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howare you guys? I?m Hunter. In today?s Raid 101 Q&A series, we?re going to talk about fighter sublimation. Simply put, sublimation is another way to promote your fighter. Sublimation increases the basic attributes of fighters, and sometimes unlocks new skills or upgrades existing skills. If you want to make the fighters full of firepower, you must upgrade their sublimation to full level! Let us see what to do. As with most fighter ascension-just like in real life-ascension takes place in the tavern.

When you know which fighter to sublimate, open the sublimation interface. There, the window prompts you what you will gain in the next level of sublimation, improve attributes or unlock new skills. Ascension fighters need special resources, potions. You can see it at the bottom. If you have enough potions, you just need to click on Sublimation to get the bonus. Do you see a star on the fighter’s head turn purple? Looking at the portrait of the fighter can distinguish whether the fighter has been sublimated, and the level of his sublimation. Similarly, you can also see how many times your fighter can be sublimated-the same as their star rank. For example, a Tier 6 fighter can be sublimated 6 times. So let’s take a look. We need two potions. The first is the same attributes as the fighters-like magic, power, spirit and void-and the second is the arcane potion. It is a neutral potion, and all fighters need it for sublimation.

There are three types of potions: small bottles, large bottles and oversized bottles. So, where do you get them? There are some ways, the first and most reliable way is the property castle. They are special instances, drop potions, not artifacts or talent scrolls. There are different bosses in the copy, and the mechanism is also different-the good news is that we will also have a special video to explain them! Sometimes, you can still get potions in the guild leader?s chest. Except for the Arcane Castle, every other castle is only open on certain days of the week. Therefore, when you have enough energy or are ready to use a fighter soon, it is always a good idea to go to the potion castle to accumulate potions. Remember those three types of potions? Oversized bottles of potions are rare and will not drop in low-level levels, while small bottles of potions are sufficient in low-level levels and drop a lot. Highly rare, high-star fighters need more powerful potions for sublimation.

It is related to both-rare Tier 6 fighters are easier to sublimate than the legendary Tier 6 fighters. What if you don?t have a large or oversized bottle of potion, and the castle guard just refused to drop the potion during this raid? do not worry! You can mix low-level potions to get high-level potions. Tap the potion mixer on the sublimation interface to start mixing. This helps you get a potion when you need it-without waiting for a certain castle to open.

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