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Hi everyone, I?m Hunter, I?m bringing you Raid novice series videos. Today, we are going to talk about a question most asked by players-how to get a lead in the game. You can’t relax in Raid. There is no fun in spending time and resources to fix those early errors. Let’s take a look at what is the right thing to do at the beginning of the game.

When starting the game, it is very important to log in to the game every day. This is not just because you can do more operations to speed up the game process, Also because Raid has some novice activities, you can easily get cool rewards just by logging in. It’s that simple and fast. If you collect all the rewards, your account will get a great bonus. While you are in the game, make sure you complete all the tasks. Usually rewards are very useful, The ancient fragments obtained by completing weekly missions are something you should not miss when you just start the game. In terms of tasks-don’t forget the progress tasks.

They are more specific than daily goals and weekly goal tasks, so instead of defeating a dungeon leader X times, You will need to go to a specific instance and defeat the leader Y times. Progress tasks are not only very valuable as a source of rewards, they can also guide new players and help them adapt to the gameplay. Observe them carefully and you will find that a large part of them are milestones. Or something you need to do often, for example, get some potions in the attribute castle and so on. These tasks are unlocked one by one upon completion. Fortunately, they have no time limit and you can complete them at any time. But it should be noted that when you complete the level story in normal mode, the first part of the progress task will be completed automatically. You will receive comprehensive rewards, but any remaining individual tasks will be locked and no rewards will be obtained. It’s best to keep it in mind! Continue to get the previous rewards and make sure you also participate in the player challenge. These challenges are simple, but reward you with useful resources, skill scrolls and fragments.

If you do not participate in these challenges, you are wasting the opportunity to obtain these good resources. Raid also distributes rewards for game time. The best part is that you don?t need to stay in the game for three hours at a time. You only need to add up the time of the day to collect resources that are important for novice players. The recovery of energy is very precious to upgrade fighters, Arena coins will help you get higher levels and better rewards. Speaking of the arena-don’t ignore it, even if you don’t like PvP. The rewards obtained in upgrading the arena level will be very useful elsewhere in the game.

I have always emphasized-use your arena coins. There is no harm in using them, and you cannot use them elsewhere in the game, Most importantly, the development of the hall is a long process, so every medal won here will be of great benefit. Trust me, you will thank me later Another small suggestion-don’t distribute your resources early in the game. When you start to get some fighters, You may want to try to combine some special teams. But stop, you don?t need to do this yet. In the early games, it?s best to focus on some fighters, Apply them to clear early levels and copies. At this stage, you cannot quickly form a series of special teams to deal with various situations.

Choose your favorite fighters and invest resources and artifacts in them. So, these are all simple things-but at the beginning of the game your priority is to clear as many levels as possible. In general, the difficulty steadily increases step by step, The artifacts and fighters obtained at the beginning of the game should help you go far in the level. If you are stuck in a certain level, consider the reason for your failure. There are usually two reasons. You may need to upgrade your fighter, or upgrade your artifact.

If it?s an artifact, the solution is simple, just spend some silver coins to upgrade them and try it once. If it is your fighter, the usual method is to sweep at the highest level you can pass. Use energy to get the most experience points. In some cases but not in most cases, You may need to sweep low-level levels to obtain different sets of artifacts for your fighters. In the early stage of the game, you will not focus on knocking down the enemy as quickly as possible to pass the level. You will concentrate on surviving and clearing levels. In this case, sweep low-level levels to obtain artifact sets to increase HP or defense It is very helpful for you to pass the level. In addition, getting more level stars is also very valuable. The rewards for getting stars are very useful and can help you speed up the progress of the game and increase your level. Rare fighters are dropped from time to time in levels. Some fighters are very powerful, especially at the beginning of some levels.

For example, Valerie, is a very good support fighter, you can find her in Keilok Castle. She can make the gain time longer, and add shields for teammates to escort. Another fighter that can be found in the same position is the conqueror. He is an almighty attacker who can remove enemy buffs. Even block the resurrection. He is very practical when dealing with the Snow Giant Peak on the dungeon map. The spiritual priest can be found in the Dehan jungle. It is another cool auxiliary fighter.

She increases the speed of her teammates in all battles, removes the debuff, and can prevent the energy debuff for 1 round. She can even increase the attack of your entire team by 50%. Sounds a lot, right? Yes, it is a lot! All in all, it is an excellent choice for many copies and battles. Finally, you can also find the Rockfang monster at the Fircloud Gate, and his attack reduces the enemy’s healing. When you run into trouble in the spirit castle, all you need is him.

Please keep in mind that the provenance of fighters changes every month as new fighters increase. Therefore, make sure you check the drop location of the new fighter and decide whether you need to go back to the previous level to get the new fighter. Okay, next-once you have an all-round team with a few high-level fighters, You are ready to challenge the copy. The dungeon drops a potion, used to sublimate your fighter. Ascension fighters improve their basic attributes, and can unlock some powerful new skills and auras. The copy also drops a high-rare artifact that is difficult to find in the main level. Clear the dungeon, complete the player challenge based on the new dungeon, and get new special rewards. The same-don’t go crazy in the copy. You don’t need to concentrate on the copy in the early game.

Clearing the dungeon requires more power than the level, It does not produce as many experience points or silver coins. In addition, the artifacts of the dungeon drop randomly, which makes it difficult for you to obtain a specific artifact or artifact set. Level levels usually drop specific types of artifacts, such as weapons or shields, Allows you to quickly form a set of artifacts and improve the attributes of fighters. If you spend too much time in the dungeon in the early stage, you are likely to be stuck in the dungeon and unable to move forward. That’s it! Follow simple tips and you will find yourself one step ahead of the competition, With the expansion of the fighter library, you can start more difficult challenges. If you think the video is helpful to you, click the like button and subscribe. Next, we will talk about the most common mistakes made by novice players, and explain some advanced tips to help you speed up the game.

Good luck and see you in the next video! .


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