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Hi, everybody! Welcome back to another issue of “Building Your Fortress”. This is Hunter. Today we will talk about mineral deposits. We are talking about this little guy. You may have already seen it-this huge crystal is hard not to be noticed. The mine has been in the fort from the beginning, but as you can see-it is locked. Unlocking it is not cheap?it requires 500 gems?but it is definitely worth it. Once the gem mine is unlocked, it will start to slowly produce gems over time, even during game maintenance. The best part is that you don’t even have to do anything-everything is automatic. Look at the table on the right to understand some other details, such as how long it takes to produce gems, There are also gem limits and so on. When it was initially unlocked, it was only at the basic level, but there were three levels in total. Every time you upgrade the gem mine, the gem output speed will increase, and its upper limit will also increase.

Each upgrade costs 500 gems-a total of 1500. To be honest, there is indeed a lot of demand for this gem. But the thing is this: At level 1, you can get 5 gems per day. At level 2, it is 10 stars. At level 3, you can get 15 gems per day. So, by level 3, you will get 105 gems per week-and you can also get more gems from events, challenges, missions and daily logins. That’s a lot of gems. Once the initial investment is paid, it is actually free money?or, more accurately, free gems. Since then, its daily output has remained unchanged forever. Just like the stock market, However, this stock market can always guarantee a certain return on investment. You can make a lot of money here. Think of it this way. In the early days of the game, you can get stable gem income by completing different tasks and challenges, or even just logging in. This should be enough to unlock the mine and even get some extra gems. If you upgrade the system, you can decide to upgrade all at once, and get the highest level of mineral deposits right now Or wait until later and get the current rewards as much as possible.

In the later stage, when you get most of the one-time rewards, you will pay more attention to these gems. And you already know why gems are needed-they can be used to buy ancient fragments, energy, arena coins, Silver coins, guild leader keys and other useful things. So-having a stable and reliable source of gems can help a lot. That way, in addition to the arena, guild leader, and other rewards you can get from events and challenges, you have a lot of surplus to spend on things you want.

Of course, this is more of a guide than an iron law. Some people may feel that their game style requires a different strategy. But in general, for any long-term player, mineral deposits are a valuable investment. Think this video is helpful? Then like and subscribe to our channel. We will explain each building in the fort and explain their purpose.

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