Raid: Shadow Legends F2P/Low Spender Normal Doom Tower (Dark Fae) Complete 120 Floors (+ Secret Rooms!) w/ Ninja Teams (No Other Legendaries) By: wsoul13


Doom Tower has Rotated and we are in the age of the Dark Fae. What can you expect from this new version of the Tower as progressing F2P/Low Spenders? I’m using my F2P Trinity described in my Team Building Guide linked above coupled with Ninja & Free Champs for you to copy or improve on if you are early in the game. Here are links to my previous Doom Tower Guides:

Waves and Bosses: Normal Floor 081-120

F2P Trinity + Ninja & Free Champs + Epics:

  1. Lv60 Kael/Starter (F2P Trinity Nuke/Poison)

  2. Lv60 Warmaiden (F2P Trinity AoE Dec Def)

  3. Lv60 High Khatun (F2P Trinity Speed Booster)

  4. Lv60 Ninja (HP Burn/Control)

  5. Lv60 Valerie (Shield Gen)

  6. Lv60 Armiger (Destroy Set) for Boss Fights Only

  7. Lv60 Dark Elhain (Nuke) for Boss Fights Only

  8. Lv60 Melga Steelgirdle (Carry with Regen Set) for Boss Fights Only

  9. Lv50 Armiger (Dec Turn Meter for Scarab King 100)

  10. Lv60 Coffin Smasher (HP Burn/Dec Attack for Griffin 110)

  11. Lv60 Pain Keeper (Healing/Dec Cooldown for Griffin 110)

  12. Lv60 Grizzled Jarl (Block Debuff for Griffin 110 & Dec Healing for Dark Fae 120)

As you would expect, a Ninja Based Team with the Stats below will blow through Normal Doom Tower Waves

Stat Thresholds For Early Gamers:

  • 170+ Speed (200+ for Speed Booster and Carry Champ)

  • 10 Accuracy per Dungeon Floor in Dragons (Aim for 200+)

  • 30k HP Minimum (aim for 40k HP)

  • 100% Crit Rate in Destroy Set for Armiger

  • Regen Set for your Carry Champ with HP% Gloves and Chest

Normal Floor 90 – Bommal the Dreadhorn

Dark Elhain and Melga Steelgirdle in, Valerie and High Khatun out.

Same Team as 50. The new “hardest boss” in Doom Tower is undoubtedly Bommal the Dreadhorn. Your run as a new player in Doom Tower could potentially end here if you do not have strong enough Carry Champ. Ninja is one of the key pieces to beating Bommal early. When Ad Bombs are off the field you want to use Ninja A2 to deal a good chunk of Damage to Bommal. Once Ad Bombs are on the field, use Ninja A3 Targeting the Ad Bombs to Freeze them and have them deal less damage when they go off. With any luck your Carry Champ will keep your Team alive long enough to get the win.

Normal Floor 100 – Scarab King

2 Armiger in, Warmaiden & Kael out.

We add an extra Lv50 Armiger here to lock out that TM. You can also consider taking Ninja out for a second Shield Champ to go with Valerie. Scarab King is a tough Boss to fight and if you are new in the Game and you somehow beat Bommal, your run could end here. Scarab is a Boss where you will need to get through his Mechanics to take him down. Apart from Solo Champs that can take him down (Vergis), most people will use a 1:1 Shield Duration to Cooldown Champ (Metal Shaper, Lodric Falconheart, etc.) coupled with an Armiger/Coldheart in Destroy Set, Dec Speed and Dec Turn Meter Champs. Since we are still early into Doom Tower we can get away with running just Valerie in Shield Set as our Shield Gen Champ. You want to Manual in Round 2 to make sure your skills are on Cooldown vs the Boss. You will use Valerie Extend Buff Duration first then hopefully you finish off the Scarab before your Shields go down. Armiger has to be on Destroy Set, there really is no way around that. Even at lv50 Armiger A2 will really chunk down Scarab King HP with Destroy Set on to keep your Clock moving fast. Same Team and the fight played out the same way.

Floor 100 No Lego Normal Scarab King

Normal Floor 110 – Celestial Griffin

Coffin Smasher, Pain Keeper, & Grizzled Jarl in, High Khatun, Warmaiden, & Valerie out.

We get a lot more serious with Griffin Boss here. This is the highest level of Griffin Boss you will face in Normal (Last Version was Floor 90) and you will most likely feel it before you pull Scyl of the Drakes. First thing you will notice is the Speed difference and 170+ will just barely cut it. Coffin Smasher is there to stick Dec Attack to soften the blows and HP Burn to deal lots of Damage. Pain Keeper gives some Healing and keeps everybody going with a Dec Cooldown. We bring in a Block Debuff Champ in Grizzled Jarl (who also does Dec Healing for Dark Fae later) and you want him the slowest in your team but still in that 170 range so he can put the Buffs on before Griffin does the Debuff Transfer.

Griffin is still really strong but there are things we can do against him with accessible Champs. Since we are still in early on in Normal Doom Tower, we are gonna be fine just dealing Damage and timing our Debuffs and Buffs. Dark Elhain will give us a strong Nuke to get Griffin HP Down fast. I’ll talk about his mechanics more once we hit that wall with this Comp which is most likely the next time we see him on Normal. You will want Team Block Debuffs that you can put on right before the Debuff Swap the Griffin will do to you. Before that you will want to stack the usual Debuffs on him: Dec Speed, Dec Attack, Dec Def, Poison and HP Burn. Ninja will really burst down Griffin with his A2 and you need to fire it off after Griffin does the Debuff Transfer Move.

