Hey guys, what’s going on, is ash here coming at you today in rage, shadow legends. Hopefully this video finds you all doing. Well, how are you guys uh? Let me know in the comments below i am doing fantastic. My son’s fourth birthday is coming up in just a couple weeks.

I can’t believe how fast time flies those of you in the audience who are parents. You know something changes when you’re a parent, because you look at the world. You look at time through the lens of your child right and things really really just start to pick up. I can’t believe it’s been four years anyway. Today, we’re gon na go ahead and take a look at a knight’s, revenant sphere affinity champion kaitis actually got this dm from riggs gaming uh great pub g mobile content creator out there.

If you guys want to check him out, he said i know you mentioned doing a video on kaitis a while back. Oh my god, i put him in a fury set and his damage is insane. Wait a second here, kitus and fury equals insane damage. I had to try this out guys. You know that i’m trying to incorporate not just op meta champions here on champion guides on the channel, because this game, really it’s about enjoyment at the end of the day, not anything else right.

It’S not about [, Music ], a progression, it’s not about finishing first in platinum, tier arena, because at the end of the day, it’s just a game. It’S just a game. You should get enjoyment and for me – and i know a lot of you – guys share this opinion. Some of you might not, but for me a lot of that enjoyment comes from focusing on these kind of off meta champions and seeing okay. Is there a use case for this champion?

Are they any good or are they just absolute trash? So that’s exactly what we’re doing today, similar to the video that we did right next to kaitus. Where are you kaitis, uh, right, okay, similar to the video that we did on deathless right, we tried to test out death list. Is she any good, but i kind of stumbled into it? I’M like okay.

Is there any way now that i’ve invested in this stupid champion? Is there any way that i can use her in a video? Oh hi, thanks for checking in i’m still a piece of garbage honestly she was. She was kind of trash kind of trash, so his kite is kind of trash. First of all, aesthetically he’s an interesting he’s, a unique looking champion.

It doesn’t really look like the raid, you know, shadow legend style, animation and art per se. Right i mean the armor. Is cool? Looking i really like the aesthetics right. I like his shield.

I like the yellow on black, it’s a cool look, but his face like what is going on with his face. What is that is that a metal shield guard or something a mouth guard or something neck guard, or is that a weird growth? I have no idea: what’s going on, don’t lie to me. I’M not kidding is that armor, i’m assuming it is ish anyway. Knight’S revenant are a cult right, so uh like not occult, but a cult c-u-l-t.

I don’t know, i guess, he’s a uh, a knight revenant cultist anyway, so here we go. Let’S take a look at the skills here guys on his a1. We attack one enemy with a heel reduction, whatever right damage based on attack with this champion uh. By the way, guys on soul, reaper is a1. The first thing you need to know about this champion is very, very, very hard.

Multiple high multiplier excuse me hard hitting on his a1. It’S a 4.3 multiplier based on attack on his a1. That is greater than like phoenix or fenax. However, you say his freaking name: uh who’s, one of my favorite champions by the way.

So the first thought that i had on this champion outside of his unique skill set on his a2 and his a3 are okay right away. I can put him on an ally attack team against some of these new doom tower bosses. Uh, going into spike’s a2 has an increased attack on himself for two turns on a four turn cooldown when booked take six uh or you know, six levels to get this uh skill totally upgraded, then attacks four times at random. This attack will be critical if the target has any buffs. Okay, don’t know why that even matters the attack will be critical if the target has any buffs.

I guess it’s nice to have right. It’S nice to have uh, especially weak affinity, matchups nice, to have the increased attack as well. I think this has around a 2.2 multiplier on the a2, so not too bad against bosses in the build that we have today he’s going to be doing anywhere from like 10k to 15k damage per hit uh. I guess i’ve seen him go even higher, so it depends on the dungeon that we’re going to be using him on uh on the a3.

This is his bleeding wounds ability. This is like the the ability to skill that makes him very unique right attacks, all enemies. Two times damage increases according to the amount of hp this champion has lost. This is a secret skill and only becomes available when this champion has lost 50 of their hp. I hate that i hate that i hate that i hate that first off, i’m gon na give my full opinion on this champion at the end of the video, but i just want to go ahead and give a little bit of a uh spoiler man.

