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Raid Shadow Legends 26 months of Raid Shadow Legends By: Kolbi22


Hey Everyone!

I started RSL with global release 2019 February. As someone who has no life apart from work, I spent each and every day playing Raid. Let me show the summary where I stand now. It may seem like an obvious bragging post (which in a slight extent it is), but hopefully will give a slight insight that gear & time is what makes someone strong not necessarily whaling out. There is life without Siphi, Dutchess, double ME, Kymar, Valk, Martyr, Draco, or Krisk…

I am endgame. Literally in the end of the game…

  • Done with FW.

  • Arena reset is when I am at work (sucks).

  • Completed Doom Tower every single time.

  • 2key UNM.

  • Classic arena is a joke to me.

  • 3v3 is gold 2-3.

Timeframe and spending

26 months lets say 790 days. With average of 3 hours (we all know it is an underestimation especially during fusion’s) that is 3,160 hours so 189,600 minutes of Raid give or take. I have spent 631 EUR that is a ~24 EUR monthly average. Let’s say at first I was shocked looking at the payment history then I realized the game kept me occupied for almost 200,000 minutes. I am not going to argue whether if it is too much money. Let’s just say we all seen some Content Creators spending 1k $ for a single 10x pull event.

I buy the monthly gem pack regurarly. Never bought a single artifact or accessory boundle. 95% of my spendings are on gems or energy.

Great Hall

I wasted too many of my refills and it was extremely rare that I bought one. In the last 24-25 months I have never been out of Gold4. Still my GH is as it is after more than 2 years.

My champs

I was lvl 52 when I got my very first legendary from shards and he was Drexthar. Back then there was no 2x event lol. My first (and only) void lego from void shards I got after 23 months and she was Little Miss Annie. I have 45 Legendaries in total from which my absolute favorite is Tormin.

The farmer

Reliable 7-8 seconds 12-3. A1 never fails to kill last wave.


Between 1:20 – 1:50

Between 1:10 – 1:40

Less than 2min

12 seconds

My best Dungeon farmer



  • Arbiter 345, Maulie 294, My Salad 263, Foli 246

  • Lydia 298, Tormin 245, Cardinal 251, Annie 221

  • Shazar 255, Seeker 318, Rotos 185, Madame 281

Doom Tower

Eternal Dragon (lvl 80 Hard full auto 100% win rate, 120 manual)

Frost Spider


UNM & NM & Brutal Clan Boss

Green boss = instant fail

Personal Best

My Guild

Nephilim. My first ever guild. I lead it for 2 years now. UNM & NM daily kill. We have been Top1000 (for a few days haha) but it is really not what makes a guild great. We have a very helpful and talkative community. Spamming discord and clan chat all day. Great people from all around the world. I am extremely proud of them and they are one of the main reason I haven’t got bored of this game.

Sorry for the long post. I would give you a potato but 20 picture is the picture limit 🙁

Annieway! Thank you for checking. Please feel free to ask!

Stay Safe and enjoy Raid!



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