Raid: Shadow Legends F2P/Low Spender Fusion Guide: Roric Wyrmbane By: wsoul13


Thank you for Reading! Here’s what I’m about in an interview with /u/CluelessEcon

And Part 2 Talking Resource Management for F2P/Low Spenders

I am the author of the F2P/Low Spender Team Building Guide (No Legendaries) and the Seminal F2P Update Series detailing how I got Arbiter without Legendaries, Coldheart, Team Counterattack, AoE HP Burn, Massive Shields, Unkillable… Message me or ask questions!

I will be doing Video Updates to complement all my Guides and they will be linked on the intro.

Here is the analysis of the Event itself from F2P/Low Spender perspective. Guaranteed Legendaries are always good to go for. They have tremendous upside in terms of Balancing and even if they are horrible right now they could become a Gamechanger or even a Meta defining Champ much like Tormind, Rotos, or Brogni or even to a lesser degree Foli, Kreela or Brago. The one understated boon to F2P/Low Spenders who go for Fusions regularly is the sheer power they add to their Faction Wars Teams over time. You can check my Faction Wars posts here under “Lydia Chronicles” and a lot of my Teams will feature even the poorly reviewed Fusion Champs!

Event Cost

We are returning to our favorite Fragment Fusion (100 Fragments for Versulf or nothing) style. There are some big changes to their formats! Lets break down the cost..

Pay Wall: 35/100 Fragments

  • 20 Summon Rush E (09/10-09/13)

  • 15 Champ Chase T (09/17-09/20)

  • 1st or 2nd Place Finish in Tournaments (5 per Tournament)

Pay Wall is all about Shards. You either have enough or you will have to buy them. Since there 120 guaranteed Fragments available if you are looking to save some Shards here you will need only 5 of the 25 available Fragments. This the cheapest they have ever offered Fragments for Summon Events. You primarily want to use Mystery Shards first before other Shards unless we have a 2x Event. I am estimating that they will ask around 2000-3000 pts to get the 15 Fragments minimum we need from both Summon Events. Check my Vids on the Intro on how I would deal with the 10x for Summon Rush and 2x for Champ Chase. Champ Chase is Champs from all sources including Past Fusions and farming Champs in Campaign. Since Broadmaw Rares are available now in the Bazaar you could get some 350 or more points there. Summon Rush may seem trickier because you can only use Shards, Sacred Shards are worth 500 pts a pop.

Energy Wall: 55/100 Fragments.

  • 15 Champion Training E (09/14-09/19)

  • 5 Dungeon Divers I E (09/06-09/10)

  • 5 Dungeon Divers II E (09/12-09/15)

  • 10 Dungeon Divers III E (09/16-09/21)

  • 5 Artifact Enhancement I E (09/07-09/10)

  • 5 Artifact Enhancement II E (09/14-09/17)

  • 10 Champion Training T (09/09-09/12)

We are seeing an increase in Fragments from Dungeon Divers which could potentially be hard to get. Always play when you can play and try to avoid having “must play” days because Real Life can be hard to Predict. Champion Training is gonna happen twice for this Fusion Event with 25 Fragments on the line so make sure you prep accordingly for that. Artifact Events will just use Silver from all your Dungeon and Campaign Runs.

Progression Wall: 30/100 Fragments.

  • 5 Dragons T (09/11-09/14)

  • 5 Ice Golem T (09/16-09/19)

  • 5 Fire Knights T (09/13-09/16)

  • 5 Spiders T (09/06-09/09)

  • 5 Arena T I (09/10-09/13)

  • 5 Arena T II (09/17-09/20)

You will need to be able to Farm at least Stage 13-16 (11 is more efficient than 13 but drops are worse) in all the Dungeons to even participate here. Stage 20 in any Dungeon will mean a huge Energy Discount and if you are good at using your Energy you could getaway with just your Daily Energy Gains and even more so now with Advanced Quests. Check my video above for my opinion on Stage 25 Dungeons! Less progression here mean more Energy per Tournament to get your 5 Fragments. Arena will need a decent Winrate in at least Silver to go without buying more Tokens.

Fusion Plan

The main plan I will be endorsing for Roric is to get at least 15 Fragments between Summon Rush and Champ Chase then play all the Events.. I am estimating it will total to about 2000-3000 pts. They are offering 35 of the 120 readily available Fragments in these Summon Events. For reference, with Versulf, they offered 25 Fragements from Summon Events which means you could have Fused him for as low as 1070 pts. If you end up Summoning for more Fragments then I suggest Skipping Dungeon Diver Events as they are the most annoying ones to complete.

Fusion Champ Value

Roric is a Control Champ that have some conflicting abilities. For example the A1 can Stun at a pretty good Rate 50% when Booked but Roric will Counterattack with his A3 instead which doesn’t have Stun on it but could potentially hit really hard. Are you building him for Damage or Control? Single Target Stun on A1 and potentially AoE Stun on A2 will have you saying put him on Stun Set. His Passive can deal more Damage to Bosses with free Damage Mitigation so maybe put him in Damage Dealing Sets. Stun and Bosses don’t mix so you will actually have to choose. That could be versatility but it could also water down his kit overall. Everybody needs Control in their Teams and Roric will fill that Role for Progressing Players. Faction Wars, well Barbs get Scyl at 6 months so you don’t really need to fill out that part of Roster with any urgency. Ignore Def is a thing in Hard Doom Tower so maybe this is a F2P/Low Spender accessible version of the Void Epic Inquisitor Shamael.

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