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Hi, everybody! Welcome to another issue of Deep Copy Analysis. This is Hunter, and today I want to teach you how to become a master dragon slayer. It can even be said that we are now considered authentic Dungeons and Dragons. Remember this guy you met when you first started playing Raid? Yes, that is Sword Armor Flame Dragon. He is a dragon, he likes gold, magical artifacts and cooked elves. He is also one of the main dungeon bosses you need to face in the raid. “But Hunter,” you might ask, “Why do I spend my energy fighting dragons? Isn’t the snow giant enough?” The short answer: not enough.

This copy is not only more difficult than Snow Giant Peak, It can also produce some very cool artifact sets that you will absolutely want at some point-especially when it comes to liver dog food. First, it drops a speed artifact. When used as a two-piece suit, your fighter will gain a 12% speed increase. It is calculated based on their basic data, like all artifacts, but it does mean?at least?it usually gives you 9 points of speed. If you have watched our video about action bars, you already know why this is important and how to use it to your advantage in many scenarios. If you haven’t watched it yet, go check it out. I wait for you. All right! From the four-piece set you can get here. The blood-sucking kit deserves a special talk. Any fighter equipped with this set will be healed by 30% of its damage every time it attacks. This is a great thing for cultivating a sweeper, because it allows you to acquire a fighter with ideal sweeper skills?? But not self-healing?and turn it into a monster that can survive almost any situation.

The vampire suit is not only useful for liver dog food-but if you want to upgrade to Tier 4, it is undoubtedly very useful. Frozen and Confused sets are also great-when used correctly, they are very helpful for group control. In general, any artifact set you get here will help you. Like any dungeon, the later stages consume more energy and are more challenging-but at the same time there is a higher chance of dropping more powerful artifacts. Okay, let’s go to the Dragon’s Den. As you can see, just like in every instance, you must defeat some ordinary fighters before you can fight the boss. If you have watched our video about Snow Giant Peak, you will also know that the level of these enemies depends on the difficulty of the level. The attributes and team composition of enemies in each level are different.

These will match the attributes of the Sword Armor Flame Dragon, and you can check it at any time on the level selection interface. Once you defeat them, it’s time to face the dragon! he came. Now, before we go into battle, let’s take a quick look at the problems in our hands. Sword Armor Flame Dragon has a total of four skills, which together make it a hard bone. Its first attack is called a sweep, and it will attack your entire team for two rounds to reduce their attack by 50%. If you are not prepared, this is bad news, because it will take longer to kill him with only half of your normal attack power. The second skill is the wall of fire. This skill applies two poisoning effects, each inflicting 5% health damage per round-and a 25% weakness debuff. Any active fighter will receive more damage under this debuff. Then there is an inhalation. In the early stages, it will only unlock the final skills of the Sword Armor Flame Dragon, but in the later stages, After the Sword Armor Flame Dragon has sublimated-(you will see this in the color of the star on its avatar in the level selection interface)-this skill will also deplete your team’s action bar.

Finally, it is burnt. It will attack your entire team and stun them for a round. It also outputs a lot of-I mean a lot of-damage. good news? If the Sword Armor Flame Dragon takes enough damage when unlocking, it will hide again until its next inhalation. You basically have a countdown, once this skill is available you must output enough damage before the sword armour dragon can use this skill to attack you. You can tell by the purple area that appears on his health bar how much damage you need to do to make it invalid. So now, what do we know? First of all, we know that the team needs to be able to absorb a lot of damage-which means shields or some reliable healing skills.

Second, we know that Sword Armor Dragon will impose a lot of nasty debuffs, so you will want to increase your fighter?s debuff resistance and? Ideally-to have a fighter with large-scale purification or blocking debuff skills. Finally, you will need a fighter who can quickly release a large amount of damage or “fatal blow” to the armored flame dragon to prevent him from using the scorch skill. (I really keep emphasizing this again-don’t let your team suffer that. It disrupts the turn order, puts too much pressure on your healing fighters, and makes the armored sword dragon attack and debuff your fighters when they are stunned…nothing good. ) Oh yes-you also need your team to be very fast, or at least have a fast fighter to increase mobility, Such as the alchemist. The more turns your team has, the more likely you are to break through that health barrier and prevent him from using that scorching skill.

