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Hey everyone! Hunter is back, as I promised, This video will focus on those important fighter mechanics that take a little longer to explain. let’s start! Let’s start with the rarity of fighters. It determines the basic abilities of fighters-fighters with high rarity have better basic attributes, and usually, Their skills are also more powerful, such as pure damage caused, gains or debuffs cast, and so on. The first is the ordinary fighter. They are the creeps on your board, and they are only really useful in the early game. After that, most of them will be used as food to provide experience for your fighters, The fighters who are promoted to the higher star rank will be used to promote other fighters. However, after the in-depth game, you can use these most basic fighters to do some small experiments, See how they perform-but that should only be a project of interest.

Generally, you should not invest too much in them. Special fighters are only slightly stronger, but they may have some practical skills, Help you solve problems-usually in early levels. In the early stages, you may use them for a while, but after that, they usually become food, just like ordinary fighters. Next is the rare fighter. They are the backbone of your arsenal of fighters. Their attributes may be slightly weaker than epic and legendary fighters, and their skills are not all that amazing.

But they are still the core of your fighter pool and the foundational strength of your starting team. Compared with epic and legendary fighters, their advantage is that it is easier to obtain repeat fighters?? Therefore, their skills are easier to upgrade-usually a rare fighter with a full skill level is more powerful than an undeveloped epic fighter. Creating synergy and fighter combinations is the key to the early challenges of the game. Until you are strong enough to clear each copy. The next one is Epic Fighter. More rare than rare fighters, but easier to obtain than legendary fighters, They are in the middle, that is, they are easy to get and can output enough damage to make your life easier. Compared to rare fighters, they have better basic attributes, usually have special skills and powerful debuffs, Used correctly and matched with other fighters, they can reverse the outcome of the battle. In the end, the legendary fighter is like the Holy Grail, mysterious, highly sought after, and very powerful.

In addition to their outstanding appearance, they also have the highest basic attributes of all fighters, In terms of initial potential, they always have a slight advantage. Before you have enough powerful artifacts to explore those potentials, on the contrary-using low-level artifacts they can help you pass the challenge. They also have the most diverse and usually the most powerful skills among many fighters. Remember rule XX or something.

You should never waste the legendary fighter-we talked about it in the precautions video. Want to know the secret? Higher rarity means better attributes, stronger damage, better gains and debuffs. All in all are better. But it is worth noting that rarity alone cannot reverse the overall situation. A carefully selected and carefully equipped team of rare fighters will surely defeat a group of legendary fighters who are randomly organized and wear artifacts at will. If you are lucky enough to have a strong fighter, don’t rely on false names-learn how to use their potential.

If you have summoned some fighters, you may have noticed Fighters of different rarities have different star ranks-represented by the stars in the fighter’s portrait. Ordinary fighters always start from the first rank, while the legendary fighter is the fifth rank. There are six star ranks, no matter how many star ranks the fighter is summoned, the fighter can be promoted to the sixth rank at most. We will introduce how to upgrade-but first, it is important to understand the upper limit of star tiers- It will not be possible to continue to upgrade at a certain stage of that tier.

The highest level-or the upper level limit-is the order of each star level multiplied by ten. Therefore, it is impossible for a first-order fighter to exceed tenth rank, for a second-order fighter to exceed twenty rank, and so on. Rank six fighters can reach rank sixty, which is also the peak of their potential. Want to continue upgrading fighters? Upgrade their star ranks. So how do you upgrade your fighter? If you have played role-playing games, these should not be new. They need to gain experience in battle or by killing something-well, most of the time. Even if you lose a PvE battle, you can still gain a certain amount of experience-unless you lose so badly that you haven’t beaten anyone! But winning the game gives you more experience, as it should be. We will record a separate video explaining how to make your fighters get the most experience, Otherwise, the main point of our video will not be covered.

In addition to fighting, you can also send fighters to the training ground to automatically gain experience. You can?t use them anywhere else anytime, likewise, After you click the “Upgrade Fighter” button, you don’t need to do anything except viewing the training ground. In theory, you can sacrifice fighters in the tavern to provide experience for other fighters. But that is not the most efficient option, at least not if you have experience beer. If you have accumulated some experience value beer, you can quickly upgrade the fighter in a few clicks.

Come take a look. Look, it’s very simple. Just select a fighter and select the “upgrade level” interface-which is also the default interface opened- Put the items you want to use to upgrade the fighter in the box. Remember that beer with the same experience points as the fighter will give the fighter extra experience, so use them as efficiently as possible. But why did you upgrade the fighter in the first place? With each level up, the basic attributes of the fighter will increase. You cannot upgrade their star rank until the current star rank is full. For example, here we have a noble knight Yasr, who just reached level 30. She is at the highest level of Tier 3. How do we continue to upgrade her? First of all, we must ensure that we have the right number of fighters to upgrade the sacrifice.

They need to have the same star rank as Yasr?in this case, rank 3?but there is no requirement for their rank. Then we need to go to the tavern, choose our fighter, and choose “Upgrade Star”. This part is very simple, because the game will only show fighters suitable for upgrading stars. Do you see the lock icon on some fighters? This means that this fighter may be busy defending the arena, Training ground upgrade, or other matters, or you locked them in the fighter library to prevent them from being accidentally lost. Legendary and epic fighters are locked by default to prevent them from being sacrificed accidentally. Once the fighter is selected, click the upgrade button and the magic will appear. Wait-why does the attribute decrease after upgrading the star? Every time you upgrade the fighter star rank, their level will be reset.

Yasr was originally level 30, but is now level 1. Fighter development is like that. But don’t worry. Your fighter will soon upgrade to the previous level and exceed that level. Let’s take a look at more details. This chart shows the average attribute growth of each star fighter. When they are upgraded, their level is reset and their attributes are reduced?? But after they upgraded, their combat power quickly caught up and greatly surpassed the previous level. After each upgrade, the combat power has been greatly improved at full level. This chart is not specific, so let’s take an example. As usual, let?s take Yasr-damage output as an example.

You will see that after she was promoted, her attack attribute decreased, but soon, she caught up with and surpassed the previous attribute. Here, she surpassed her previous abilities at level 19, and at level 40?the highest level of level 4?she became a killer. If you look more closely, you will find that the attribute reduction from level 3 to level 4 disappears at level 19. At level 40, her attributes are much higher than at the full level of level 3. This is the basic knowledge of fighter star rank and level. Next, we will explain sublimation and why you will like it. Don?t forget to like the video and subscribe to us! We will meet again next time.

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