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New content update, First look, Champions and many more I Raid Shadow Legends


[Music] What’s going on on the team, it’s a murder here Once again with another raid, Shadow Legends video and today we will be We talk about the Void horoscope this would be The most recent content we’ve gotten is way too long with what’s being said They said it’s going to be tough and I want to give you As far as I can, making sure you guys are really ready for this Depending on how hard it is as you can see, this really cute dragon Here that was mocked a while ago as one of the ultimate and last presidents of the This is a void tower but there are a lot of things that players do I’ll try to get into this one just won’t work for him There are a lot of strategies already here to make sure Enjoy your time no matter where you are in the game The early game is mid-game or end-game, with all that being said Let’s get it straight.

Let me give you what you can start with What kind of resources you can start with The assembly to make sure you are ready for this Because champions will not be as important as certain gear sets That will really push you the edge and make sure you can reach it These are additional levels to earn these rewards This will definitely be worth it in the end however Don’t worry, guys there are some things I’m going to share with you today Something new, something kind of make the hype real that you get excited about This empty tower, let me show you the next one So here we’ll move on to our first void zodiac look Kind of expected as always guys all this information is subject to They change though we should see some The official release of this very soon the first thing we can look at is The photo on the left here is kind of The complete rundown of the empty tower from start to finish, is clearly shown You are not only a natural progression with some bosses on the right however Also think the small constellations are special between them That you’ll see in purple here you are advancing Ahead so that’s going to be really cool, hopefully, what we see above Right are just examples of rewards and something For literally the first nine levels like us We see so hopefully that stays true because These are a disappointing bonus, but something has to be expected Kindly follow all Plarium instructions when New content release Minimum rewards never reach Be good once you get it completely progress And start looking at all of these things in detail, obviously, as we can see who Bottom We have here also what kind of thing we’ll see and when Going to the game looking for a void tower, he says Spider’s constellation with the Zodiac update on a seven-day rotation Now, regarding this info, you guys are going to have to wait for that until The official version just to check everything that is said It would be accurate in fact and not speculate too much on my part Preset and change it when it happens Finally, set you free, so there’s a lot more here I can definitely say I’m excited to be dying for some new content Hopefully this revitalizes some of you type Drag this game, I really don’t know what to do? I can show you that here.

There is a lot more to come and this will be an amazing part From the game, especially with this cool thing if you look to the right Screen You will now see this Sort tab Something that we kind of went to with the latest clan’s head video, something That we showed and wanted to see and now that we’ve got it on The shape of the Void Tower I think is really cool It should definitely stir up a lot of competition between the clans Among friends, so this file is definitely a good step forward for PLARIUM in making More competitive things in general rather than just content launches and Which makes it even more difficult and it is definitely another eye It always indicates what they’re doing here What I want to know is what you guys do I think I know it will always be there Some people who won’t have high hopes just don’t Disappointed however after no content for this long This is actually very exciting and I’m really happy with this stuff It actually tours and is actually close to Angle, so while this would be difficult Let’s move to the next point on how to do this you can prepare yourself better To be able to do this content based on what we have already seen And learn from previous versions content so there will be a group Of the gear sets, some are beautifully finished, the others’ game, everyone is beautiful Lots of access to it so don’t panic when you start to hear some These groups here I will actually be Barry rapid group based on how difficult these stages are How much damage will you actually take Get this chance the fatal blow will be overcome Too giant and I can’t stress this enough now The closest thing to this type of content we have ever been The faction wars before Nerf were very difficult.

I was lucky enough. To push the faction wars around that time I’m sure there are a lot of viewers Who are actually viewing my content is enough endgame Paying factional wars at that time is key then what will be The key in the Void Tower is trial and error, you are pretty much going You have to rng your way through a lot of these stages You will incur a lot of losses. I don’t remember that Among the first people to evacuate Stage 21 of the Dwarf Faction, the war took roughly 180 Attempts to get it now I’m not saying it will go To have this level, especially for all but players The key is that we use certain equipment sets and make sure you have it Rng opportunity to take you to the next level to reach it Those added bonuses with that being said, Fast Perry is Definitely on that list if you can’t access Platinum Arena i We understand that only 300 players can do there is definitely a lot more platinum Players who watch this channel also I didn’t want to exclude you guys.

