Raid: Shadow Legends | Raid 101 | Basic Gameplay And Review



Hi, everybody! This is Hunter, and I bring you the first episode of the Raid 101 Q&A series. Today we are going to talk about what kind of game Raid is, and introduce some of the most basic gameplay. let’s start. Yes, Raid is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with turn-based combat. It means that you will fight against AI or real opponents in battle, Play against thousands of other players in the game. Both sides of the battle control their characters, or “fighters” in turn. The key to victory in Raid is to expand your own fighter pool and upgrade fighters. A reasonable combination of them to clear different game levels and challenges. You can get them by using Shards to summon, fuse and win battles You can also get fighters by participating in the Raid Novice Project.


There are other ways to get fighters, but the above are the main ways you need to know about getting fighters as a novice. Once you get a fighter, it’s time to fight. Fighting is the main way to play the game, Mainly divided into two categories: player versus environment (PVE), Your team of fighters will play against the team controlled by the game, The second type is Player vs. Player (PVP), where your fighter team competes with other players’ fighter teams. Fighting in Raid requires certain resources. Most PvE battles consume energy. The more potential rewards you can get for winning battles, the more energy you consume.


For example, more difficult PVEs, such as dungeons, consume more energy than the level of the level, but you can get better things from there. So, what are the rewards for winning the battle? First of all, it must be fun. Using your knowledge and skills to defeat your enemies is the main feature of the game. However, technically speaking, winning battles and getting rewards is an evolving way in Raid. Winning the battle will earn the fighters experience points (XP), which are used to upgrade the fighters. Experienced, high-level fighters are much stronger than the fighters you first summoned. In addition to fighter experience points, you can also get many useful items, such as artifacts and silver coins. Artifacts are special equipment that help fighters become stronger and can bring special bonuses to fighters; while silver coins are a basic resource It is required in many basic operations, such as opening fragments, upgrading items, upgrading fighters, and so on.


We will explain it in detail in another video-in short, winning the battle is very important. In addition, you will have to participate in a lot of battles, 29 00:02:26,629 –> 00:02:30,489 Therefore, we have prepared manual and automatic modes for you. Manual mode allows you to fully control each round, including the use of fighter skills, And when to use the skills and what enemies to use the skills. Suitable for difficult battles that require high attention. In automatic mode, you only need to select a team and let the game automatically fight for you. This way is faster, allowing you to enjoy a cup of coffee or watch a show sometimes, Or when your fighters are busy fighting, check out more novice guide videos. Remember-AI is not a genius. If your fighter level is very low, AI may not be able to complete some difficult levels. Be prepared to come back whenever the team encounters difficulties.


If at any time, you have a problem-don’t worry, it’s not just you. If you need advice, such as what fighters to focus on, what artifacts they need, Or which copy should be scanned first, remember to go to the chat channel of the game to ask for help. There are many friendly players like you, and they are all willing to help. You can also explore this YouTube channel and check out many guides and guides, There is also a link to our official forum in the video description. Don?t forget to like the video and subscribe to us. In the new guide video, we will bring you a deeper understanding of the mechanism. Good luck and enjoy the game! .


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