NEW TOP STRATEGY to counter-attack in arena (Raid Shadow Legends)


Her 259 speed increased to 453 speed [please check PIN code from ZOMB13LORD] Because three people died or their health status is less than 25% [Please check the PIN code from ZOMB13LORD] Because of proficiency So that’s why everything works the way it is The best part is i can’t believe it Is when she is fully rejuvenated They resurrected her electric meter So they are all 400 speeds now Go crazy! I can not believe it! It’s actually like this [music] If you have problems with Nuke Hege Then i feel sorry for you Because I have 99 problems, and Nuke Hege will not Yes, buddy! Ok welcome back Today we will talk about nuclear weapons The absolute best counter Fastest counter You might imagine dealing with Nuke Hege sitting there And will kill half of the team Make you wonder What are you going to do First of all, I won?t take credit for it Because this is not my strategy Once again, my brain doctor [G&L] INFINITE appeared With layering, I think this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever created This is an absolute beauty Can’t wait to share with everyone I hope this film will be released soon During my live broadcast, you will get real-time recordings using this strategy Due to the fact that it is very difficult to find a nuclear warhead in the Platinum Arena currently They want to release those nuclear weapons as soon as the reset occurs.

No problem at all, because we want to play a game you know I have a Nuke Hege, I have a fast Hege I can easily swap between the two and play games with them You know what that is On top of platinum You have to sit there and have a strategy Instead of me shopping, shopping, shopping Let me tell you what art this is This film is about the cardinal That’s right! The cardinal is amazing! So let’s talk about what makes her so unique And why she can best fight Haig Suppose you are dealing with a very difficult team, You know 400 resistance points, there is a shield, your name is nuke hedgie, they know They are really hard to deal with So the nuclear-armed Haig must act first The first thing they do is Deploy nuclear weapons, most likely they will usually kill your DPSers.

That is what we really want With this strategy. We want everyone to die. Except for the cardinal. We want the cardinal to live. And for a specific reason Obviously, if she died too, then you lost the game, right? So you want to build her somehow First, she must resist it So no, no exceptions The only exception Does not enhance her immunity Yes if you build her with crazy crazy resistance [please check the above tips] If you build her with high resistance That is your other choice My statistics for her will be 56 000HP 4200 defense This is very important And you want to speed up As high as possible. You can go higher from 250 You want it to be a baseline of 250, go up Just to be safe Really, you don?t even need that much Accuracy you don?t need to worry about Resistance, if you are immune, you don?t even have to worry However, this structure here will not be shot by the overlord No matter how strong the hegemony is My Cardinal Church is alive So what makes it so magical So guys, this is a picture I want to show you This is me attacking [MAD] LilWheel.

Further confirm the strategy works Ok! So in essence, this is the magic of this strategy discovered by [G&L] INFINITE So she has something special She has, you don’t need this book You do not need to book the first two functions This is the magic sauce here Revive all dead enemies to restore 25% of their maximum health And raise their electric meters to the maximum. You pair her Intervene in time Increase the champion?s turn appearance by 20% When an ally hero falls below 25% Now let’s do some mathematical operations here [remind me: calculation error] Therefore, our speed is 259. [Please check the PIN code from ZOMB13LORD] As you can see in this picture, I didn’t even run very well. [Please check the PIN code from ZOMB13LORD] So we have a speed of 259 [please check the PIN code from ZOMB13LORD] 259 times speed 0.75 <<< correction: 0.60 Which is the electric meter Because she wants to increase the turn meter by 75% <<< correction: 60% Because three people died Yes 194.25 speed <<< correction: 155.4 Add 259 she is 453 speed <<<Correction: 414 Everyone else will go to her biggest transfer table The ticking sound will start from her Meaning you want to skip everyone In the enemy team This is a miracle I can?t believe it works [MAD] LilWheels Siphi’s speed is almost 300 Guess who left the team first Yes my twins Look at the speed of my twins It’s amazing So once you see that they are operating Nuke Hege.

