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Raid: Shadow Legends Doom Tower Normal – Dark Fae Floor 40: Strategy guide for early/mid-game players By: MJIsaac


Send in the B Team!


I thought I would post the line-up and strategy I used last night to beat the Dark Fae, for people struggling to get past her. Pics of my teams gear and stats are posted.



You’ll see that their stats aren’t anything special and should be achievable by anyone who can get to this floor.


The basic plan was to use a bunch of squishy damage dealers with turn meter reduction. They could hit hard enough to get through the waves easily and kill her, but weak enough to be one-shot by Athel. Note that Athel’s speed for this fight was higher, I switched around some gear afterwards, and she has the mastery that gives speed for kills across combat rounds. She had to go first in Round 3.

Stag Knight

Execution was simple – manual the waves to make sure I had all of the cooldown abilities ready when we got to the boss. At the boss round, Athel wiped out the clones (squishy), and then we started beating on the boss.

Even with the TM reduction the Fae got a few turns through the fight, and stole Athel once, but there was enough damage on the rest of the team to kill Athel (who was also squishy) and get her back. Then they finished killing the boss, who luckily didn’t hit hard enough to really threaten anyone.

Hopefully this will help people having issues with the fight, and happy to answer questions if anything wasn’t clear.



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