damage they do but, like i said just having this seafie duchess and volgoth combo here is going to be good enough And you can kind of fill in any dps you’re looking for now. Ideally, you don’t want to add any more buffs to this team outside of what cfe does she’s here. For a reason, she has a certain amount of increased speed, increased defense and block devos that she does apply. This is so just in case. I do get three percent on duchess lulu two.

She can actually survive the bombs that are being placed on her. If resistance decides not to work, so let’s go ahead and look at the stats here when i go to the screen, so we can see. Sifi is 92 000 health. You don’t need this kind of health honor, i’m just lucky enough to have pretty decent deflection gear and see. If he’s another champion, you don’t really need deflection gear on your two prime damage, dealers, being the both more to macops, for my case are going to be the champions you do want deflection gear on see if he was just an admin bonus to add any extra Damage i possibly could as far as rng goes so we’re having high health here, like i said, not needed 255 speed.

Speed doesn’t really matter. If i wanted to be safer, i would probably make her slower than the boss. Although every single run, i’ve done, i’m not sure if this is a crazy coincidence, but all of the testing i’ve done she’s never used her whirlwind romance before the boss win. I think i would do even better if she did use this ability more chances of deflecting bombs. But i can’t say for sure, if that’s going to be a make or break for this team, because i literally haven’t seen it done and i’ve tested it about 22 times so far of those 22 runs, 18 of them have been successful or them have failed.

So this has nothing to do with, like i said, the win rate of this team. It all comes down to the three percent. If you get unlucky, it’s just going to fail with that three percent chance and the fact that you’re constantly applying the resistance effect to dutchess increases your chance of failing much higher. So i’m not a mathematician. So i could not tell you what the chance of that success rate really would be, but it’s definitely high and the next champion we want to talk about here is going to be duchess lilitu.

You have 768 resistance. My resistance gear isn’t the best. I know there are a lot of people who can get decent stats on a champion like this and have 800 resistance or more, if that’s the case, for you, you’re definitely going to be in a good spot and of course, these are above average stats. However, this is stage 90, the highest level floor of the dread bomb, which is currently the hardest content. This game has to offer right now.

As far as pve goes. So, yes, it’s going to take very high quality gear for sure. As far as the hp and defense go, i found if i went too much lower than this dutchess had an increased chance of dying without any resistance. So this is kind of the break point that i would recommend for me. As far as speed goes just a decent amount of speed, 197 worked for me.

I’M sure you can go a little bit slower, i’m sure you can go faster and you’d have more success with it if you were faster, but this was just my sweet spot based on the gear i had available to me next we’re going to go over the First march, makabi of 95 000 health, so tons of health here rather low on the attack 226 speed 85 crit, because we have 15 bonus from the affinity giving us 100 crit rate, which is key here for the boss, crit damage 263. The other stats do not matter at all the next more to macabre i do have. I went higher on the attack for better wave clear because that a2 aov scales off of that, and i was pretty confident with how quickly the boss was dying. So i really wanted to focus at least one of these two more to my cops on the wave, clear aspect of this, which was going to be this one once again: 210 speed, 86 crit with the 15, that’s 101 crit rate on the boss, so we’re fine. There crit damage 227 now moving on to volgoth the arguably mvp of the team soaking the damage here with a hundred thousand health.

A lot of health is key here, making sure he’s healing as often as possible and he’s surviving a decent amount of time too. The one thing that does go against fogoth here is that the amount of healing he’s gon na do, if he’s hit with the weak hit, is going to be significantly reduced, so that could offer some kind of issue to your team. If you don’t build enough health on the champions but, like i said more to macabre hp based apparel, so you’re going to be wanting to stack hp anyways, i never found a personal issue with vogoth with the stats that i have here. As far as healing and the weak hit, however, it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you do plan on building this team. 2.

. 000, defense, not that important 191 speed the speed. I didn’t really see a difference and i feel like this champion could be at base speed and it would still work fine because it doesn’t really offer much. Besides that healing effect and the only skill i disabled was vogos a2 outside of the first wave just to get a little bit extra aoe damage out of him. Now, outside of that, i’m going to show you the masteries that i use in my champions.

As we can see here, the cp was wearing deflection gear and a speed gear set first, her masteries, pretty straightforward war master. She does have the defense tree master where, when she applies buffs to the team, it increases their resistance per buff. That’S a really huge added bonus to duchess just to improve her chances that much more of resisting all of these stuns bombs and hp burns. That can be applied on her from the rest of the team. The next thing we’re going to look at is duchess.

Like i said, i didn’t take war master if you’re lucky enough to have solid gear and you don’t need unshakeable which provides you with 50 additional resistance, then definitely go ahead. Take warm master. The support tree can come in handy. I did take. I believe it’s called cycle of magic with a chance of reducing the cooldown.

That cooldown has the chance to be something like her revive, which i don’t expect the team dying enough to have to use a revive back to back, but just in case it is a good fail, safe, also boosting her turn meter on her buff usage was very Useful because she is applying for a2, i did not disable that as well, and the last really important one that’s worth talking about is going to be spirit. Haste here increasing her speed, based on your dead allies, which will of course come in handy moving on to the masters of the more to macabre. This is going to look identical, so i’ll show you both of them as we can see from the icon here. I am wearing immortal gear as well as deflection. We have war master defense tree pretty self-explanatory for the counter-attacking.

Moving on to the second more to macabre same thing here, instead of taking the debuff counter attack, i did take the increased crit rate. I’M assuming i had this from some different build, because i would much prefer having the opportunity to counter attack on a stun over the increased crit rate on the crit, since, as everyone probably knows, by now, the chance of getting crit by pve content is rather low. It’S almost always baseline 15 crit rate on any type of content. You’Re doing and last but not least, we have the one. The only volgoth here is using a giant slayer as well as the support tree here.

Nothing too fancy with the masteries, as we can see, he’s wearing three immortal sets which is going to be key, so those are the masteries, that’s the gear. These are the champions. This was a really fun team to run and one of the first ones i’ve seen with a very high success rate. That’S full auto from the gate. You don’t have to set anything up too special in the ai.

The gear requirements are hard, but once again, this is the most difficult content in the game so to be able to clear this quickly and as quickly as i did in three minutes. Using these certain champions, it just makes sense that the key requirement is going to be higher. If you’re, seeing this saying i am miles away from this gear, don’t worry. I’Ve done two other videos, one being the initial bombo guide, the second being a really cool team. Using champions like shiramani to freeze that is manual, but has a much much lower gear requirement to actually get this content done all right, guys, that’s going to conclude my video today.

Let me know what you guys think of this team. What kind of additions can you make to this team? What else can you run with this team? Hopefully this will even spark some new ideas for other full, auto teams. After seeing how this team played out in a live run, here, don’t forget if you enjoyed this content, subscribe turn on the notification bell, so you don’t miss my next upload and i will see you all in the next video [ Applause ].


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