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Hello everyone! It?s time to enter the darkest copy of “Assault” again, Those of you who know Greek mythology should already know our next goal. Yes, it’s time to go to the Tauren Maze. In fact, in our Raid 101 video about talent, we have briefly introduced this copy, But today we will discuss the actual mechanisms and strategies that can be used to defeat this leader. Take a look-every level will drop a certain number of scrolls-scrolls are divided into basic scrolls, advanced scrolls or holy scrolls. A certain level of talent needs to be unlocked by the corresponding type of scroll, and the basic scroll is unlocked… Well, the basic talent, and the Holy Scroll can unlock the most powerful talent. The most important thing to remember is that the reward system rules here are different from other copies. The scrolls you get from this dungeon will not be collected in the shared pool, and then you can’t arbitrarily choose the fighters you want to unlock.

Instead, the talent scroll has to be won by the fighter himself and allowed to unlock his talent. In other words, you must take the fighters you want to unlock to fight in the maze. Only by participating in the battle can they get the talent scroll. When you win a battle, one of the fighters in your team will get some talent scrolls, And the system will randomly select the fighter who gets the scroll.

As long as the fighter is in your team, there is a chance to get the scroll. This may sound time-consuming, but the system will actually analyze which type of reel the fighter needs at that time, and then give the corresponding reel. Fully talented fighters will not get any scrolls, so there will be no waste of times. The order in which the fighters get the scrolls is based on the rarity of the scrolls, so they must first unlock all the basic scrolls required for the first rank.

Then there are all the high-level scrolls, and finally the sacred scrolls that unlock higher levels. Then, as we mentioned, once the fighters are full of talent, they will no longer get scrolls from the copy. So, suppose you take a copy of a talented fighter and four untalented fighters, Since the main fighter is already full of talents, the game will not treat it as a reel object. One of the other four fighters will get a scroll. If you bring two talented fighters, only the other three will get scrolls, and so on… If you bring four full-talented fighters, the remaining fighters will definitely get the scrolls after the dungeon. In this way, you can quickly fill up your talent with four guarantees and one. And this is exactly what you should do-fill up the talents of a few fighters as soon as possible, and then point talents, Then use them to bring rookie fighters to brush their talents. Now, let’s talk about the copy mechanism! The previous waves of enemies are simple and direct, Two rounds of trash fish. Like the previous dungeons, their level and attributes depend on the level of the dungeon.

Their attributes will be consistent with the tauren, and you can see related information on the level selection interface. Keep this in mind when forming a team! Once you get rid of these guys, it’s time to face the wicked boss. (Just… don’t just copy it directly. If you really encounter such a half-human, half-sheep creature, it’s better not to mess around.) There are two entourages beside him. But honestly, they don’t have any troublesome mechanisms. These tauren are just sticking there as meat targets, with high health and single attack, which is basically to tickle your fighters.

They are not difficult to deal with, but compared to tauren… well, you have more trouble. Tauren has several mechanisms that you need to remember. The first skill is trembling trampling, which is a fairly typical range attack, but it also deals double damage to fighters affected by the black magic debuff. what? What is the debuff of witchcraft? Well, this is a mechanism unique to Tauren. His other skill, Doom is approaching, also attacks all fighters, but it also randomly casts three magic debuffs. Each hex debuff lasts for five rounds and cannot be resisted in any form. Even weak hits can be applied! Combine this with the first skill, and you are welcome to the abyss of pain. But more than that, Angry Bull is a passive skill of the Tauren, which is very important to the combat mechanism of this leader. At the beginning of the round, the tauren will gain an anger buff, which increases the damage done by five times and lasts for three rounds. The buff itself cannot be stolen or removed, and its duration cannot be shortened by any skills.

