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Hi, everybody! Welcome to “Deep Copy Analysis”, I am Hunter, today we will talk about the property castle. There are five castles in total, but the leaders of these instances, the castle guardians, have a fairly simple mechanism, so we can summarize them in one video. If you have watched our Raid 101 sublimation video, you should know what these castles are useful for. The potion dropped in the castle can be used as a resource for the ascension fighter. You need a potion with corresponding attributes: magic, power, spirit, and nothingness. And no matter when, you need arcane potion. There are three types of medicinal fluids: small bottles, large bottles and oversized bottles. Highly rare, high-star fighters need more advanced potions for sublimation.

As you clear the castle levels one by one, your chances of getting a large or oversized potion reward will increase. And even if you don?t lose the big or oversized potion, you can still get more small potions and then mix them into big bottles. Oh, please remember: all attribute castles, except arcane castles, are only open at certain times of the week. You can see related information above the castle on the map. Since we are all in the arcane castle, let’s talk about it first. This and other property castles follow the classic copy framework. There are three rounds of battle, two of which are against miscellaneous fish, and the third round will face the leader. The attributes of the enemies in this castle are also mixed, so you won’t have an absolute advantage or an absolute disadvantage. This is the guardian of arcane, the knight of Gallaros.

He sits on tens of thousands of treasures and lives for war, and he especially likes to challenge anyone who searches for the secrets he protects. Get ready for the battle and play well! As you can see, Gallaros is not alone. He has two companions, and they can perform large-scale attack debuffs on your team, which is quite detrimental to your team. The second companion can also remove the buffs of your team members on a large scale. The situation is even worse, let us see why. The Gallaros Knight has only two skills. The first is called Break Wind Slash, this skill attacks all your fighters, And it will cause an extra 50% to players who have no gain, and even an extra 75% damage in the later stage. Don’t let this happen! And the second skill is called standing tall. This skill increases Gallalus’ own defense and speed. As you can see, it is not a particularly complicated skill. But you have to find a way to keep your team under the buff to avoid taking excessive damage.

So, kill the minions first, keep the gain state, and then focus on the leader. First look at the fighters you are familiar with. Valerie and spiritual priests are both good choices. Both have large-scale buffs. Valerie can add an additional round to all buff times, and can also cast a shield that helps teammates absorb damage in the area. Just make sure your team is always in the state of gain, and then try to output, it should not be difficult.

Now, it’s the magic castle’s turn! The structure is basically the same, but all enemy fighters have magic attributes. Note that your spirit fighter will be tough here. The leader of the meeting, Princess Klila. She is definitely a tough opponent. look here. At the beginning of the battle, she has various buffs, including a huge shield that allows her to hardly suffer any damage. And her escort can reduce your fighter’s defenses on a large scale, which is no joke, because Krila’s attack should not be underestimated.

The second guard can first remove all the debuffs from Krila, and then cast her [blocking debuff] for one round. You may have seen a fixed pattern. The boss?s mechanism focuses on its gains and how to remove them. But before we continue, let’s take a closer look at the skills. Her first move is to cut off, attack all fighters, and the attack power is full, There is also a chance to reduce the current action bar by 50%.

[Magic Shield] Cast a shield equivalent to 50% of her maximum health for Krila, and increase her attack and defense by 50%. Speed ??increased by 30%. Gee, these gains are really hard to deal with. But to make matters worse, let’s take a look at the third skill. ?Earth Vein?Allows Krila to increase his attack by 25% for every buff. Finally, [Defensive Strength Increase] can cast a shield equivalent to the maximum health value of Krila at the beginning of the battle, directly double the health value of the original. It is not difficult to understand that Klira who has gained gain is very, very difficult to deal with. So the conclusion? She will keep gaining herself. What you have to do is prevent her from gaining.

First, it’s best to kill her guards, especially the guy on the right. He can clear all debuffs from Krila and prevent him from being affected by more debuffs. It is best not to let this happen. You also need fighters who can remove buffs and block buffs. Let’s take a look at fighters with relevant skills. The Conqueror may be able to do it in this dungeon, especially in the early stages. Unfortunately, his spiritual attributes are restrained by magical attributes, So he will receive additional damage, the damage to the leader will also be reduced, and weak hits may cause him to waste his skills. But don’t worry, there are many rare fighters that can remove debuffs! To give some examples: the courtiers of the banner owner?s camp, The priest of the hospital of the Holy Society camp and the Xuanwu monk of the Barbarian camp are also very good.

