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Hello everyone! My name is Casper. Today I will introduce the wolf of the Valdemar Strait, the man who awoke on the night of the full moon. ??He is Barakas! His first skill-pure blood-is a straightforward attack skill. It does not have any fancy mechanisms or debuffs, but the damage is not low, and it treats Barakas for 15% of the damage. If you can match Barakas with fighters or artifacts that will make him fight back, this skill is great! Next came the full moon raging. This is a single target attack skill that can attack the target 6 times-yes, 6 times, and this skill can treat Barakas for 25% of the damage. Even better, if the target has fear or true fear, the healing amount is 50% of the damage caused. The highlight is coming-it also has a high chance to cast weakness debuffs on the target-increase damage and further increase the amount of healing! If these are not enough, after this skill is fully upgraded, the cooldown is only 3 rounds ??Meaning that if you are lucky and match the restlessness set, the skills can be used again.

This is a dog gambling. His last skill, Hunter Roar, works perfectly with the full moon rage. First, it will cast a 50% increased attack for all teammates-including Barakas himself ??Then attack the single target 3 times, and have a high chance to cast true fear on it. If you successfully cast True Fear, you also have a chance to cast a “normal” fear debuff on two other random enemies. Remember when the second skill allows Barakas to attack a fighter with fear, heal it for 50% of the damage? ??Barakas can cast it by himself. Finally, Barakas’ passive skill-beast mode. As its name suggests, it can turn Barakas into a beast. His passive skills are divided into two parts-active effects, with cooling; and a passive effect without cooling, long-term activation. The long-term activation effect can greatly enhance all the attacks of Barakas. If his health drops below 40%, his damage will increase by 40%. The amount of healing of Barakas?s first and second skills is based on the amount of damage it causes, so it can also greatly increase the amount of healing, allowing him to better protect himself -If the enemy can survive his strong attack-this passive is very practical.

This passive effect is quite practical when Barakas is teamed up with a fighter who can cast immortality. He can safely let himself stalemate to gain attack bonuses, but he will not be in danger. The second part of his passive skill, the active effect, has a very long cooldown-but it’s definitely worth it. It can automatically resurrect Barakas with 20% health when it is killed. In addition, he is given an extra round directly, which means that he can immediately get 40% damage bonus and have the opportunity to attack an enemy , And then proceed directly to treatment. Unless someone in Terraria can think of using a silver bullet against him, otherwise he is very tough! All in all, even without the highest health or defense, Barakas is still a heavy attacker. He can use his skills to create his own survival mode. But most importantly, he can tear the enemy to pieces. Strike with a punch?it should be said, strike with a bite. Like everyone else, by matching his talents, he will become stronger. As for the choice of artifacts, Barakas’s choice is very flexible. You can equip him with vampire artifact to increase his healing, Or try a set of revenge or counterattack, let him counterattack, make good use of his inherent healing ability when he is attacked or hurt.

Another good option is if you want a full-on damage output, you can try the restless set. His second skill cooldown only takes 2 rounds, and any extra rounds can help Barakas use more burst attacks. There are many ways to build Barakas, but the bottom line is that he is a damage output and he must do damage. Therefore, it is most important to make sure to choose some artifacts that focus on maximizing his damage. This is our analysis of this giant dog! As always, thanks for watching. If you want to see more of these videos, please like and subscribe to us… See you next time! Happy gaming! .

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