Raid: Shadow Legends F2P/Low Spender Hard Doom Tower F10 Bommal the Dreadhorn By: wsoul13


I finally got Lydia! So now I’m back to trying to grind out Hard Doom Tower Floors. There have been some major upgrades to my Doom Tower Teams that I would love to share with you all here.

Waves: Hard Floor 001-103 (Peak)

F2P/Low Spender Team Hard (F2P Endgame Trinity):

  1. Lv60 Scyl of the Drakes (F2P Endgame Trinity Carry/Control)

  2. Lv60 Visix the Unbowed (F2P Endgame Trinity Carry/Control)

  3. Lv60 Drexthar Bloodtwin (Accuracy Aura/HP Burn/Control)

  4. Lv60 Vergumkaar (Shield Gen/Buff Removal)

  5. Lv60 Iron Brago (Carry/Control)

My Wave Clear Team for Hard has actually changed quite a bit since my peak clear of 103 I think on Eternal Dragon Doom Tower. I’ll share my new Team once I hit a new all-time high. Lady Kimi might be involved somehow but we’ll see how it pans out first. Check the Intro Vid to see what the Comp was about including Stats and Masteries. I’ll do a quick recap.

The Legendary F2P Trinity (Available to everybody roughly 9 Months into the Game) is: Scyl of the Drakes (6 months Login), Drexthar Bloodtwin (100 Days of Fragments from Bazaar roughly 200+ Days to Farm), and Visix the Unbowed (9 Months Login). Scyl will Carry (Passive Heals with Revive) and Control (AoE Stun and Dec Speed/Turn Meter A1). Drexthar provides a +70 Accuracry Aura, Wincon (HP Burn) for the Waves and Control (AoE Provoke/Dec Attack). Visix is a Control Machine now with A1 Dec Turn Meter, AoE Dec Speed (with some Carry Element in Ally Protect), and AoE Provoke. You combine these 3 with your best Control/Utility Champs and Wave Clears should be feasible all the way above Floor 100. I picked Vergumkaar as a Buff Removal Champ with good Shields and Iron Brago as an extra Control Champ (AoE Provoke/Dec Attack and Single Target Stun) with some good Carry Buffs (Inc Def and Passive Inc Def).

Hard Floor 10 (Dark Fae) – Bommal the Dreadhorn

  1. Lv60 Burangiri (Bommal Solo)

  2. Lv1 Lady Kimi (Speed Aura)

  3. *Lv60 Iron Brago (Passive Def Increase)

  4. Wave Clear Champ

  5. Wave Clear Champ

The first 2 Slots are probably Mandatory at this point with Hard Bommal. First of all you will a Solo Champ and the choices right now seem to be for Floor 90: Templar (Farmable Rare Chapter 8), Crimson Helm (Epic), & Samar Gemcursed (Legendary). Burangiri is documented to have Cleared Floor 50 on Hard. Everybody will have their own Stat Thresholds.

Here are the ingredients to a successful Bommal Solo Champ:

  • Speed Lead

  • Life Drinker (Offense Mastery)

  • Whirlwind of Death (Offense Mastery +18 Speed for 3 Killed Enemies)

  • War Master (Offense Mastery)

  • Steadfast (Support Mastery)

  • Lay on Hands (Support Mastery)

  • Healing Savior (Support Mastery)

  • Lore of Steel (Support Mastery)

  • Spirit Haste Mastery (Support Mastery +24 Speed with 3 Dead Allies)

  • Regen+Immortal Gear

Most likely I will be doing the Templar route for 90 if I get there on time but right now I pulled a Burangiri in the last 10x for Roric Fusion and I’ve been leveling him up so I ended up using him. Lady Kimi came in on the Guaranteed Lego Drop for 150 Ancient Shard Event they did a few days ago and she was immediately useful here as Naked Speed Lead at lv1. Not sure if Iron Brago is a thing or not with his Passive being effective if he’s dead so leave that as an asterisk. The other 2 Champs would be some form of Nuke and AoE Dec Def to clear the Waves. With Burangiri you can run him on Auto but you will need to turn off his A3.

Secret Room (Dark Fae) Hard 01 – All Epic – Moderate

My Difficulty Ratings Explained:

  • Easy – Over time you will accumulate enough 6* Champs for this Room just trying to Progress through Content

  • Moderate – Because of either the Restriction or the Room Level you will need some amount of Power to break through

  • Hard – You will need as many 6* Champs as you can have for this Room

  • Very Hard – Because of the Restriction and the Room Level you will need a Specific Champ or a lot of Power to break through

  • Impossible – By F2P/Low Spender Standards is highly impractical to pursue and use resources on

I’ve come to regard the Fragments from these Rooms as the Primary Doom Tower Reward. So if you can find a way to Progress your Account while also being able to beat a Secret Room in the Process you will be poised to get a good reward down the line. I’m gonna go with the weakest versions of my Secret Room Teams from here on to give you an idea what a minimum type team can do for you. I will also be posting Stats and Masteries.

Secret Room (Dark Fae) Hard 01 – All Epic – Moderate

  1. Lv60 Umbral Enchantress (Control)

  2. Lv60 Miscreated Monster (Carry/Control)

  3. Lv60 Archmage Hellmut (Control)

  4. Lv60 Basher (Control)

  5. Lv60 Fayne (Damage)

You are supposed to lean on your best Epic Pulls in this Game and a few months in you’ll be able to fill these with pretty amazing Champs to easily deal with this Secret Room. Of course it is on Hard Doom Tower so you will need some power in your lineup to break through.

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