They just need to get rid of that line. This is a secret skill only becomes available when he loses 50 percent of his hp. No, no! No! No!

No! No! No! It’S not that hard hitting of an ability that it needs to be a secret skill like just get rid of that, and then this champion is really exciting and fun to play around with, but a secret skill on this ability, not at all. I should mention too: this guy does not really require books.

So that’s really, nice. You don’t care that much about the heel reduction on the a2 sure having it from a six to a four turn. Cooldown is great, but this is really not the you know the highlight of his kit per se: it’s really his bleeding wounds and then once this is off cooldown or on cooldown, you can go right back into his a1, especially against bosses, because you have the war Master procs, on top of, of course, a hard hitting ability in general so to quickly review masteries on this champion, guys we’re not going to worry about the support tree again, we don’t need the accuracy. I went defense and offense. I want to point out a few of my favorite masteries for kaitis, for you guys so grim resolve increased damage inflicted by five percent when attacking with 50 hp or less, which obviously is always going to be the case with his a3 very important mastery grim resolve That we don’t talk about a lot here on the channel ruthless ambush damage increases by eight percent for the first hit on each enemy, both of these masteries very important to get the proper value out of kitis on the arena team that we’re about to spotlight opportunities.

As well is helpful, if you do have a stunner, sleep, fear, true fear or freeze on the team uh, preferably obviously going first uh before him in the arena. So we also have a cycle of revenge 50 chance to increase the turn meter by 15 when an ally is attacked by a critical hit and we have retribution. He does have again that hard hitting a1, which is going to be nice when we test out pve content a little bit underwhelmed with him in pve much better for pvp and that’s why again we went with helm smasher as well as a tier 6 option. He is going to be able to put out some decent numbers in terms of nukes in the arena on this specific team. This champion would be perfect if he had a passive kind of like skull crown where he had that unkillable on himself as well.

For one turn to preempt a lethal hit, because then you could actually get some synergy out of that a3 as it stands right now sure you can unlock the skill when you’re hit you just better hope. You don’t die in the interim uh. You know, while you’re waiting for it to be his turn for a gear we put him in. Like rigg said we put him in that that fury set fury. I can’t say that i’ve used fury that many times here on the channel.

Uh damage increases as hp decreases, which again makes perfect sense because that’s what’s happening already on his a3 now we know just in terms of the multipliers that is a3 should be one of the hardest hitting abilities in the game. So, let’s see, if that actually plays out here, we put him in some pretty decent gear. Here guys, we ended with crit damage on the uh gauntlets and again we have that triple roll of defense, which i really like on this champion. Again, we came so squishy that he’s just dying all the time. We have attack percentage on the chest and we have speed on the boots.

We went with defense on the ring. We went crit damage on the amulet in attack with a nice couple. Attack sub rolls there of uh 17, make it 21 extra. So a lot of attack coming from the banner you know banner should definitely be attacked with this champion, there’s really no other option because we don’t care. I guess the only other option is: if you really cared about that accuracy for that heel reduction again on the a1, you could go that route, so here we go guys.

I know that riggs is a very, very smart guy strategically, so he must have been thinking about pairing kitis in the arena with a champion like cardinal now cardinal has this ability redemption revives all dead allies kills him by 25 of their hp and boost their turn. Meter to max that will guarantee that we can go synergizing nicely with the fury will only have 25 hp and we’ll have that secret skill unlocked. So this is a combo that could actually be a lot of fun and effective inside the arena. So i have ash walker, madame ceras, cardinal and kaitis on the team. Let’S see how we do here.

This can work whether you’re going second or you know whether you’re going first, but if everybody dies right. So it’s again long term, i’m not gon na sit here and tell you guys. This is the team you all need to build. This is the best strategy, because i personally don’t love strategies that entail my team having to die to be successful right, except for my reviver. However, it could be a lot of fun and i do love having fun in this game.

So here we go everybody’s. Oh, no, oh no, okay! He just went he’s very low. Okay. Here we go here.

We go pick him back up, pick him back up. Okay and he just used his ability, though the secret skill, because he was low on health, but he went, he wiped everybody. There, though, okay so now, okay, there, it is hidden skill, unlocked he’s hitting pretty hard. Now this is a fun strategy. This is a fun team right.