So, now we know what we need. Just take a look at some fighters that meet the requirements. First of all-Valerie. In all respects, she is a good fighter, and this copy is no exception. Although her attack will not have any effect, this is not the reason we need her here. We are interested in what she can do for the team. Her refreshing ability shortens the duration of debuffs for your entire team within one round.

It is not a complete purification, but this skill will make a big difference to the poison debuff of the Sword Armor Flame Dragon. It can also increase all the buffs released by your fighters while increasing their attack attributes by 25%. According to our understanding of the Sword Armor Flame Dragon, many requirements are met. She also has the protection skill we mentioned in the Snow Giant Peak video. This skill can heal your fighter and release a shield buff. If your Valerie level is high enough, this shield can absorb a large part of the damage and help your team survive until the sword armor is brought down.

There are spiritual priests. Her speed boosting aura can help when the sword armour flame dragon is ready to use the scorch skill to surpass him in speed. Her dark gift skills are also very useful. Not only can it remove all debuffs from everyone, but it can also prevent debuffs from being applied in one round. When faced with a leader like the Sword Armor Flame Dragon who focuses on debuffs, this is undoubtedly a life-saving straw. Then there is reinforcement. This skill can last two rounds to provide a 50% attack boost-exactly what you need to bombard this guy back to the Stone Age. Well, next, we still have a cold heart.

This one is my personal favorite. In general, she is great against all the leaders. Her heart-seeking skills are in proportion to the target’s maximum health, causing huge damage to such a powerful enemy. Let us listen again, dragon slayers…what is the best way to prevent the Sword Armor Flame Dragon from using scorch after inhaling…? That’s right! Attack him directly with overwhelming damage! And she is very good at it. Of course, she is not the only fighter who can do this. As soon as I turned my mind, I thought of the royal guards of the high elves camp, the skinners of the undead camp, Even the rare fighters of the Holy Society?the Knight Guards?have the skills to do this. But she is still my favorite. Okay, let’s go on-there are other damage dealers who should pay close attention to. Yasr can continue to output damage well, and applies a debuff of weakness that can increase all received damage, This makes it easier to defeat the Sword Armor Flame Dragon before using Scorch.

Zakala can also do this, she can also apply a reduction debuff, which can also help a lot in this battle. And Helding… Helding attacks like a truck. Remember, these are just examples. Keep experimenting-there are many other fighters that can do what we described. Okay-this is the team composition. You need an auxiliary fighter purification debuff. You need another support type, health type, or defensive fighter to heal or provide shields for your team…

You also need a lot of damage exporters to cause damage. Generally speaking, any method you can think of to reduce the armored flame dragon’s defense or increase his damage will be of great help. Another strategy is to try to keep him in the attack debuff all the time, so as to reduce the pain caused by those skills in the area. But this may take longer, and his poisoning effect is not affected.

This means you will have to worry about them constantly reducing the health of your fighters. You can use healing and shields to support it. When the poisoning is not that serious in the Void Castle, All your fighters still need to be very strong, or there must be an excellent healing fighter. If you are not sure, it is better to kill the guy as soon as possible. So have fun! Pay attention to those debuffs, don?t make your team members? health too low, Then try your best and attack it as soon as possible when using the inhalation of the sword armor-you can tell through the animation, you will not miss it. If you want to succeed in the more advanced levels of Dragon?s Lair, you must make sure that your team is well-equipped and can withstand the damage.

And in return, continue to output damage. Happy Dragon Slaying, but also remember: He is very strong, but it is also worth your trouble. I hope you find this video helpful. Don’t forget to do something, like and subscribe-more exciting content will be presented soon. undefined .

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