MY TOP LIST of CHAMPIONS to REBALANCE in Raid Shadow Legends (suggestions)


Oh, I actually put in a solid four five hours of work today Non-stop just thinking For myself How does society as a whole Enjoy this rebalancing Ah, the best ever So with that in mind, we’re going Faction faction I will give you my thoughts Way Welcome back Thanks so much for watching a new episode Today we will go Balance hero is what Mane thinks it’s all about So I’ll go into a world of great detail regarding the subject But before I do, I want to give a few shrieks of disapproval My first scream will be quizzical Azazzle Thank you very much. To help me get Fire Knight team down to one minute You are a god and a legend I really appreciate everything that you did for me. To our community Please check his twitch It is very useful It will help you answer any questions you have What kind of account setting There is no challenge he can take on It is absolutely amazing So definitely check it out As far as the winner of this week’s sedition contest We still have the same winner last week Uh Want2mess won again Congratulations, man, oh You’ve got it 29 seconds All 20 dragon sagas.

Well, that basically says, guys And I just want to go ahead and let everyone here know that If you sit there you just use all of your resources on the call You are the heroes versus farming equipment playing this game wrong Because gear is just as important as heroes So if you do one and not the other you will find oh It advanced a lot so definitely check it out uh you know these farm Dungeons as much as you can Get this gear because if you can do 20 Dragon In less than 30 seconds using Epics only It can tell you the power of gear in this game The last shout I want to give it out for a very special spat This is the dispute over the campfire Who will have the link in the description Down below as well People, there are absolutely amazing I love going there to spend time there talking to them They always welcome that they are always very nice And you know they also have world records For all the best of times and dungeons Faction wars and everything like that Be sure to check this discord I definitely love going there, so I hope you guys check it out for me And let them know Manny sent you there I’m sure they’d be glad to hear about it Thank you for all of that for listening and I’m still here I spent a lot of time with this balancing hero This is not something I just sat down on And I was like well, this one nerf this one no I actually put into place four or five hours of work today Nonstop just thinking about myself How does society as a whole Enjoy this balance to restore the best, uh, balance ever So with that in mind, we’re going to faction faction I will give you my thoughts the way We’ll only deal with the legendary here Before entering into the actual rebalancing process itself I do not want to talk about amateurs and power drops I can’t believe that there must actually be any downsizing I think you should take the heroes who desperately need a surge of strength And bring them to more energy level compared to similar Sit there and grab all the heroes’ powers And nerfing them Because what happens in this game is that it is very difficult to get champions You don’t want to get something really good, champ Invest all your resources in this hero And then get Plarium nerf It is not fun Nobody enjoys it What if this is your only hero So I totally disagree with Going and Enverging Champions I believe in everything about taking disappointed heroes And improve their performance a lot soi i want you to know that this hero is restoring balance It comes with this thought process So let’s go ahead and start with my first hero program that I feel needs to be rebalanced So, Lord Champford It is legendary decent But it’s a bit on the disappointing side I feel he needs to show some love This is my thinking about how he should get it A1 for him You should be 100% chance of defending down For a 45% chance Because he’s legendary after all in addition to The other thing is that I feel it will be viable for him It is to have a negative 30% low speed place The speed of the big drop Small versus It is legendary It should not get a 15% reduction in speed As a legendary hero I think this will bring him to be a little better in a world Of the heroes rather than the disappointing side next one Uh Minaya, or some of you know the killing, the INC This hero is here Alright great heroine I mean she handles She is missing something behind the massive amount of books she needs What I think will definitely help Minaya would be a much better champion.

Is if its a3 it will also convert into meter boost By 20% This way you just don’t know Application of debuffs increases block defense You know healing But she also manipulates the tachometer this way Or could she be more in tune with the role of meter manipulators Existing in the game Next is the Baron Baron is a mythical void A mythical heroine It definitely shouldn’t be subpar What I think it will be Really help out the baron It is if its a2 is here it will be AOE zone defense backs down and attacks all enemies I think that would definitely make him a much better champ Not sure this debuff as a guarantee maybe you can remove it To be replaced I’ll be fine with that I still think that will be He made this hero much better But if I remove that debuff is guaranteed It might pierce the sky Maybe 30% chance versus 20% chance I would say then I make his a1 a 20% chance. Any such change just needs a little rework It is one of the worst void legends in the game It is also less used That would cover up the Lords Sign We are going next to the high elves The first hero on this list is Elenaril What I would like to see added Same skill type as Zavia As you see Immediately inflict damage from all Venom Fans on all enemies What I would like to do for this ability here Attacks all enemies then inflicts damage from all poisons Why is there one legend that does this and another myth that does not And why this other legendary also does not prevent revival I mean, they are both legendary heroes.