So cardinal paired with kaitis is a really fun and interesting combination, especially again, if you have that fury artifact set on them. Let’S try one more battle with this comp, all right guys. Let’S try again against this sifi team, we’re already kind of in the middle of the battle here, but i thought it’d be fun to go against wrecker draft siffy and ursula in the morning like a big big tanky, uh reviver team, three revivers on this team man, Geez he has a secret skill. Unlocked right now, he’s almost dead. We don’t need the whole team to die.

We just need kitis to die or to be low on hp. It doesn’t matter if he dies right. It’S nice to have that max turn meter. But here he goes boom and oh now we’re talking. You see those numbers.

I should have slowed it down. You guys see those numbers. 100 000 damage not too bad. Again, i’m going to say that an arena team with kaitis without cardinal okay, it’s a borderline but with cardinal and fury you can do some serious damage, let’s go ahead and try him out in other areas of the game, but i’m already impressed when you pair him With cardinal as kind of a niche fun team to use inside the arena, i’ll be right back for some dungeon action: let’s go ahead and show you him against a doom tower boss. Actually, you know what i’m here anyway, miss clicked anyway, i’m going to run kaitis right now and we’ll see how this team does.

Most importantly, i want to see how much damage he puts out compared to these other champions, we’re just kind of flirting with that 50 hp. That was his a2 dealing a decent amount of damage on the four-time hitter to the single target. You know boss, but the question remains: who is investing in this champion for faction wars? Is he a champion titus worth investing in for faction wars? Only assuming you weren’t going to try him out in a clan boss, team or an ally attack against the griffin as i’ll show you guys in just one moment here, and i think the answer is going to be.

No, as you can see here, really not worth maxing right, this team might wipe here we have five rounds to kill the red boss here and i think we’re going to wipe [ Music ] really blow me. Couldn’T even get the job done on this. Pretty good team against the red boss: let’s go ahead and give him one more shot here guys, but first, let’s go ahead and compare the damage. Actually we might get the job done here. We might get the job done.

I don’t know two turns: can we kill? No, no, no, i hadn’t seen the damage, though we have kydus with 667 about the same damage as werlan, frost, king and uh a lot less than solas, as we would have predicted as well. So, overall, you know again just kind of meh average there right and my main team just to point out to you guys my main team stage 21 is instead of kitis, i’m just using tomb lord in that spot right and if i need a little bit more Support i can take out uh, versoulf and put in doom priest, and this team would be 100 win rate. So really, i think that you know these. Other champions are better to invest in for faction more support than getting a little bit extra damage out of kaitus.

Let’S go ahead, i want to give this guy a fair shot at the same time. Let’S go ahead and show him here against the celestial griffin on this team right again, ally attack in combination with some ninja hp burn. Look at ninja speaking of uh. You know an op champion, look at ninja, i have an ally attack and, of course, he gets left out even of the ally attack man, man. The dice are just not just not falling in favor of kaitus in this video man, no more.

I can’t take it anymore, get a hit at least on the dragon. Dude hidden skill unlocked. You guys could see the uh. You know the text comes up, but he’s gon na be dead before he can even use it. So listen guys.

I wanted to put this video out as uh, because a i told you i would max out kaitis at some point and b just to try out these champions, who are not super popular all right guys. So, overall, how do we feel about kaitus after watching him in action both in the arena and in pve content? I’M just gon na say it in case you haven’t picked up what i’ve been putting down for you guys. I am underwhelmed by kaitis, especially in pve content. However, he can be an incredibly fun champion to use inside the arena on the cardinal team that we experimented with.

So if you have cardinal definitely worth a look at kitis and a big shout out again to riggs for suggesting me, try him out in fury gear, i really love what he was able to do in the arena, provided he unlocks that secret skill. So guys. Let me know in the comments below who do you want me to max out next in terms of unpopular champions like this, i love content like this. I hope you guys enjoy it as well. Taking a look at a champion who’s, not super popular.

What sort of value might they have for an account who chooses to invest in them? Clearly he has some value, but it is a bit mitigated to the arena, in my opinion, uh. What is your opinion guys? Let me know in the comments below thank you for watching all the way till the end, as always, take care guys.

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