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Hello everyone! This is Hunter, and here is an in-depth copy analysis. In this series, we will interpret the mechanisms and challenges of each copy. And give you some suggestions on how to respond. This series will be divided into multiple parts, and each copy will have its own separate video explaining the basic tactics. Team composition, recommend fighters and other things you need to know when you start the challenge. First of all, let’s talk about this bad boy-Snow Giant Peak. From a mechanical point of view, this is one of the simplest copies, most of the artifacts dropped come from simple 2-piece sets. But if you are just starting to challenge, these artifacts are exactly what you need in the early stages. For example, in the life set, every two artifacts can increase your fighter’s health by 15%. This is crucial for the first few levels of the more difficult dungeons, such as the Dragon’s Den and the Tauren Maze. Without enough health, your fighters are not enough to resist the damage to be received and kill the boss with their own ability.

You can also get critical strike rate and attack set. These artifacts are also very important because they can increase the damage done by your attackers. This works well everywhere, whether in PvE or PvP combat. In this way, you can check what sets are dropped in each level: do you see the set icons on the left side of the level selection interface? Click to view the set bonus, you can know what is dropped in the level, and decide whether to sweep the copy at present. Well, like most battles, entering the Snow Giant Peak requires energy. You will find that as you pass the levels one by one, the consumption of the level becomes more and more large, and so does the difficulty of the challenge. But this is not a bad thing. As the level becomes difficult, the artifacts dropped are also better. See the treasure chest icon next to the battle button? It shows the lowest and highest order of artifacts dropped in this level.

Does not show the chance of falling, But in general, the higher your chances of getting high-level artifacts through levels of levels. Like most copies, Snow Giant Peak is divided into three rounds. In the first two rounds, you will fight a team of five enemies. The composition of the team depends on the attributes of the snow giants, and each level is different. These enemies have no special skills, but if you don?t pay more attention, they may become difficult to deal with in later levels. Or if you don’t have a few strong fighters. Therefore, in the early days you can pass smoothly, You may have to form a team with corresponding attributes to pass level 15 efficiently. This does not mean that you have to form a team with corresponding attributes to fight against each level and level of the instance. But you must have a long-term plan to form an invincible team against the most advanced levels. At the last level, forming a strong team with superior attributes will allow you to pass the level and drop copies of high-quality artifacts.

Give your team an advantage when making powerful blows and applying debuffs. You will not keep sweeping these low-level levels… But you will continue to sweep the highest level levels and search for the most powerful artifacts. This is the big shot-the Kallithas Yeti. See the two servants by his side? These NPCs belong to the master boss-let’s call them servants. You don’t need to kill them and then kill the boss to complete the level. The minions on the right side of the screen try to reduce the defense of your entire team, while the ones on the left cause powerful blows. Although the skills are very basic, these two guys played a vital role in the battle wind. Like the other bosses in Raid, Kallithas has strong health and very slow speed. This means that your team can cause multiple attacks on him before he takes the shot.

By the way, damage based on the enemy’s health will be very useful here-we will talk about it later. The two abilities in front of Kalisas are very direct, both are AoE (area skills) attacks. One is to anesthetize the ice spike, while reducing the accuracy of your fighter. Therefore, if your team has some debuffs, they may be very useful against this skill. Let’s talk about the third skill, Frost Revenge.

This skill makes this Boss unique. When Calissas? health drops below a certain value, Frost Revenge will automatically be activated. It can cause huge damage to your entire team. Frost’s Revenge has another annoying feature, which is stronger when Kallithus servants survive. For every servant that survives, half of the fighter’s defense is ignored. It’s not a joke, especially for defensive fighters, they will bear all the damage. There is also a 100% chance to freeze your team, Based on 20%, there is a 40% chance for every surviving minion. Oh, those health points that activate Frost’s Revenge? I will put them here. Remember them, pay attention to his blood volume, don’t rush. So, as you might have guessed, the best strategy is to kill the minions first, and then attack Kallithas.

If both servants die, Frost’s Revenge will not be so terrible, and your fighter can deal with it more easily. There is also a trap. Each time Frost Vengeance is activated, two minions will be resurrected and you need to kill them again. Please remember this point. He resurrected servants instead of summoning servants like some other bosses. For example, the little spider in the spider copy. These are two completely different mechanisms, the difference affects the game and your strategy, Because you can prevent the resurrection from happening in this instance, but not in other situations. So, after knowing that, what is the best way to defeat Kalisas? Since all attacks are AoE, your team will be under a lot of pressure. If you are weak, the fighter will be easily killed.

