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Raid: Shadow Legends, A few tips for novices on Unkillable UNM with Maneater and Pain Keeper By: Pryamus


It took me long enough to make my Budget Unkillable to work, and while 26 mil/key is very low, it’s way better than anything my roster could do without UK. I accumulated some trial-end-error knowledge that can help people, hopefully, and is not found anywhere in all but the most detailed guides. This includes gearing and team. If your UK already is working to your needs, you will not find anything useful here.

Main topic for UK base guide by Rust: https://www.reddit.com/r/RaidShadowLegends/comments/gst0b7/23_budget_unkillable_with_maneater_pain_keeper/

(also contains calculator and link to video guide; note that the guide speeds are outdated, they are lower as of patch 4.10, calculator is your friend)

1. Do not use Divine Sets on Slowboi. Do use Divine Sets on Maneater and Pain Keeper.

This is what bit me hard in my rear. Any Divine set is basically +15% to initial HP. You may easily end up in a situation where your stuns 2-10 work fine, but stun-1 goes into PK/ME. If that happens despite you doing as instructed (lower HP, higher DEF), you need to raise their initial health by using Divine Speed sets, thankfully available via arena (by the time you do UNM, 5* Divine Speed will be more or less available).

For this very same reason, DON’T ever use complete Divine sets of any kind on Slowboi. This will make him not drop below Pain Keeper after first hit, and thus first Stun will go into her, even if the rest would go into Slowboi, breaking the sequence.

2. Do not overhaul Slowboi maximum HP

Same reasoning. Slowboi is supposed to have the highest health, but ONLY between 10% and 20% above the max HP of PK, who, ideally, she should be 2nd highest by HP. Going over 25% above her HP is just inviting the boss to not drop Slowboi low enough before the first stun.

3. Do not use Defense champions as Slowboi

Bulwark is a popular choice due to his passive and HP burn, but he’s gonna be hard to gear right because Defense champions have (who’d think?) high innate DEF and low SPD. Gear will raise his DEF to a MINIMUM of 1500, likely 1600, which means that in addition to strict Speed and HP on PK/ME, you will also need 1800+ DEF for them. Besides, Bulwark passive requires 300 Accuracy or so to reliably proc, all the while keeping him high HP and low DEF… You have 100+ Perception artifacts to make that happen, right?

ATK champions are better. They have higher SPD (so less SPD items needed), lower DEF (no need to actively avoid DEF %), deal more overall damage and can have an ATK / ACC aura.

4. Be ready to Ctrl-Alt-Delete, as even a good UK team can collapse on first stun

Why do you think previous entries appeared? Even a good comp can be ruined by RNG. If you see first Stun on PK, crash the game immediately so you won’t spend your key, and try again. This does not necessarily mean the team is wrong, because…

5. Position in the team matters

Yes, it’s not a rumor. Clan Boss will prefer the party Leader if given a choice, put your Slowboi there. Moreover, for some obscure reason, it’s also better to put Pain Keeper to upper right slot and Maneater to upper left. I don’t have the slightest idea why it works that way. The closer your PK/ME and Slowboi HP/DEF ratio is, the more likely the boss is to go for PK/ME just because screw you, that’s why, unless they are in these slots.

6. Aura choice matters

HP, RES and DEF auras are completely useless in UK because all your champions cannot die and are constantly under Block Debuffs anyway. Ideally go for ATK (if your ACC is enough). Aothar is a good Slowboi for that reason: he deals high Poison damage and boosts ATK. Frozen Banshee is also good because she deals massive Poison and increases ACC. Kael is a bad choice because he’s got HP aura and he can fill your limit of 10 poison stacks with his weak (2.5%) ones.

7. Don’t be afraid of empty / unupgraded slots

If you got the stats just right with one item missing, don’t equip it. Keeping your UK sequence stable is more important than a small boost in stats, while upgrading the piece risks, for example, bringing PK HP above Slowboi, or making a good SPD roll too much, forcing you to rearrange items.

Added bonus: get a single item that gives between 5 to 10 SPD to your Slowboi, and you can bring them to 121 SPD for Nightmare boss with one click for a small payment in silver!

8. Don’t glyph SPD until you are just below the required SPD

Glyphs are needed just for that: if you are literally 2 points below the required speed, it’s easier to apply 2 glyphs for +1 SPD than replace an item. However, if you apply +8 SPD, you cannot then bring it back to +1, so don’t do it in advance.

Also, on a side note: do not use HP% and DEF% glyphs unless necessary. Any DEF% stat on Slowboi makes you raise DEF on everyone else even further. If you don’t need any more stat for him, don’t do it.

9. Don’t upgrade to 16+ unless it’s guaranteed to be your final choice

Any time you have a risk of a new upgrade adding more Speed than you need, this can turn a perfectly good item into overkill that breaks your sequence. If you have a Legendary piece with SPD just right, upgrading it has a 25% chance to add another layer of speed. This can be good (liberating slots), but it will force you to choose your gear anew. You have enough silver to do it, right?

Due to the way rarity works, you can be sure that a Rare item will not gain any more substat upgrades after level 8, and Epic – after 12. If you already have the required SPD on a Rare item at rank 8, you can upgrade it to 16 guilt-free.

10. Upgrade items BEFORE you equip them

This one is pragmatic for entry 9. If you need an item with specific number of Speed rolls (from 0 to 3), upgrade it while still in inventory. If you need a single Speed roll, and you get (2) on level 4, there is no point in trying further, go to next item. If you need (2) and you got none by level 8, no point in trying further. If you got it wrong, you won’t have to unequip it at least.

11. Maximize your Accuracy.

220 ACC per champion is just barely enough. On every champion except PK and ME (whose debuffs either don’t exist or do not work on CB), you need 270 ACC to land them reliably, and ideally 300. Perception set is thus your best friend: it’s easy to get, raises SPD as well, and gives up to +120 Accuracy total, even more with Lore of Steel. Combine it with ACC banner, and you got it all covered. This can give you flexibility with tuning Speed as well: get spare banners with different SPD and ACC, and you can adjust your gear much easier.

12. For Pain Keeper, use Defense branch, not Support.

This is counter-intuitive, but forget her Lore of Steel and instead go for green branch. You don’t need all of it: only the first 4 rows. Row 5 is harmful for her, don’t use it. However, this alone will make your team MUCH more reliable and secure, as she will get more healing and suffer less damage. Since PK has no debuffs and needs no TM increases, blue masteries save Lore of Steel are completely useless here.

I hope this all helps!


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