Once the anger buff is over, the tauren will immediately receive a confusion debuff. When his confusion debuff is activated, any damage he takes will be multiplied by 3. Just like anger, this debuff cannot be changed in any way?but it only lasts one round. At this time, you need to try your best to use the energy output of feeding. Then, after the confusion is over, it casts anger again, and so on. So these are the mechanisms-so what are the points? When the rage buff is activated, the tauren’s attack is very painful. And what if your fighter is attacked after being given a hex debuff? The damage will be even greater. As I said-the abyss of pain. In order not to fall into this situation, you must remove the magic. Either thoroughly purify and remove it, or block the debuff, and not be casted with hexes at first. In addition, there is injury reduction. Throw a shield on your fighter to reduce the tauren’s attack while increasing your own defense.

Pain is not good, so don’t hurt. Another good way is to let your team output as much as possible when the tauren is confused. Fighters with skills that reduce or exhaust the action bar, speed buffs, and speed debuffs are very useful in this situation. But the trickiest part is… In most dungeons, you will take your strongest and fastest team to quickly go through various artifacts, potions or other things. So, why do we want the liver tauren maze? Remember, we are here to promote the fighters in this team.

According to the rules, if you want to get any benefit from the liver copy, you must bring those fighters who are not full of talent. You must bring a core fighter who is strong enough to clear the dungeon, And at the same time bring a certain balance between the under-talented fighters. Let’s take a look at the recommendations for the construction of the core team in the early stage. First of all, the spiritual priest! You may have noticed that spiritual priests appear many times in these videos. That’s because she is great, especially in the early game.

The ability to purify debuffs and prevent the entire team from being debuffed can turn the tide of battle, Perfectly eliminate enemy moves. So, if you are caught in black magic, she can be purified. If she is on the blocking debuff, then you will not be hit by the black magic debuff from the beginning. If this is not enough, she can also increase the attacks of other fighters?? This can help you increase the damage you cause to the tauren during the confusion phase! Then there is my little lizard, Ji Zhuo.

He is very suitable to fight this dungeon, and he is free, everyone has a homely fighter. Ji Zhuo is one of the rewards for new players, and he is very useful in many places, and there are even many ways to match it. If Ji Zhuo trains to become a fighter of the flesh, he can help you pass this instance. His fanatic protection skills can apply a defensive buff and counterattack to any teammate (or himself). After applying the counterattack gain to your strongest output, you can enjoy the scene where the tauren will be countered every time he attacks. Alternatively, you can also put on a vampire set for Ji Zhuo, so that he can heal himself every time he fights back. This way you can live longer than the tauren without the ability to heal, and if you still fail occasionally, at least you can increase your winning rate.

There is better news, Ji Zhuo’s third ability, anger, can also give him 15% continuous healing for two rounds. This greatly improves his survivability, especially after you equip him with a vampire artifact. Another easy way to weaken the tauren is to increase the damage he takes. Lowering his defenses or applying weakness debuffs are very effective. Coupled with the confusion debuff, the damage will be very impressive after amplification. The best advice in the early game is to use Galak or Yasr, If you choose one of them as your initial fighter-but there are many other fighters that also meet the requirements. Yasr is particularly good because she is fast and can continue to weaken debuffs in battle, Therefore, when the Minotaur is confused, it will be easier to win him in one fell swoop.

Galak?s cursed blade needs to be used more strategically, and it is less reliable in automatic mode. Lowering the defense debuff will also be useful! As the old saying goes, you can use almost any fighter here, as long as you train them correctly and they have the correct debuffs and skills. The key is how you can unite them and build an effective team. Study your fighter pool carefully to see who can use it-then try to form a core team to build a team against the tauren. Then, once you decide which fighter will be the core of your fighter pool, let them free themselves in the maze. Your main goal will be to fill their talents so that they can help improve the talents of other fighters later.

Remember, the talent rank will also be locked according to the fighter’s rank. You need to get them to level 6 to unlock the ultimate talent. Once your core team is formed, you can use them to bring other fighters through the level. This is by far the fastest and most effective way to obtain a talent scroll for a specific fighter or team of fighters. Otherwise, just like yesterday, I always feel that I should have promoted the fighters to their best condition long ago. Tauren Labyrinth is almost the content. This is not the most difficult copy (we will talk about that copy soon), but it is indeed challenging. Whether it is clearing the copy itself, or establishing a correct strategy to clear it to obtain benefits.

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