Raid: Shadow Legends | Raid 101 | Battle Basics


Hello everyone, I?m Hunter, and I bring you another issue of Raid 101 Q&A series: Basics of combat. Last time I briefly introduced combat, the different types of combat, and the turn-based combat system. Let’s see what it looks like in the actual battlefield. There are always two teams on the battlefield, your team and the enemy team. This also includes AI-controlled Boss, but the working principle is the same. Now, let’s look at the two color bars on the hill above the fighter. The yellow one is action, it is very important. Action determines the order of the fighter’s attack on the battlefield, depending on the fighter’s own speed. In the next video, we will explain the specific details of the mechanism, but all in all, The fastest fighter will be the first to use his skills to attack. Then there is the second fastest fighter, and so on… There is also a green color bar in terms of mobility. This is the current HP of the fighter, also called HP.

This is the total damage the fighter can take before being defeated. After each successful attack, the floating number will show the damage done to the enemy. Once the fighter’s health value becomes zero, they will die and exit the battle. Unless they are resurrected-but we will talk about these later. The main goal here is to cause as much damage as possible to the enemy fighter until the fighter dies and you win the battle. In the next video, we will deeply analyze the mobility system, And explain the influence of fighter’s speed on mobility. We have more videos coming to you soon-so don?t forget to like the videos and subscribe to us to get updates when new videos are released. Goodbye! .

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