RAID: Shadow Legends | RAID For Beginners | Do’s And Don’ts


Hello everyone! I?m Hunter, and I will bring you a new Raid Raiders. Today we are going to talk about some of the most common mistakes made by novices and put together a guide for novices. Please note that as always, these are just basic guidelines-I believe you will find special circumstances- But, in general, there is no harm in remembering these. let’s start. Ok! The first thing not to do! Forever, never, never sacrifice your legendary fighter. Don’t do that. The same is true for epic fighters, unless you have a very good reason-for example, you want to upgrade the skills of a repeat fighter. Yes, some fighters may look mediocre at first. If we are to be honest, some fighters really need some rebalancing. Don’t worry-these are always going on behind the scenes. But the reality is-you won’t get legendary and epic fighters every day. You may find yourself waiting for a long time when you need another fighter.

The fighters you sacrifice may get a bonus, or they may be useful for a challenge, And you may be struggling to pass that challenge at that time. So keep those fighters first. This also applies to almost all void fighters. Void fragments were very cherished at the beginning, and the number of void fighters that can be obtained through battle is very small?? Therefore, even rare-quality fighters should not be sacrificed unless you have enough fighters to sacrifice. In general, unless you want to use them to upgrade their skills, most of the rare and higher-quality fighters should be retained?? At least wait for you to test their abilities to determine whether you can find a suitable position for them. Your starting fighters, and those fighters you get as rewards, are some powerful novice fighters, So don?t sacrifice them until you find their replacement. At this point, the second thing not to do! Don’t invest too much in ordinary and special fighters early in the game. They don?t usually perform as well as you expect.

Over time, you will soon be beaten by the powerful fighters you summon. In the early game, it is best to focus on those fighters who can open a huge gap in abilities, and you can use them for a long time. Speaking of managing fighters-be sure to use the fighter cellar! If you do not plan to upgrade some powerful fighters for the time being, it is best to move them to the fighter crypt. There is a lot of space there and you can store them safely until you are ready to use them. Also, don’t waste your skill reels! At the beginning of the game, skill scrolls are very precious-like legendary fighters, epic and legendary skill scrolls are more precious. Waste of skill scrolls to upgrade the skills of weaker fighters is one of the biggest mistakes made by novices. Although you can use high-rarity scrolls for low-rarity fighters, you should never do that. When you are still in the early game, save these scrolls until you have a fighter worthy of your use. Upgrading fighter skills can make a big difference-upgrading a fighter who is only “usable” into a fully developed monster.

When you get the first legendary fighter but don’t have the legendary skill scroll to upgrade him, you will regret it very much. Trust me. If you really want to upgrade the skills of a rare fighter, but don’t have any rare skill scrolls, just wait until you summon a repeat fighter. So the unified principle of the “don’t do” we just mentioned is to think carefully before using your limited resources.

This principle also applies to artifacts. Ordinary low-level artifacts are everywhere-you will get a lot. Don’t waste energy to maximize their effects, and don’t invest too many silver coins to upgrade them. Even if upgrading them is cheaper than upgrading high-level artifacts, once you reach a certain level, you will quickly run out of your silver coins. Silver coins are very important in the early days. Keep them for the artifacts that have the attributes you need?not the artifacts you have. Next: Think like a banker, think long-term and think carefully before using gems.

These resources are precious and should be used well. In the store, you can see a lot of great items, but don’t spend it impulsively! Look at your current game goals and make decisions based on them. Are you still a novice and need more fighters to catch up with the game? Go buy a summoning bag. Do you have some cool fighters to equip and upgrade? Go buy energy. Once you have some core fighters, buying energy is almost always the best way to consume gems. In the long run, using gems efficiently will help you a lot. By the way, speaking of gems-be sure to use gem mine and upgrade it as soon as possible.

It can give you 15 gems every day, don’t underestimate these gems. This is not a short-term return, but think of it as a stock investment. Over time, you will get a lot of passive income, Once your initial investment is back-that is free money. In other words, free gems, it doesn’t matter the name. You understand this truth. This is another one. To upgrade or quickly upgrade a fighter, you must get “food” or experience value beer. Low-level fighters are not very useful for fighting and are called food.

You can sacrifice them when they are at level 1 (without upgrading them) to provide other fighters with experience points, Or upgrade them, use them to upgrade another fighter. The second option will make your choice excellent value for money. The best way to upgrade them before the sacrifice is to sweep the levels. The best way to mop up is to have “food” or “feed” fighters team up with powerful fighters. Then repeat the level to get experience points to upgrade. The food fighter will die in the battle, and the sweeper-the powerful fighter-will clear the level alone… the food fighter will gain experience points. Note that not all powerful fighters can be moppers-most of them need a specific set of skills, Or a specific ability attribute can win the level alone. We will explain in depth in a separate video. The main secrets of being a good sweeper are: Group attacks, high damage, counterattack, and some skills that make them lasting, such as self-healing, bloodsucking, or getting healing from artifact sets. The key is to let the fighter survive and successfully defeat multiple enemies alone.

Finding a good sweeper can help you advance the game easier and faster. Developing fighters through food is also the fastest way to develop fighters. This is a very complicated topic in itself, so don’t worry-we will soon shoot a video explaining the mechanism of mopping up. Use automatic battles! But don’t always use automatic combat. Since sweeping takes a lot of time, it is much simpler to use automatic battle to repeat the level. This way you can do your own thing, put your phone aside, and just collect rewards after the fighters finish their work. But remember, the most important thing is to use resources effectively. If you fail to pass the level, you are wasting energy. Those energy can be used to advance progress or win a powerful artifact. Sometimes you need to pay for the stupidity of AI, they won’t use better artifacts like you do in manual mode. If your team is not strong enough, AI may not be able to enable you to win more powerful instance bosses or more complex battles.

When that happens, make sure you come back to the game and fight for yourself. Sometimes, timely changes in strategy can bring about the difference between winning and losing. Last, but not least?be sure to be familiar with the fighter?s skills when equipping fighters and forming teams. Some fighters complement each other very well, and experienced players call it “synergy”. Let us look at some examples. Terry is an epic fighter from the high elves camp. His second skill, Reinforced Iron Bone, is a group attack skill that can reduce the enemy?s defense and when the enemy?s attack has been weakened, Add sleep debuffs to enemies. This is very useful because it allows the entire enemy team to skip a round.

This is the second fighter, Andre. She is an epic fighter of the Holy Society camp, and we are full of interest in her third ability-Chain Lightning. As you can see, this skill attacks all enemies and has a 50% chance to reduce their attacks. If the attack is a critical strike, the chance is 100%. We certainly hope that Andre can hit as hard as possible. We can equip her with artifacts to increase her crit rate attribute, and combine her with Terry to let the enemy die. We made Andre a little bit faster than Terry and let him attack first. She used the lightning chain to attack the entire enemy team. Due to the high critical strike rate and accuracy, she successfully added many debuffs that reduce the attack. Then there is Terry’s turn to attack the enemy, perfect combination of skills, we can make many enemies controlled by the sleep debuff. For the strategy to work, you need the right fighters, the right artifacts, the right attributes, and even the right turn order.

Raid is a strategy game. To pass the challenge in the smartest way, there are still many in-depth strategies and details that need to be studied. This is just the synergy of the two fighters. There are many fighters in the game You can make combinations like in the example, or even cooler combinations?especially a cooperative combination of 4 or 5 fighters. Hope this super long video is helpful to you! Click the like button and subscribe-we have more videos coming soon.

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