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Hello everyone! Welcome to BYOB! Not the BYOB (bring your own drinks)-but build your own fortress, a series of videos about all the buildings in your fortress. Today, we are going to talk about arguably the most important building-the tavern. let’s start. In Terraria, level 8 is the legal level for drinking in the tavern, so you need to reach this level to unlock the tavern. Once you reach this level, all your fighters will gather here. They can also drink special beer there, but we’ll talk about it later. In the tavern, you can do many things-upgrade fighters, upgrade fighters, sublimate them, upgrade their skills. When promoting a fighter, you should go here. Let’s start with the upgrade. Taverns are not the main way to upgrade fighters (combat is), but they are the fastest way. If you still don?t know what benefits will be brought to you by upgrading your fighters, then check out our Raid 101 video about fighter tiers, levels and rarity.

In short, upgrades can improve the attributes of fighters, and you can also upgrade their star ranks when they reach full level. Fighters defeat the enemy in battle, training in the training ground can gain experience points, but in the tavern, you can immediately give them experience points. The main way is to sacrifice other fighters, or use special items for the fighters you want to upgrade. Let’s see how it is done. First, we click to select a fighter on the left interface. The half-length model of the fighter will now be displayed, and there are six empty fields on the left and right sides. These slots can be used to place items and fighters sacrificed to selected fighters. Usually other fighters, as you can see now. Fighters with higher star ranks and higher levels can provide more experience points, but it is best not to sacrifice fighters who may ultimately be valuable. Therefore, do not sacrifice a fighter whose quality is higher than that of a rare fighter unless you are 100% sure that you will never need that fighter again. Unless there are duplicate fighters, don?t sacrifice epic or legendary fighters?even if there are duplicate fighters, don?t sacrifice them to gain experience points.

Use them to upgrade the skills of other fighters. Therefore, you can see that this is a quick way to upgrade fighters, and it can also clean up unwanted dog food fighters in your fighter pool. But if you want to upgrade the fighter from level 1 to 30, offering dog food fighters is not the best choice. Experience value beer is the best solution in this regard! They are completely non-alcoholic drinks, divided into four attributes: magic, spirit, power and nothingness.

When you let the fighters use beer, they will immediately gain a lot of experience. You can use beer with any attribute for any fighter, but when the experience value beer attribute matches the fighter attribute, you will get a considerable experience value bonus. look. If we give this spirit fighter the magic experience value beer, he will gain 12,500 experience. But if we give him a beer, the value will become 18,750. Now, take out the calculator and multiply the value by six, and you will find that if you fill all six fields, the difference is considerable.

see it? Only a small amount of beer is required to upgrade the fighter. Super fast and super simple. The more beer you drink, the stronger the fighter becomes, just like real life! I was just kidding. Please drink alcohol carefully and follow your local regulations. The topic returns to the raid! Remember, experience value beer does not grow on the tree. For any resource, you should use them wisely. So, these are basically the situation of upgrading fighters, But when you upgrade them to the full level of their star rank (also called the highest level), you will need to upgrade their star rank to continue upgrading the fighters. Thanks to the experience value beer, let our 30-level rare fighter full of vitality-now, it is time to upgrade his star rank. The promotion of a star rank requires sacrifice of some fighters of the same star rank.

The number of fighters that need to be sacrificed is always the same as the number of star ranks?that is, to upgrade to a third-tier (3-star) fighter, we need three fighters. This is very important. Remember: Although their star ranks need to be the same, their rank is not important. Therefore, if you want to sacrifice with their current star rank, don’t waste energy to upgrade them.

When you put the required number of fighters into the slot, you can upgrade their star ranks! Now, we are at level 4, and our highest level has also been raised to level 40-10 levels higher than when it was at level 3. When the fighter upgrades and reaches the highest level again, he will need to sacrifice 4 fighters to reach level 5. Now that I’m talking about this, it’s best to mention that once the fighter’s star rank increases, All their attributes will drop because they reset back to level 1, but don’t worry-soon, they will surpass their previous attributes and become stronger than before.

We have already talked about fighter tiers, ranks and rarity in the Raid 101 video, so please check this video for more details. By the way, if the fighters are in the training ground or arena defensive team, you cannot sacrifice them to upgrade the fighter’s level or star rank. You can also manually lock the fighters by clicking the small lock icon in the fighter library to ensure that they will not be sacrificed accidentally. Epic and legendary fighters are locked by default, which is very useful for me. Can you keep up? Okay, let’s take a look at the next column. Now, let’s talk about the column of upgrading skills. The function of this column is as stated on its label. Here, you can use skill books or the same fighter to upgrade the skills of the same fighter.

When upgrading skills, the upgraded skills will be randomly selected. All your skill books may be invested in one skill, or it will be covered in rain and dew! Just like fighters, skill books also have rarity. They are rare, epic and legendary skill books. Each category will match the rarity of the fighter. You can only use skill books with the same or higher rarity as the fighter to upgrade fighter skills. Therefore, you can invest all skill books on rare fighters (because the lowest rarity of skill books is also rare), But you can only use the legendary skill book to upgrade the skills of the legendary fighter.

Even rare skill books are quite difficult to obtain, let alone legendary skill books. Therefore, it is best to use them carefully, and only use them when you are sure that you will continue to use a fighter for a long time. And never use legendary skill books to upgrade the skills of rare fighters, after all, there are better ways to upgrade their skills. Another method is to sacrifice repeated fighters. The repeated fighter is the fighter with the same name as the fighter whose skills are to be improved. Just select them, put them in the field, and click upgrade. Since skill books are quite rare, it is the best choice to sacrifice repeated fighters to upgrade the skills of similar fighters.

Unless, you need to practice multiple identical fighters. The last part of the tavern is sublimation. If you have watched our Raid 101: Sublimation video, you will better understand all the mechanics you need to know. If you haven’t, go see it now-because we will only talk about some of the simpler content here. In short, sublimation fighters can enhance the attributes of fighters so that they can wear specific accessories.

And usually upgrade their existing skills or unlock new skills. In simpler terms, sublimation is very practical. Ascension fighters need the potion castle on the liver copy map to obtain a special potion. Two potions are required for each sublimation. The first is the potion that matches the attributes of the fighter, For example, magic, power, spirit or nothingness, the second type is neutral potion-arcane potion. There are three sizes of potions-small bottles, large bottles, and oversized bottles-sometimes you may need to mix them to sublimate the fighter. Every fighter starts from a state that has never been sublimated, that is, sublimation 0 level. Each time it sublimates, a purple star will light up. It?s very important to understand this mechanism, because the number of sublimations is limited by the fighter?s tier. At level 3, you can sublimate the fighter 3 times, and at level 6, you can sublimate 6 times?the highest level of sublimation. The cost of sublimation increases as the fighter’s rarity and sublimation level increase. Therefore, the potion needed to sublimate a rare fighter to level 3 is much less than that of a legendary fighter to level 6.

Oh, there is another useful little thing here-potion mixer. If you need a potion, and the potion castle is closed, you may have to wait a few days-or not! If you have excess potion, you can mix small potions to get a big potion, and mix big potions to get a large potion. In this way, even in the late game, the small bottle of potion is still useful.

the above! The tavern is super important, and you will spend a lot of time here-so it’s best to get it through early on. Please be sure to like the video and subscribe to us-we will explain the other buildings and areas of the fort in a future video.

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