I want To let you know that keeping them will definitely save them If you have some defensive stats on don’t sell it right away as this It could definitely be useful now for the next set, I’ll talk about it Something more achievable for a larger portion of the player Base that will be another relentless gear The gear set that people talked about was indulging like crazy and You can’t use it honestly, the people who said this didn’t really understand What is a nerf it can be said that this is the best set in The game and players who are not currently using it to their advantage really is We’ll see how powerful this gear set is once we start getting really into it Difficult content that is not behind the speed setting Like the leader of the clan with what is being said, make sure you are Save and squeeze out every relentless piece of gear you can Check the stats thoroughly and as we mentioned before, if only he has Defensive stats he still maintains because it will help You in the long term as I can guarantee Now out of the hard things to do get sets Arena is an uncompromising skill that you can only achieve through tournaments There are groups you can actually farm that will prove to be tough Helpful, Helpful, Helpful, Benefactor These groups include all cc groups Everyone would kind of give up right now Because there is no practical use we guarantee you that the practical use is continuous To come in this difficult form of content you have to copy certain waves or stages Or, you will lose and not be able to advance any further Specifically, the set is more inline with what we were talking about Previously it is the group reactions that give us a 30 chance Reducing random idle is very powerful, especially for hero Like bad il it only has one cool down Cleanses and puts continuous healing on him and poisons your enemy So you want to start searching for heroes like this while heroes I’ll be able to carry you some amount In this empty tower you still go to it you should properly equip and maximize it If you really want to push to the final stages of that empty tower now The easy thing to guess is now that I’m talking about the reflexive skater It will be what you should do and buy Every week in the bazaar will be these accessories Whether you are ranked in silver or gold rank If you’re a Bronze, unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy this, so that’s huge An incentive to pay for silver at least You can buy these accessories now the specific accessory that I actually am We’re talking about that would be this update amulet See here that I’ve managed it luckily enough to get six-star damage That would be huge but had a five percent chance of stopping it Slow down skill you can obviously wear three of this so this will Add up, this will definitely have synergies with a reflex It would have synergies with something like that relentless gear All of these things add up to the game they were definitely looking for Before understanding how difficult this vacuum is A tower in fact and I really hope the guys don’t start Complaining too early leading to getting nerfed I honestly don’t have much faith in that expecting one or two nerves.

Because although the end-game players and mid-game players who are at the end Will finish the game you will regret the complaint and Asking for nerf it’s pretty much inevitable and going Regardless, the out-of-gear combinations that were mentioned happen the next day The thing is what kind of champ would really go To shine in a completely new environment like the Void Tower you want now Champions with sustainability but you also want to have it A group level bonus for someone for your team like Tormmin who provides Freeze Someone like the login bonus ignore you will actually be a mangler Power in this void is another tower record and this epic bonus too To be the strength of actually Tanix flower hat Heroes that offer increased survival have a good amount of cc And you have the option to build it Certain ways to direct you through faster content would definitely be huge One thing you probably wouldn’t do much use even if you had it A kind of recovery hero would be the attack heroes These are always the toughest heroes to actually take advantage of In any kind of difficult content and I know someone has done this before Not many people say the basis of defense The heroes are more preferred by hero based on attack and to a large extent Every single content because defense heroes are Actually a survival skill by stat To provide damage to their team now that’s 100 percent correct Careful go especially to difficult content Like this empty tower so using someone like a skull crown He says well, she has this killing practice opportunity possibly coupled with it Sinesha gives the team that partner reward for reviving the wearer Good, it probably wouldn’t be good enough To keep you through a certain amount of rounds in the Void Tower As this would almost be a stress test for many people and Their heroes so maybe once we get the legendary crafting Outside we have better equipment than we can get now This would be an option however when you first enter the Void Tower Highly recommended kind to stay away from attack Heroes go with survival heroes so It can do damage based on the law of survival, whether it’s a horse Or defense you will have a lot easier time than all of your clan mates Or friends who are really going to go for a struggle Trying to reach this void tower and as much as I hate to say it The gentlemen will be playing a gigantic job Especially with content like this and it is a pity that the gentlemen do not cost Gemstones for Recycling So there is clearly an option to get it As much as you can with the gentlemen you owns But some masters will almost be required Want to get past these gentlemen like intervention in time Even a fortress transition into something like a selfless gun All of these things will increase your ability to stay and drive Limits to how far you can actually get to in this empty sign though I know It will be very expensive.

I don’t necessarily agree with Having to spend gems every time you want to refresh your mastery since then Expensive and will cost money in the end This is something you’ll get to start thinking if you want to Do-it-one thing I recommend if you’re going To master your new hero make sure you master it and Think about the future while making sure you can use anything The hard reset that you use on it for a long period of time Free reset comes in handy even when you press vacuum Tower if you end up using this hero You can switch as you like, and it really is going to make the world out of The difference for you and frankly as much as I like to be able to share a file Lots of info that’s all I can do right now.

I really Looking forward to releasing Void Tower Hopefully we’ll have a teaser trailer soon so that I can talk about more things Will definitely interact with the official rage shadow legends video that’s going on out of all this content We hope to be able to give you more information and it will be displayed In this video, I’m really excited about it personally, and I guarantee you all You will be excited by this False Zodiac Also, as always guys, thanks so much for watching if you liked this content Do not forget to subscribe, turn on the notification bell crush it Like button, and I’ll see you all for next download You are .

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