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Hello everyone, raid players! This is Hunter, and I will bring you a new episode of Raid 101 video. In the first two videos of this series, we told some information about artifacts and accessories. Now, we will talk about the mechanism of upgrading these two types of items in the future. (Don?t worry, this episode of video will not be super complicated or contain a lot of calculations.) Let’s start with the most basic. Silver coins are required to upgrade artifacts and accessories. Depending on the tier you want to upgrade and your luck, you may end up needing a lot of silver coins ??So, remember this before clicking the upgrade button.

First, you need to find artifacts or accessories that you can use. Go to your fighter library through the fortress interface and select a fighter. Any fighter is fine, but it?s best to always choose the fighter you want to upgrade. Because you will compare their attributes before and after the artifact is equipped to determine whether it is worth upgrading the artifact for the fighter. In this interface, click on a column for artifacts or accessories. The former will open the artifact store, and the latter will open the accessory store. Swipe to find the item you need, and click the upgrade button. Now this is the upgraded interface. You can upgrade one at a time, or you can save time by choosing multiple upgrades. Then start, click, click, click. In the early stages, a single upgrade was fine, but then the upgrade speed was slow. Let’s try another button. Look! Did it continue to upgrade after seeing the upgrade failure? There are a total of ten upgrades, and it will stop after the artifact or accessory has successfully upgraded one level or all ten attempts have failed.

Oh, when you find that the silver coins are consumed too quickly, you can also click Cancel to end the upgrade early. We mentioned “failure”, what does that mean? How can upgrading artifacts fail? All you need to know is that the upgrade will not necessarily succeed. You need to spend a certain amount of silver coins to upgrade the artifact. When the artifact level is low, it will hardly fail. But as the level of the artifact increases, it becomes difficult to upgrade, and you need multiple attempts to succeed. Of course, you may be lucky to upgrade your artifact to level 16 in one go?? However, it is best to be mentally prepared, because upgrading your artifact or accessory to full level will require some concentration and a lot of silver coins. Speaking of which! Here is a tip for you-it is a good way to set an upper limit of silver coins you are willing to consume.

If you have upgraded all the artifacts you want to upgrade, you can go to get some extra silver coins for subsequent use. The reason is simple-many mechanisms consume silver coins, such as summoning fighters, upgrading fighters, upgrading fighters, and so on. In addition-silver coins are also needed in the market. You don?t want to spend all your silver coins on upgrading artifacts, because the market also offers some cool items, For example, ancient fragments, or rare and powerful artifacts, don?t find that you don?t have enough silver coins to buy in time. Make sure you have enough silver coins for these opportunities.

So, why do you want to upgrade artifacts and accessories? The reason is the same as that of upgrading a fighter-every time you increase one level, the main attribute you get will increase, And every four levels will upgrade or unlock a new sub-attribute. The highest level of any artifact or accessory is 16. And from level 15 to level 16 will bring huge attribute bonuses. This is a huge investment, yes, but like a big investment, a smart investment is also worth the price. Next there are sub-attributes. Unlock new sub-attributes or upgrade existing ones at the following milestone levels: 4, 8, 12, and 16. As we discussed in the basic video of artifacts, artifacts or accessories with high rarity have more sub-attributes at the initial stage. This means that when artifacts or accessories are upgraded, these attributes will be upgraded to give you a powerful overall bonus. You cannot choose which sub-attribute to upgrade, because it always randomly upgrades or unlocks new attributes, But what is certain is that you will not get the same sub-attributes as the main attribute. Therefore, suppose you have a pair of handguards that gain additional critical strike chance-then you will no longer gain critical strike chance as a sub-attribute.

but! If your gauntlet has attack value as the primary attribute?remember, those marked with a plus sign? You will probably get the percentage attack bonus as a sub-attribute-because they are two different bonuses. That’s roughly it. Upgrading artifacts and accessories is not aeronautical science, but understanding these extra details will help you maximize your efficiency. Don?t forget to like the video and subscribe to us-the gist of our next video will be one of the coolest ways to play fighters: talent.


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