It shouldn’t be both Decent Or equally from each other If they both have the same capabilities This is the reason why I recommend this one Next is Belanor I gave this hero a big clue here. For Belanor what we want Belanor to do is have AOE defense low and weak Kind of like Draco does It is the legendary Void as well that it should really have this ability As well To make him more harmonious to be a better hero in addition to his a3 I think all enemies must be attacked I think this would make the legendary Belanor even more useful Covering high elves then exit the sacred system So for the secret matter, it’s totally all of the heroes here are very, very good About the error The only benefit this hero really has besides good multipliers It is one goal And you don’t need to Increase his cash rate to the end 100% Because every attack Gives an extra 30% redraw.

It’s a nice place, but needs more as a Legend Even having his a3 given an extra turn if he killed someone It would actually make him pretty much better a much more viable hero Because if you think about it, Rootus has this ability Why should Errol as a legend have this ability as well As a hero of strength Vs hero magic So this is the only one we have in the sacred system Next we’ll talk about barbarians Barbarians are going to talk about Scyl The only thing I would have done with Scyl Is her negativity Instead, it also puts a 30% speed boost on two random allies I would say do this to all allies. Because why would you do on two random allies? You’ll be counting on RNG to use this hero I mean, this is not a good, uh, negative at all.

Only two random allies If it’s all allies, you can in fact, use it Tune it around Or to use it as a yard or different areas and dungeons And time everything is precisely the way Because you know that each hero separately will get a speed boost Everyone else in barbarian is pretty good We can go on from there Ogryn tribes We have a guru Another mythical void With him The first problem with Gargouh is that he needs all the statistics Needs to attack Critical rate needs It needs a lot of damage It needs precision But it is difficult to build With that in mind like and It has a low base speed Which does not help his cause at all I would say its base velocity increased maybe by an amount Four to five uh most basic speed in Plus what I would also do with clucking Am i gonna have my a2 on it Remove all buffs It is the legendary void again I want to stress that And he has very long breaks Five and five upon reservation So it’s there to rather than remove a single random buff to remove all the random buffs It will make the hero more viable Covering the Ugreen tribe next one Lizards Lord of the Skull To the Lord of the Skull Really the only thing I would say For places, boost a 25% boost on this champ for two sessions I would like to say Put a 25% boost on all heroes, I think This will make it a little better You see it in the defense arena Late in platinum near the end of the reset But it is not really a viable right Maybe the strength in uh orange for all allies It will actually help him become a little bit more viable Next skinwalkers next This is a hot topic here I have thought a lot about this and actually ask INFINITE for advice on this hero as well So this has been thought about very carefully It is very disappointing I mean, he’s fine, but he’s not really a good hero.

What I recommend to the warlord is Reduce his provocation from three turns to one And make her stir AOE and steal her one orange From all enemy targets And its reflection, uh, increased from 60% to 75%. I think this would make the warlord much a more viable hero And then we got sprites In goblins, we’ll talk about them To grow So for Grohak I think this hero blends well with him AOE Speed ??Reduction Champion Like Shamrock or someone like that Because then his mother has a2 He’s actually so good that he’s going to fill his turn counter What I’d like to see for Grohak Do I want to attack one enemy and steal the target’s turn counter This ability cannot be resisted I think this would help so that it’s not the case that you really don’t need to check the accuracy For this hero and you can build it more with a nuclear method And it can be more reliable this way turn someone off and if they really need to Kind of like how my sword sleep a1 works next one She is Tila.

So for Teela, let’s just do a2 it’s AOE I think that would make it a lot better. It is very disappointing When people pull it off, I get a lot of the same response They are not happy with it They are not really happy with it at all I think this will help her get a little better. As a heroine, she only has that AOE vs. her a2 goal move And this really pretty much covers goblins You would argue that some heroes may also need a power surge that overlooks it I’m just getting over the obvious stuff a bit. to me Feel free to have a discussion with me in the comments Or we definitely go into contention so we can Go into details on why some of these heroes were skipped I love chatting with you guys. I would like to get in there And discuss all of my thinking process with you Anyway enough digression So the next will be the spawn of Satan So for Demonspawn, we have a blood-twin star Drex So for him what I want for him I see him do I’d like to see this ability.

Increase the chance from 40% to 60% And I think that would make it a little better Like 80% chance for excitement I think much better Then make it passive rather than maximally I think 75% made it up to 100%. I think that would make this hero much better. Why give us 75% passively burning horse instead of just 100%. It won’t break the champ but it will definitely make him more viable Morto McCarb OK We’ll go through each one really quickly A1 Let’s make this capacity 100% Instead of 85% Why not give us the remaining 15% in A1 And the Heel reduction isn’t even good anyway I’d like to see its negative increase from 20% to 25%.