The savage lizards and brown throwers of the lizardman camp, and the two-axe orcs of the orc camp are very useful because he is a magic attribute And his disability skills can remove two random buffs on the target. There are other rare fighters that can also be used, so remember to always pay attention to skills! Another thing is very important, and that is to use the blocking buff on Krila to prevent her from re-casting the buff when the magic shield cools down. The Elenis you got from the novice plan has a great skill just right-devouring flames. And she is still a power attribute, which means that she completely restrains Krila’s attribute. The mysterious hand of the dark elf camp also has a chance during his basic attack Casting this debuff has a good effect, but he needs high speed to achieve maximum efficiency. The same is true for the Mulch Lizards of the Lizardman camp. Finally, there are some fighters that can completely bypass Krila’s shield. The crosscutting skills of the long axe soldiers of the banner owner’s camp have this ability.

The basic attack of the blue lizards of the Lizardman camp can also completely ignore the shield. Of course, these are very basic! Any fighter with the above skills is a good choice for this instance, Just remember to pay attention to the attributes! Now, let us go directly to the other extreme of magic-power! The principle is the same as before. Defeating the fighter of the power attribute directly faces the leader. This guy is Thorne Darville, and every time a fighter comes to play a big sword in front of Guan Gong, he is very upset.

And his friends can also cast a range of blocking healing, and improve Thorne’s defense. It seems as if his defense is not enough! come and see. The first skill is heavy blow. Like other castle guardians, Thorne can also perform range attacks on your team. And there is a 60% chance to halve your fighter’s attack. Tremor is another area attack that has a 50% chance of stun the fighter who is hit. Not difficult, but also very unpleasant. Finally, power armor can improve the guardian’s defensive attributes. The early stage will increase to 1500, and the later stage will soar to 4000.

Remember our long video about fighter attributes and how defense can mitigate damage? If you haven?t watched it yet, go check it out! But to make a long story short, it will counteract a lot of damage. Let’s see how we can restrain him. As usual, you should try to get around the main strength of the castle guardian. Thorne’s words are his super defense. So, your main goal is to cast a reduced defense debuff. Ignoring defense attacks is also very useful, and the poisoning effect is not bad. Let’s take a look at some useful fighters you can get in the early stages. The first is Galak. His cursed blade skill can attack four times randomly, and can make it attack a target with more than two debuffs.

Each attack has a 30% chance to reduce the target’s defense by 60%. This requires some team lineup debugging, but it is very feasible! And if Thorne is the only surviving enemy, Galak?s four attacks will lock him, and you will have a high chance of debuffing him. Then there is the Dark Witch that can be obtained from the Catacombs of Nabka. Her third skill, Vine Trap, allows her to perform three random attacks and has a 30% chance to cast a reduction debuff. There are no other conditions, so it is also very effective! The Avengers dropped from the Aravia Palace have a chance to cast a 30% reduction debuff every time they use a basic attack. And her default speed is very fast, so there are many opportunities for general attacks. But she is a magic attribute, so fighting in the power castle is at a disadvantage.

The Maiden Warrior of the Holy Society has a skill called Confusion Propaganda, which can cast 30% to reduce defense for two rounds. Both the Totem Daughter and the War Daughter of the Barbarian camp have skills that can lower their defenses. Totem assassins in the Orc camp and the Fire Hounds in the Demon Son camp are also good choices. As for the rare fighters, Kyle may be your best choice in terms of poisoning effects. And even if you choose another initial fighter, it doesn’t matter! Hai Ruiya in the high elven camp has a very tricky skill called Poison Lily.

