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Raid Shadow Legends F2P/Low Spender Fusion Guide: Elegaius By: wsoul13


Thank you for Reading! Here’s what I’m about in an interview with /u/CluelessEcon

I am the author of the F2P/Low Spender Team Building Guide (No Legendaries) and the Seminal F2P Update Series detailing how I got Arbiter without Legendaries, Coldheart, Team Counterattack, AoE HP Burn, Massive Shields, Unkillable… Message me or ask questions!

As the prophecies have foretold we have our Second Fusion Event in the same Month! This time it will be a Fragment Fusion and it will be a great time for you to catch up with my Talk with u/cluelessecon to hear our thoughts on how Raid is doing these events at a faster clip and how you should manage your Resources from here.

Generally I consult Ayumilove for the Event Data: https://ayumilove.net/raid-shadow-legends-champion-fusion-guide/ . I will be trying to give you some analysis of the Event itself from F2P/Low Spender perspective. Guaranteed Legendaries are always good to go for. They have tremendous upside in terms of Balancing and even if they are horrible right now they could become not just a Gamechanger later but a Meta defining Champ much like Tormind or Rotos or even to a lesser degree Foli.

Event Cost

This will be a Fragment Fusion which means we have to Collect 100 Fragments to Fuse Him. There are no consolation prizes here. Either you can Fuse him all the way or you will have to SKIP the Event. Although bear in mind they will most likely give us more ways to Collect Fragments down the line so consider that if you are going to come up short in this Fusion

Pay Wall: 40/100 Fragments. 25 from Summon Rush E (10/30-11/3). 15 from Champion Chase T (11/06-11/09). 30 Bonus Shards from 1st or 2nd Place in Tournaments (5 each from 6 Tournaments)

You will need at least 20 Fragments here to have a Chance at Him. I think you will need about 1500 Mystery Shards (1070 for first 15 Fragments in Summon Rush and 300-500 for Champion Chase). It’s an estimate because we have no idea what the Champion Chase is going to look like for Rewards. I am personally pulling 1 Sacred Shard for Summon Rush. I would definitely try for the first 15 Fragments in Summon Rush then Farm out the last 5 Fragments in Champ Chase. Stack Mystery Shards if you haven’t been doing this. It just has so much Value in Fusion Events. Winning Tournaments is virtually impossible for F2P/Low Spenders but not entirely unobtainable. In fact I just won my First Tournament as F2P while I was trying some stuff out for my Arena Guide. I spent about 300 Gems to get it pushing from Silver III to Silver IV. So if your bracket is lazy it might be worth the extra 200 Gems or so to secure the W. Not a primary strategy but definitely Free to look for the opportunity.

Energy Wall: 50/100 Fragments. 5 Artifact Enhancement I E (10/30-11/02). 5 Artifact Enhancement II E (11/04-11/07). 15 Champion Training E (10/31-11/05). 10 Dungeon Divers I E (11/01-11/05), 10 Dungeon Divers II E (11/06-11/10), 5 Champion Training T (11/07-11-11)

I would say Dungeon Divers will be free practically if you participate in the Dungeon Tournaments and you go for the Champion Training. Dunegon Divers I and II will overlap one day so maybe try to have some overlap of your own too but be warned: Always play when you can play and try to avoid having “must play” days because Real Life can be hard to Predict. Champion Training is going to be the bottleneck here for Energy which is a great reason to Store Food for these kinds of Events. Artifact Enhancement will just use Silver from all your Dungeon Runs. It’s heavy on Champ Training and we just had the Serris Champ Training Tournament Recently so keep that in mind and make sure you have enough Double Exp and Gems saved up for this. Also try to save that 3 Day Double Exp from Advanced Quest for these Fusion Events.

Progression Wall: 30/100 Fragments. 5 Arena I T (10/30-11/02). 5 Arena II T (11/06-11/09). 5 Dragons T (10/31-11/03). 5 Spiders T (11/07-11/10). 10 Ice Golem T (11/03-11/06)

You will need to be able to Farm at least Stage 13-16 in all the Dungeons to even participate here. Stage 20 in any Dungeon will mean a huge Energy Discount and if you are good at using your Energy you could getaway with just your Daily Energy Gains and even more so now with Advanced Quests. Less progression here mean more Energy per Tournament to get your 5 or 10 Shards. Arena will need a decent Winrate in at least Silver to go without buying more Tokens. Bots are still Live and Arena is still generally easy right now so take advantage of it and get your Refreshes in.

Fusion Champ Value

So lets get to the nitty gritty and talk about Elegaius himself. He is actually pretty good. I know most people wanted the other Halloween Lego Narma who is projected to be S Tier for Clan Boss. Elegaius isn’t a slouch himself I would probably put him as a Class A type Carry Champ who can get you through Waves with his Supressive Kit while also being a good Tank with the Cheat Death Passive. A1 and A2 take away Cooldown Skills with A2 having a 100% Chance to Place. A3 can take Buffs Off and Decrease Turn Meter. His Skills Synergize with HP Loss so most people are gonna build him probably Pure Glass in Arena then High Def Low HP in Dungeons and Faction Wars. Slam Dunk in Faction Wars and certainly has a lot of upside to go in Doom Tower if we ever get Duplicate Enemy Champs there.

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