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Welcome everyone back! I?m Hunter. In this issue of the video, we?re going to chat about Fu and explain in detail the details of this amazing mechanism. Many of you have undoubtedly played classic role-playing games or massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Then these players should be familiar with the concept of talent tree. But in order to cover all the basic knowledge, we will also explain from the beginning, it is a tree-like list of special abilities-in our game is a talent-and can be gradually unlocked.

You can unlock the basic talents first, and then slowly unlock the most powerful talents. Let us take a closer look. In the assault, we have three talent trees-offense, defense and support. As the name suggests, they focus on the specific type and positioning of fighters. The offense mainly increases the damage output for the fighters, or provides them with bonuses based on this.

For example, at the beginning you need to choose from two talents. One of these two talents gives the fighter the attack attribute, and the other increases the crit rate attribute. But then it will become more interesting! For example, the Death Whirlwind talent allows the fighter to get a very good speed bonus for every enemy killed. And the bonus can continue to the next round, so it is very practical for PvE gameplay. The blood shield allows the fighter to kill any enemy every round, giving the fighter a shield of 15% of his total health, which is effective once every round. This is a good choice if you want to strengthen your own low defense but extremely high output fighters. Finally, you have to choose the ultimate talent. For offensive talent, it can greatly increase the critical strike damage, Either there is a chance to ignore part of the opponent’s defense, or there is a chance to cause additional damage based on the target’s total health.

The last ultimate talent is very effective when fighting against powerful instance bosses! The defense talent tree is quite interesting. It not only makes your fighters thicker, but also affects the entire team. Oh, it can also help you improve the fighter’s defense attributes and increase the fighter’s debuff resistance. There are also talents that can give fighters additional healing and shielding values, such as rejuvenation, Or reduce the damage they receive when they are most vulnerable, such as being strong and lasting. For fighters who add buffs to their teammates, Working together is a good choice, each buff they add can increase the debuff resistance of teammates by 5%.

The Selfless Guard allows fighters with this talent to bear 20% of each teammate’s first damage per round. Take it for granted, this is conducive to allowing high-life or high-defense fighters to protect teammates with high combat effectiveness but low health. The Vengeance Cycle is applicable in various situations, allowing fighters with this talent to get some action bars when their teammates receive critical damage. If you have watched our action bar video, you know how important this is! The last layer of the defense talent tree gives you a significant defense gain or resistance gain. Or let the fighters have the ability to take 5% of all damage on behalf of their teammates, And the increase in the probability of adding control debuffs to skills or artifact sets, such as stun, freezing and so on. By now, you may have noticed that the usefulness of these three talent trees is not only applicable to the correspondingly positioned fighters. This is its charm. The same applies to auxiliary talent trees. Of course, there are definitely two talents in this talent tree: lay healing and shield bearer. It is mainly used to increase the healing value and shield value of the fighter, that is, the fighter must have the ability to heal or provide shields.

However, there are many other talents that can improve debuff accuracy. Such as extreme accuracy, rechargeable focus and swarm strike. This is very useful for those fighters who must hit the debuff. There is also the Iron Legend talent, which can give basic artifact sets-for example, life, attack, and crit rate-additional bonuses, which are quite practical for all characters. The last level of talent tree can give you a powerful health bonus or precision bonus, If the teammate?s life is less than one-fourth, he will get a huge action bar bonus, or every debuff cast will restore some action bars.

Let them have more rounds. It is not difficult to see that some of the talents are very practical for any type of fighter in the fighter library. Whether they are auxiliary, offensive or defensive fighters. That’s it for the basics! The talent is great. Like the artifact, you have to go for the liver talent for your fighter. The next question-where can I get talent? There is no need for a long story, because there is only one place where talent can be obtained, and that is the Tauren maze copy. Clearing the dungeon will drop talent scrolls. The scrolls are divided into three categories-basic scrolls, advanced scrolls and holy scrolls. We will discuss in detail later, but the goal is very clear-the more powerful talents require more high-level scrolls. But the actual mechanism for obtaining the scrolls is somewhat different.

