Raid Shadow Legends Normal Floor 80 Magma Dragon By: wsoul13


I am the author of the F2P/Low Spender Team Building Guide (No Legendaries) and the Seminal F2P Update Series detailing how I got Arbiter without Legendaries, Coldheart, Team Counterattack, AoE HP Burn, Massive Shields, Unkillable… Message me or ask questions!

We are doing Doom Tower again after taking a bit of a break last month. Check out my Complete Doom Tower Guide to have a good idea what to do in the Waves and Secret Rooms because those will mostly stay the same although I will be now posting screens of me finishing these Waves with F2P/Low Spender Teams with no Legendaries along with their Stats and Masteries at the time. Also as a bit of an update for my last Doom Tower post, I have finished all the Secret Rooms in Normal and beat the Dark Elves Secret Room. My new High Floor is 49 on Hard and I was a misclick away from beating Scarab King on Floor 50 so I am expecting to go past that this time around. Reason we are doing this again is they have update the Bosses in patch 3.21 to be a lot harder to beat and focus more on overcoming the mechanics rather than going around it. We’re here to put that to the test and see where our limits are.

Waves: Normal Floor 071-079

Waves are largely the same and you can expect my old Wave Clear guide will work the same way. I’ve improved some gear on this first Wave Clear Team I’ve used from the first time Doom Tower came out and with a little bit of manualing in some Stages I’ve been able to push that team higher than I did before. I’m not gonna post screencaps of clears with this team from here on but I have them in my phone if you guys really want to see it.

F2P/Low Spender Team Normal 001-069:

  1. Lv60 Kael (F2P Trinity Nuker/Poisoner)

  2. Lv60 Warmaiden (F2P Trinity AoE Decrease Def)

  3. Lv60 High Khatun (F2P Trinity Speed Booster)

  4. Lv60 Armiger (F2P Trinity Secret Member Decrease Turn Meter)

  5. Lv50 Warpriest (Healer)

Stats and Masteries:

Normal Floor 080 Boss – Magma Dragon

I will be trying to come up with new F2P/Low Spender Teams for every Boss in Normal with a No Lego Restriction. This will include screenshots of clearing the Boss and the Stats/Masteries of the Champs in the team. First up is gonna be Magma Dragon. I want Poison, Provoke, and Decrease Attack on the Team.

F2P/Low Spender Magma Dragon Team:

  1. Kael (F2P Trinity Poisoner)

  2. Gnarlhorn (Provoke)

  3. Coffin Smasher (Dec Attack)

  4. High Khatun (F2P Trinity Speed Booster)

  5. Warpriest (Healer)

Stats and Masteries:

Floor 80 Clear:

It’s the exact same team from Floor 10 and the result is exactly the same. Kael is extending his resume as the best Starter overall as our Poisoner for Magma Dragon. My Kael is still in Lifesteal Set but is more of a Nuker now for my 3v3 Teams. Gnarlhorn is a key piece in the Rhazin Fusion and is a great investment for you while waiting to Fuse Rhazin himself if you are needing a Control Champ. My Gnarlhorn is in a Freeze Set with Fearsome Presence to compliment his 1 Turn AoE Provoke with possibly and extra Turn of Control for my 3v3 Teams and Faction Wars Team. Coffin Smasher can pull double duty for you as a Dec Attack Champ for here or Clan Boss and a HP Burn Champ for Frost Spider later. My Coffin Smasher is in Shield Set so I can bump his HP up way high and protect my Faction Wars Team every round. The last 2 Spots are Flex Spots for whatever else we’ll need to beat Magma Dragon. I’m choosing to go with High Khatun for a Speed Lead and Speed Booster then Warpriest as a generic Healer.

Secret Room Normal 08 – All HP Type – Easy

My Difficulty Ratings Explained:

  • Easy – Over time you will accumulate enough 6* Champs for this Room just trying to Progress through Content

  • Moderate – Because of either the Restriction or the Room Level you will need some amount of Power to break through

  • Hard – You will need as many 6* Champs as you can have for this Room

  • Very Hard – Because of the Restriction and the Room Level you will need a Specific Champ or a lot of Power to break through

  • Impossible – By F2P/Low Spender Standards is highly impractical to pursue and use resources on

I’ve had a slight change to my philosophy regarding Secret Rooms in Doom Tower. First off the timing should really be up to your convenience rather than risk running out of time to do it later. I’ve now come to regard the Fragments from these Rooms as the Primary Doom Tower Reward. So if you can find a way to Progress your Account while also being able to beat a Secret Room in the Process you will be poised to get a good reward down the line. I’m gonna go with the weakest versions of my Secret Room Teams from here on to give you an idea what a minimum type team can do for you. I will also be posting Stats and Masteries.

Secret Room 8 – All HP Type – Easy

  1. Lv60 Gnarlhorn (Control/Tank)

  2. Lv60 Hope (Shield Gen/Buff Removal)

  3. Lv60 Coffin Smasher (Decrease Attack)

  4. Lv60 Geargrinder (Healer)

  5. Lv60 Pain Keeper (Carry)

Stats and Masteries:

HP Type Champs are not as sought after as Defensive Types but they are still pretty strong and durable. Gnarlhorn has a starring Role here but really if you are using any HP Champ good enough for your Dungeon Teams you will likely smash this room. Hope I just used to get through Faction Wars 21 for Sacred Order. Coffin Smasher should be on your short list for Dec Attack Champs at Rare. Pain Keeper is a really underrated Champ outside of Budget Unkillable I’ve been using her in Hard Doom Tower to get back to my impact skills faster. Geargrinder is going into my Ogryn Tribes Team which I expect to finish relatively soon.

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