All you have to do is take those things off the shield Put down the defense Put down the shield Let go of your nucleus Go online in less than 10 seconds Prosperity, completion! If you have twins, that would be great! No matter who they have, they will not be revived like Tolmin If they don’t have blood twins Zavia is an excellent second choice Damage caused by Zavia increased by approximately 25% Better than blood twins in her a3 ability So her multiplier is even better than blood twins and so Make your nucleus stronger Ignore their speed, don?t even care about their speed Here, when nuclear weapons hedge against a strategy, it couldn?t be better This will not be patched This won’t cause any trouble This strategy will continue to exist Use it Use it When you see someone running Nuke Hege This is by far the easiest way to deal with it guess what? The best part is that it needs an epic champion You don?t even need to have a legendary hero to make this ability work I will use this You will witness it in your efforts tonight I just want this video to come out so early So that we can release you as soon as possible.

Next week we all know that the boost to be fixed is just a reminder The basic repair work they are doing boosts them to limit You only get Total defensive points 100 Will be reset every day So this is how they will eliminate people for promotion I think this is great It?s a bit radical, because now Like you know if you have built a really good defense I mean, when the reset is over, everyone has tested your percentile system So this is the only disadvantage But hey, any day I?ve been, I can deal with this problem all the time I’m tired You are tired I am tired of resetting the arena with the booster release So, I am very excited, today I feel that I have equipped a lot of ammunition I mean i have Basically I want to delete any shield of Suzerine I have this strategy for the cardinal Who will basically take care of any nuclear weapons for me in 10 seconds? I mean I have all the tools ready today Make sure i execute Now as long as you know Manny?s behavior is who he is He should perform well tonight, so I want to like it Every time I find a good strategy The first thing I keep thinking about Let me post to people you know it’s very important to me When Zom (Zomb13Lord) told me what calculator he had I told him I want to act this to my people But not ready yet First make it look beautiful Now I see you use this calculator around Zomb (Zomb13Lord) is now my discord host He is there to show everyone any tactics you need to use the calculator He is there to help So I’m doing my best to build the best community here Where everyone can get help Everyone will feel that they are part of this community This is a non-toxic place and We are all full of love For the community We just want to do what is best for everyone and help everyone Just give love to know what it is This is because in the last day Everyone has to go to work Everyone must deal with family I hope you have fun when they come to play this game Watch great content Come find me discord Talk to us about your day We want to hear We want to hear No one is too small no one is too big Everyone gets a response If you don?t do this after a few minutes, you will This is all about men Have fun in your vacation This is what I want to help create I want to help develop the best strategy Or if i find the best strategy Bring them all to you guys as soon as possible So that we can all use it Thanks again for watching this video I am grateful I will be on holiday next week But I did record a lot of videos So i won’t ghost on you You will have some great videos Play while i’m away I will also check for discord Discord is everything to me Cherish the community we built there What does it matter that I will always be active That is the first thing i want to do As soon as i woke up I check my discord So say it again thank you very much I know you may have a lot of questions So put them down, remember that my way has this main version Make sure you all understand her 259 speed Increased to 453 speed Because three people died Or gain less than 25% health because of this proficiency So that’s why everything works the way it is And the best part The part I can’t believe Was when she was fully rejuvenated the tachometer What they recovered was her meter They are now 400 speeds instead of 98 90 speeds plus 20 like blood twins Instead of 127 speed The blood twin suddenly becomes 400 speed Go crazy! I can’t believe it really looks like this That?s why I have to play this video so quickly for you So throw away those problems If you like this content, please subscribe your boy Really important I hate asking people to give in to me But you know…

a long way to go Press the favorite button Leave a comment Tell me if you like this Tell me if this is GQ Through [G&L] INFINITE or other methods Tell me how effective [G&L] INFINITE is below I would like to know Because I mean this person is just I am lucky to know (laughs) Good boys and girls must be taken care of Thank you very much for watching you .

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