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Hello everyone! This is Hunter, and I will bring you a new episode of Raid 101 video. This time, we will continue the topic of the previous video to talk about accessories. In short, accessories are similar to artifacts and are special items. If you?ve played the raid a little bit, you may have discovered that the fighter has a total of nine equipment slots ??Not only six artifact fields. Well, the last three fields are reserved for accessories.

The artifact slot is unlocked when you get the fighter, but the accessories are different. Their slots can only be unlocked after the fighter gets further promotion. When the fighter reaches Tier 4, the ring slot will be unlocked, and when it reaches Tier 5, the necklace slot will be unlocked when the fighter reaches 5 times. The last accessory “flag” will be unlocked when the fighter reaches Tier 6 and is fully sublimated. This means that you can unlock these accessory slots only after you have promoted these fighters. The basic mechanism is basically the same as the artifact we have already talked about. Accessories also have star rank, rarity, main attributes and sub-attributes, The upgrade method is the same as that of the artifact, and we have already explained it in the basic video of the artifact.

And we will explain it in detail in the next video. Rather than retelling the mechanism of artifacts, let’s talk about the differences in accessories! First of all, any fighter can be equipped with artifacts, but accessories have camp restrictions. In other words, only fighters of the corresponding faction can equip the accessory. You can’t let high elves wear ugly rings or necklaces made by orcs. Because elves are dead, it is impossible to wear orc accessories.

Conversely, the dignified orc warrior will not try to touch the full of elf accessories. For you, it is quite difficult to use accessories interchangeably between fighters. Secondly, accessories have no sets-therefore, they have no set bonuses or other bonuses, only their main attributes and sub-attributes. Now that you know what accessories are, let’s talk about how to get accessories. Sometimes, you can get some very basic accessories as rewards when you pass the final level of the road of flames. But even in hell mode, you won’t get any accessories worth using. Sometimes you may also see accessories in the login bonus.

However, the main way to obtain accessories is to raid spider caves. This is a special copy. This copy will not drop artifacts, potions, or talent scrolls, but you can get some accessories that are worth using. But remember, only advanced fighters can use these better accessories. Accessories are not suitable for novices-of course, this copy is not within the reach of novices. The copy leader and her spider group are very difficult to deal with. It is best to upgrade the fighters and choose appropriate equipment for them before challenging the subsequent levels of this instance. Don’t worry, you are not fighting alone-we will release a video soon to tell you how to take down Skavig and conquer the spider copy.

The above is the basic information about accessories. Like and subscribe to the video, because soon we will talk about the mechanism of upgrading artifacts and accessories.

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