Floor 90 No Lego Normal Celestial Griffin

Normal Floor 120 – Dark Fae

Dark Elhain & Grizzled Jarl in, Warmaiden & Kael out.

We are now going to go over Dark Fae Mechanics for the first time in Normal Doom Tower. This is a lot like Magma Dragon where you could completely ignore his Mechanics in the first 80 Floors then he will suddenly ramp up on you on the last leg. First thing we need to do is make sure your Dark Elhain can one shot your whole Team of Copies at the beginning of the fight. You may need to take Valerie Shield Set away for this to work or put Accuracy Chests on the Champs that survive. Next we want to put Dec Healing on to prevent Dark Fae from Healing which is what Grizzled Jarl does. Jarl will also put on Dec Attack for Damage Mitigation and Block Debuff to keep your Team from getting Feared when Dark Fae does the abduction move. Valerie can extend that Block Debuff while also remove the Fears if she gets a Turn.

Normal Secret Rooms 08-12

Secret Rooms are the best Doom Tower Rewards. Even Progressing Players can benefit from clearing these early Secret Rooms on Normal to eventually get one of the Best Doom Tower Champs: Archmage Hellmut then later on Akoth the Seared. I’m trying to show off the raw power of the F2P Trinity here but also something else that I’ve mentioned in Faction Wars Guides in the past: The Sparring Pit. If you have followed my Team Building Guide and also followed my Gem Spending Recommendations on my 90 Day Guide linked on there, you will have access to all 5 Slots on your Sparring Pit. Use these slots to get some Campaign Rares and weak Epics up to lv30 or lv40. They can help fill out your Faction Wars Teams to get some Glyphs early on or be your Tank Champs in these early Secret Rooms so your Attackers can survive the 3 Waves.

My Difficulty Ratings Explained:

  • Easy – Over time you will accumulate enough 6* Champs for this Room just trying to Progress through Content

  • Moderate – Because of either the Restriction or the Room Level you will need some amount of Power to break through

  • Hard – You will need as many 6* Champs as you can have for this Room

  • Very Hard – Because of the Restriction and the Room Level you will need a Specific Champ or a lot of Power to break through

  • Impossible – By F2P/Low Spender Standards is highly impractical to pursue and use resources on

Secret Room Normal 09 – Gaellen Pact (Orcs, Skinwalkers, Ogryn, & Lizardmen) – Hard

  1. Lv60 Gnarlhorn (Control)

  2. Lv50 Shaman (Reviver)

  3. Lv60 Bellower (Control)

  4. Lv60 Ursine Ironhide (Dec Attack)

  5. Lv60 Sandlashed Survivor (Def Aura/Control/Tank)

Having 4 Factions to choose from may seem like a great mix but they are pretty think in terms of Free or Farmable Champs. Shaman is never worth 6* she is good enough at 50 to get your through Orc Faction Wars 21. Gnarlhorn is a piece of Rhazin Fusion is almost always worth 6*. Bellower is a Void Rare and is in discussions of being the Best Rare in the Game. Ursine Ironhide was a Free Champ with the first and only Battle Pass who I 6* only for FW in Skinwalkers and depending your pulls there you could get away with him at 50 there as well. Sandlashed Survivor is one of the best Clan Boss Champs in the Game and I threw her in there for the Aura and some Provokes and Buff Manipulation.

Secret Room Normal 10 – All Support Type – Moderate

  1. Lv60 Valerie (Shield Gen)

  2. Lv60 High Khatun (F2P Trinity Speed Booster)

  3. Lv60 Archmage Hellmut (Control)

  4. Lv60 Bellower (Control)

  5. Lv60 Spider (AoE Dec Def/Weaken)

Support Champs are Strong in this Game although you will miss some offensive power. Valerie you pick up as a Shield Gen Champ. High Khatun is a member of F2P Trinity as the Speed Booster. Archmage Hellmut is the first Doom Tower Champ you can Fuse and he is an amazing Control Champ if you get to him which should take about 4 or 5 months for New Players to do. Bellower is amazing as a Control Champ and Void Rare. Spider is an underrated Champ that can AoE Dec Def and Weaken.

Secret Room Normal 11 – All Rank 6 – Easy

  1. Lv60 Kael/Starter (F2P Trinity Nuke/Poison)

  2. Lv60 Warmaiden (F2P Trinity AoE Dec Def)

  3. Lv60 High Khatun (F2P Trinity Speed Booster)

  4. Lv60 Ninja (HP Burn/Control)

  5. Lv60 Valerie (Shield Gen)

Too Easy. We just use our Wave Clear Team here.

Secret Room Normal 12 – Void Rare – Very Hard

  1. Lv60 Bulwark (Def Aura/HP Burn)

  2. Lv60 Pain Keeper (Carry)

  3. Lv60 Bellower (Control)

  4. Lv60 Coldheart (Nuker)

  5. Lv60 Dagger (AoE Dec Def)

This is one of the Harder Secret Rooms to do in Normal. Void Rares that are any good are hard to come up with having limited Void Shards in the first place. I like Bulwark here as an Aura Champ with some HP Burn and Weaken since Bulwark is great in Clan Boss early in the Game. Pain Keeper is someone you have to keep an eye out for because she combines with Maneater to form the Budget Unkillable Comp. Bellower and Coldheart are always in the mix of Best Rares in the Game for good reasons. Dagger can AoE Dec Def but frankly Warmaiden is so much better in almost all cases.

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