You need fighters who can heal or protect other teammates. You also need to pay attention to your AoE skills, because Kallithas?s HP may be lower than those set. Trigger Frost’s Revenge. Using AoE may soon trigger this skill. Most of the artifact sets are suitable for this instance, But in other videos, we will explain in depth those artifact combinations suitable for advanced bosses.

Now, let us break down the composition of a typical team suitable for this instance. First, you need a support fighter to heal or protect your teammates. Kallithas does a lot of AoE damage, and you need to keep your team alive long enough to consume it. Second, you need fighters who can effectively block the resurrection skills. We will give an easily available option later. Third, the fighters that can quickly knock down the servants. You can try to use a fighter with heavy AoE output, but you need to be very careful, Every time you should reduce the minion’s blood volume to a minimum, and then use AoE skills to attack them and Kallithas.

In this way, the servant will die before Kallithus takes revenge, and Frost Revenge will not output so much damage. It is also good to bring some defensive effects. The damage is based on the target’s HP worth. The fighter is very useful in defeating Kallithas-and it is also effective for most other bosses-faster. The fourth option: Some defensive fighters can reduce the damage they receive, allowing attacking fighters to better use their expertise. Now, let’s look at those easily available fighters, those fighters can help you strike the first fatal blow to Kallithas. These are not the only fighters you can use. But they are a good choice for the “typical” novice team to meet the requirements of all demanding roles. The first is Valerie. Generally speaking, she is good at supporting and easy to obtain. Go to Keilok Castle to collect her. She can protect your entire team and reduce the damage caused by Snow Giant’s AoE attack. If your team has a lot of buffs, the healing provided by this skill will also be very useful. Another easy-to-obtain and very practical fighter is the Conqueror. He is also obtained at the same level, and he is a good comprehensive attack fighter.

His purification skills are very useful in preventing resurrection and removing the servants of Snow Giant. If you use this skill to kill a minion, that minion will not be resurrected. Of course, it is not only the conqueror who has the ability to block the resurrection. There are some more powerful epic fighters! Therefore, if you have other qualified fighters, use them instead. If you want to obtain a healing fighter, these can be summoned more frequently with ancient fragments, Will also be useful in this copy. An alchemist can only heal one fighter at a time, but he can also restore mobility to your entire team and add a buff to their speed.

This is a great advantage and cannot be ignored. The chaplain with the army is a very dedicated healer who can help you fight the snow giant’s continuous AoE attack damage. But be careful, because her third skill causes damage to all enemies and may trigger Kallithas’ Frost Revenge. The witch also has AoE treatment and a delightful boost to increase the team’s critical strike rate and speed. There are also ways to maximize your damage output. As I mentioned, Calissas?usually all bosses? Has a very high blood volume. Therefore, attacks based on his HP will be very practical. The easiest-but not the most common-method is to use an attack that deals damage based on the enemy’s maximum HP. These are not easy to obtain, but if you have such skills, use them! This is the favorite of fans, Cold Heart! Give her a suitable artifact, and she will output crazy damage to the boss.

In addition to the ability to simply cause damage to the enemy, another option is to use a fighter who can poison?? Because poison can also cause damage based on maximum health. Kyle, one of our top four starting fighters, is good at using poison. If you choose or summon him, Kyle is very effective in dealing with tough enemies. Because his two active skills can poison the target. Please remember that the boss in Raid does not suffer damage from poison equivalent to 5% of the blood volume. Because the poison weakens its defense value, just like a normal attack-but the damage will be considerable. These fighters can help your team, But usually in Raid-your team composition and tactics can be very flexible. It is worth remembering that you should avoid using skills such as counterattack, which may become a flaw in the team. The risk of attacking Kallithas prematurely is the possibility of activating his last skill, And if both of his servants are still alive, that will be bad news for your team. Therefore, fighters with passive counterattacks, random attack targets or fighters with strong AoE skills need to be carefully considered. Don’t get me wrong, they can be very good, but they can also easily mess up the scene.

do you understand? Damn. So, to summarize, first attack the minions, pay attention to your team’s HP value, and use your AoE skills carefully. Do that, Snow Giant Peak will not be a problem for you! Think this video is useful? Click the like button and subscribe! We will split the copies of the game one by one, and in future videos you will provide you with suggestions for clearance.

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