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Hello everyone! If this is your first time joining us, let me introduce it first. I?m Hunter. Welcome to the Raid 101 Q&A series. Today we are going to talk about fighters. In a game of summoning fighters, there is no doubt that they are the most important part of the game. They are your troops against the minions of Hiros and your competitors. Without a fighter, just having a bunch of artifacts is useless. All the fighters you summon enter your “fighter Vault”. Click the fighter icon in the fort to view the fighter library. Want to see all the fighters in the game? Go to the Illustrated Book of Fighters-click on the button of Illustrated Book to view the fighters of each camp.

The most common way to obtain a new fighter is to summon using fragments at the portal. You can also fuse certain fighters on the fusion interface of the portal, and you can also Obtain fighters by completing level battles, progress tasks or collecting new player rewards. There are some more-methods that may be added in the future, but these are the main ways you can expand your arsenal of fighters. But the main way is through fragmentation-so let’s talk about it. Just as there are different types of fighters, there are also different types of fragments. In the raid, there are Mystery Shards, Ancient Shards, Void Shards and Holy Shards-each kind of shard summons fighters from a different fighter pool. Mystery Shards are the most common and the easiest to obtain. They are mainly used to summon ordinary and special fighters. Although it cannot summon a fighter suitable for combat, it is a good source of food for powerful fighters.

Sometimes, you can use mystery fragments to summon rare fighters, but that?well, the probability is low. You can obtain fragments in many ways. Market purchases, battle rewards, game time rewards, guild activity chests, etc. Next comes the ancient fragments. It’s harder to get them, but they can summon better fighters. The ancient fragments always summon rare or better fighters?? It means this is a great way to get epic and legendary fighters. They are more precious than mystery fragments and can be obtained from the market, It can also be obtained from other ways such as guild leader treasure chest, arena treasure chest… From tasks, challenges, and activities, you can also get enough ancient fragments?? For example, completing weekly goals, progress tasks, and level challenges are awarded as rewards. If it is not enough, you can also go to the store to buy, or by purchasing some gift packages, participating in discount activities to get.

Void Shards have the same mechanics as Ancient Shards, but they only summon fighters with void attributes. They are therefore more rare and usually more powerful. Obtaining the Void Fighter will greatly help your assault progress. In fact, we will explain their advantages in a later video. Void fragments are more precious than ancient fragments and are usually used as rewards for high-level challenges. Mission, the guild leader fights the treasure chest, or maintains a high rank in the arena. You can’t buy shards with gems, but they are available in some promotions.

The most precious and coveted fragment at present is the sacred fragment. They are used to summon epic and legendary fighters, which means that every time you use such fragments, you will at least get an epic fighter. Even better, they have a higher chance of summoning legendary fighters than the ancient fragments. Needless to say, they are the most precious pieces and can only be used as The most difficult challenges and tasks are rewarded. Some packages in the store also include them. Sounds scary? Don’t worry, if you complete the monthly goal?remember, there is no time limit?you can also get one of these fragments. We have already mentioned how to get more fighters, let us see what you will summon. Apart from their outstanding appearance-fighters also have some different characteristics to distinguish each other.

The first is the fighter type. Fighters are divided into four categories: attack, defense, health and support, but they may be different from what you understand. They are not roles-but represent attribute weights-or attribute assignments. What I want to say is that defensive fighters do not necessarily play a defensive role. For example, they may be the damage output of skills based on defense attributes. But their defense type means that when leveling up, their defense attributes will grow faster than other types of fighters. If you have played classic role-playing games, you will know that different professions usually get special attributes or bonuses. In our game, there are HP, defense and attack.

If we imagine some attribute points that need to be allocated to fighters-the attributes of fighters are empty containers or tables- These types only determine how we allocate points to each attribute. But remember-this does not mean their role in the game or their responsibilities in the team-they usually work in synergy with the fighter’s skills. When the right team is formed, even the HP, defense and support type fighters can cause a lot of damage. Each fighter also has rarity, which is indicated by the color of the fighter’s portrait frame. Gray is ordinary, green is special, blue is rare, purple is epic, and shiny gold is legend. It?s not difficult to see that these colors are easy for you to identify, Legend has it that the most powerful fighter, and the most difficult to obtain, is the ordinary fighter?very ordinary. What makes legendary fighters and epic fighters stronger than other fighters? Well, usually their skill sets-their skills will have more buffs or debuffs, and the success rate of cast is higher. There are also their attributes.

The higher the rarity, the better the fighter’s basic attributes. We will explain the rarity in more detail in the next video, but knowing that is enough for now! The attributes of fighters are the same. Attributes affect some of the most important game mechanics, and we will also use a video to explain them. Now just know that every fighter has its own attributes, which can be strong or weak, or neutral when facing another attribute.

There are four attributes in the game: magic, spirit, power and void. Magic, power, and spirit are in opposition to each other. This means that when a weak fighter hits a strong fighter, the output will be weakened and will be at a disadvantage when debuffs are applied. Sounds interesting, right? Check out the attribute video to learn more. Each fighter has its own star rank, which is represented by the stars on the fighter’s head. The higher the star rank, the stronger the fighter. Upgrading the star ranks of fighters allows you to further upgrade fighters and improve their attributes to make them stronger than ever.

This is the difference between star rank and rarity. Rarity cannot be changed, while star rank can be upgraded. In the end, the fighters belong to different camps. Mainly game design and legends, But some gameplay also depends on the fighter’s camp-such as equipment accessories. In general, fighters of all attributes can cooperate with each other and form a team. Level battle, copy and arena? You can mix and match fighters as you like. Rarity, star level, and especially attributes, play an important role in how to unfold the game and how to build strategy. This is a quick and simple overview, but we will explain the details one by one in the corresponding in-depth video soon. If you want to learn more, click the like button and subscribe to our channel. We will bring more videos soon. This video ends here, see you next time.

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