They are not like artifacts, they will enter the backpack after they are obtained, waiting for you to equip any fighter. Yes, this one is more complicated! You must let the fighters you want to upgrade their talents to participate in the instance battle. When the tauren fell and the level ended, The game will automatically assign a reel to a random fighter in the team. Regardless of whether the fighters survive at the end of the battle, as long as they participate in the battle, they have a chance to get the scroll. By the way, when the fighters are at their full talent level, they can no longer get new scrolls. Therefore, if you bring full talented fighters in your team, you can let the fighters who are not full of talent get the scroll. After dancing knives and guns in the Tauren Maze, we finally got enough scrolls to upgrade some talents. Let’s take a look now! So, suppose we want to upgrade our old friend, Yasr, and we want to increase her output, then we have to choose the offensive talent tree.

Now, remember some important basics-in the first two talents, you can only choose one. So your choice is either “Blade Disciple” with 75 extra offensive points, or “Fatal Accuracy” with 5% extra critical strike rate. Both require basic talent scrolls and are very easy to unlock. In this video, suppose we want Yasr to output more critical damage, then we choose lethal precision. Next, you will find that you can only unlock new talents adjacent to existing ones. It?s better if you can spend some time reading every talent in the talent tree.

In this way, you can choose talents for the fighters, and then upgrade according to that talent branch. Don’t worry too much if you accidentally add a mistake, you can reset your talent points at any time. Every fighter is free to reset the talent the first time, and then if you need to modify the talent, you can use gems to modify it. In addition, please note that in the same talent tree and the same level of talents, you can only select two talents at most. And you must unlock two talent trees, but you can choose which two to unlock. Therefore, each talent tree has a starting talent, and then each fighter can have three talents at each level, up to the last talent.

So in any case, the first talent tree can have two talents, and then the second talent tree can have one talent. But you don’t need to choose the main talent tree until the end, but you can mix talent points. For example, Yasr’s second-tier talent can be two offensive talents and one defensive talent. Then two defensive talents and one offensive talent, and so on. Please note that high-level talents can only be used when fighters reach the specified star level. Finally, when the fighter reaches Tier 6, you can only choose one ultimate talent. Ultimate talent is very powerful, so choose carefully. By the way, about the scroll, it’s very simple! There are six levels of talents, and you need more advanced scrolls for every two levels.

Therefore, the first and second levels are basic scrolls, the third and fourth levels are advanced scrolls, and the fifth and sixth levels are sacred scrolls. Fortunately, this is not difficult at all. You can also click on the talent at any time to view the description to understand the required type of scroll. The last point worth mentioning is how certain talents interact with skills and artifact bonuses. Please be sure to read the talent descriptions carefully. For example, lay healing and shield bearers only affect the healing and shield cast by the fighter. It means that they must have the ability to heal or provide shields to be effective. For example, Valerie benefits from both because her protection skills both cast shields for teammates and heal them. But it won’t bring any benefit to fighters who have a vampire set, because they (artifact set) do not cast healing. However, rejuvenation does. There are some talents that do not affect specific debuffs.

For example, marksman increases the chance of triggering arbitrary debuffs from skills or artifacts, But it has no effect on dizziness, sleep, freezing and irritation-there are hints in the description. This talent is “fear comes”-the sixth layer of defense talent. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the iron legend. Some people are a little confused about the 15% increment, thinking that life or offense sets will get twice the effect. That’s too much, but in fact, for these two artifact sets, it is 15% of 15%. If we have a calculator in our hands, we will find that, instead, the two will gain a little more than 2%.

Just remind you, don’t take it lightly. But all in all, talent is a great way to personalize your fighters and make them stronger. If you want to develop smoothly in the later stages, your main fighter should definitely graduate with talent. Not to mention how interesting it is to combine skills, artifacts and talents to make your fighters stand out. I hope you find the video helpful! As always, like the video and subscribe to us-we will discuss more game mechanics in detail.

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