You can perform 3 attacks on the same target and have a chance to cast a high-level poison debuff. The magicians of the ghost knight camp have a similar skill. Even if you don’t have a suitable fighter, you can get a 50% base chance to cast poison debuffs through the Venomous Artifact Set. Or a savage set, allowing all attacks to ignore a quarter of the target’s defense. Of course, don’t forget the attribute advantages. Spirit fighters work best. Power fighters will not have any problems, but magic fighters will face hard struggles from start to finish. Again, any fighter with skills like the ones I outlined above will be useful! Speaking of spirit. Come and see the Spirit Castle! I think you must have guessed it. The first two rounds were a group of mental fish. Then just start talking about the leader! This is Silvania, and we found that many new players have nothing to do with her. Then let’s study her skills first to see why. Her first skill is Melt, which is the same as before. It is also a range attack on your team.

The damage caused will increase according to the health of Silvania. The second skill is Purification Fountain, which can remove all debuffs from her body and block the debuffs for 2 rounds. Finally, there is rejuvenation. Basically, literally, Silvania was able to self-heal with 20% of his health in the early stage. In the later stages, it can be treated with half of its maximum health. That’s a lot, and you can hardly inflict more damage on her than this, which is why many people get stuck here in the first place. Her followers also have range skills. The first follower skill has a 50% chance to stun your team. The skill of the second entourage can reduce the accuracy of your team’s debuffs. Therefore, Silvania can perform a super large amount of self-healing and cause higher damage when the health is full. Logically, we should not allow her to be treated, but fortunately, there is a way! There are many fighters who have the ability to reduce healing, which either reduces the amount of healing by half or makes the healing effect completely ineffective.

We mentioned the Rockfang in the early video. He is a fighter who is easy to obtain and possesses this skill. Riot can completely block the target’s treatment for two rounds! This is a lot. Orc’s Ode to the Dead can also do it, even better-blocking the enemy’s healing for three rounds. The basic attack of Cold Heart also has a high chance of completely blocking the treatment, and she is fast enough. The blue lizards and Gate of the Lizardmen camp can use skills to halve the enemy’s healing. If you don’t have any of the above fighters, go and create a curse artifact for one or two fighters. It has a great chance to cast a 50% reduction in healing, giving you a better chance to win the battle. However, let us not forget the Purification Fountain skill.

Every few rounds, Silvania will get rid of any healing reduction debuffs you try to apply to her, and will continue the immune debuff for two rounds. You can deal with this situation in two ways. Or use a high-unit damage fighter who attacks her when she is debuffed, Or bring a character that can remove the new buff. The conqueror can also shine here, and he is a spiritual attribute, so he is not affected by any attribute disadvantages.

Slowing Sylvania’s actions, the action bar that affects her is also useful, allowing you to hit her more times before she can heal. But that’s almost it. Don’t let her heal, attack with all your strength, and you can win. still there? Only the last castle is left! This is nothingness, and the structure is no different from other property castles?? Two rounds of miscellaneous fish, face the leader. This is the big guy, Malek Kava, who obviously thought he was the Lord of Darkness. His followers can cast a large-scale weakness debuff, which will increase the damage your team takes. The second minion can remove all buffs and cast blocking buffs for 1 round. Malek himself has a skill called Death Harvest-especially neurotic- This skill can attack all members of your team and cast a 5% poison debuff that lasts for two rounds. In the later stages, it can even cast two debuffs. The second skill is called scourge, it can immediately cause all the poisoning effects combined damage.

So, if your team members are not superficially poisoned, they are basically screaming. It is not difficult to defeat him, kill the followers, clear the debuffs, and keep attacking this big guy until he falls. If you want to go too far and make Malek cry, put the spiritual priest and Valery into the team, Then enjoy the spirit priest purifying those nasty poisoning effects, and cast blocking debuff buffs for 1 round, Valerie increases the duration of the blocking debuff and helps reduce the duration of the poison debuff. Of course, any fighter who can release range purification debuffs can work here, not just spiritual priests. Nothingness is not restrained by other attributes, However, other attributes are not restrained, so there are many fighters you can choose.

The above is the content of the property castle. In terms of mechanics, they are not the most difficult copies. But there are obviously big differences between them, so different fighters are needed to pass the level stably. But this also provides a good opportunity to practice before going to the more difficult dungeons and develop strategies to deal with various challenges.

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