Make him understand that you know Hidden skill A little more opportunity or make it more applicable Then what I would like to see, too For him to do it for him Danger, special ability To ignore do not kill plus shield and repel damage Why Rotos is the only hero in this game who can ignore the indomitable and no one else can Other heroes must have this ability as well The undead is coming next Well Cryptking I don’t have an answer for everything, guys This hero needs an overhaul It needs what happened to Draco He needs what happened to Ma-Shalled He just doesn’t even know where to start with him He is in desperate need of balance I have three of them I don’t even know what to do with any of them Funny enough that I’ve been writing my notes For this hero here Because I booked him You have settled it You passed it And I was excited to use it And I saw how his weakness, uh, were the complications And it was as if I couldn’t even prepare a guide for this hero And as I used to do all of that, you know I was telling Scratch that.

Wah Skratch is my friend in the game He belongs to the TAO clan, and he is also a youtube content creator Big shout out to you Mother He revealed the secret that he and he knew the clan all the time And it’s funny enough because I got it written in my notes Remove shields, block damage and indomitable Amateurs from all the enemies attacking them Make this ability and does not require precision You cannot resist it And this what I wrote to him because of this would make this hero a very good champion And what do you know They didn’t write their writings correctly, which is exactly what this hero does So this hero is really perfect It is perfect where it is He is here to face the dead You guys watch This hero here will be used everywhere on the Top Plate All those thick armor Now I only need 20 resolutions and I can remove them all The truth So this man will change dead This is for sure Thank you Scratch Hope you’re not late two weeks.

Hope you can tell us sooner about this But I get it want to let Your clan members know before you let everyone know so no harsh feelings Next is dark elves So for the dark elves who I have here I have an Australian What I believe in with Astralith is that her bombs and AOE have to be Bombs First The next thing is to reformulate this ability This ability is very confusing I look at it I mean, I get that. I don’t understand the need for that.

I do not understand why Have it Who wants to exchange HPs with someone you know I mean maybe if he’s president, yeah but I do not like Reworked her A3 Make this AOE You should be Gucci then The next big for me, you guys The blind seer A 2 Make it so They put mass reducers first Before the shield And increase the rotation counter by 15% At least 15% to 20% It is a void myth She needs more love It’s so frustrating This is how I’m going to change it a2 The debuffs made the block come first that way torment could not freeze it Then put the shield Then increase the meter in turn And then To sacrifice oneself I’d like to change the name of this ability here And I’d like to get her involved in block damage too Roshcard has this ability to block harm to everyone Why can’t you get a little better ability And why does she have to sometimes kill herself using this ability It makes no sense at all These two changes will definitely make blind people more fun to play with And more online as a void myth Physix, I hope they don’t release this hero.

Now this hero is part of the legendary empty pool He is a very disappointed hero A very disappointed hero I would like to say Start by making it a1 AOE It probably can help a lot with your tachometer handling if it’s fast enough It could definitely be much better, the faction wars, uh, hero And help people in faction wars if this change occurs I didn’t think much of it besides Because I’m sure of it She is on the list to recover from this upcoming upcoming balance changes After that, we have a knight of revenge Bestofus Boy So for Pestophos Make his a3 instead of attacking four random targets Make her attack all enemies Then make the block calming skill chance 100% It is legendary Why is the 50% chance It makes no sense at all So this hero will be much more viable I tried to use this hero.

I have not booked I tried hard He’s not really a good champ I mean, if you pair it up with Hegemon. It will be good But overall he’s not a really good champ So this is what I think will make it more applicable Next we have no soul Soulless needs an increase in space speed I would say 97 speed Will definitely make it A good starting point is where it should be Or it may also help the primary defense a little But I’ll say 97 to 100 speed would make this champ a much better champ Its speed is way too low for a legendary vacuum And at this moment you were all waiting For the only nerf in the game Yeah do not hate me I have to say She is the most broken heroine in a game alongside Siphi This is Madame What do I want from Madame Just take off her low attack Amateur stripping Place the defense Is it really necessary that she reduced her attack as well? It’s way too much for this hero Especially if you are not a void myth She was avoiding the legendary that I was going to understand I think that will make it.

It gets along a lot with his being Taki Taki Saga tyrant Um because now it’s just way too much This is my wish-list in the balance Plarium will get this video. Hope they look into it. I love everyone here. I can’t ask you more. Comment below Tell me what you guys think If I miss anything If you have a better idea I will send all this video to Diamond. This is a constructive criticism This is something they are looking at When you sit there and say you are screaming and ranting and ranting Nobody will look at it until you do send them a constructive video like this They will look at him, and they will take feedback from him Hopefully you will or will get to their monthly meeting like this They can get over it depending on how a lot you guys share this video How many comments below thank you very much And a wonderful day

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