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Hello everyone! I?m Hunter, and I?m bringing you a new episode of “Raiders Raiders” video. Today we are going to talk about a very useful and important thing in the game-liver dog food. This does not refer to farming involving farmland and vegetables, but a completely different matter. We mainly use experience. In a raid, “liver dog food” refers to repeating a certain action (such as clearing a certain level) to obtain experience points, artifacts or other resources. And now, the liver dog food we are discussing specifically refers to the experience points for your fighters. First of all, why do you need experience? As long as they use fighters, they will gain experience points and upgrade, right? That’s natural, but the upgrade is only half the success, after all, you have to upgrade for them.

If you have watched our Raid 101 video about fighters and fighter ranks, You will know that the attributes of the fighters will increase significantly when they reach higher ranks. And you need to sacrifice several fighters of the same rank to be promoted. In addition, please remember that the number of fighters required to be promoted is the same as the number of fighters to be promoted. For example, you need 5 rank 5 fighters to upgrade a fighter to rank 6. So, it’s pretty simple, right? Sacrifice 5 Tier 5 fighters to upgrade another fighter. But where are you going to get these fighters? The natural Tier 5 fighters you can get are all legendary fighters…you don’t want to sacrifice legendary fighters, right? But you will be very happy to sacrifice those fighters whose rarity is common or rare, or even weaker rare fighters.

At this point you are in a paradoxical dilemma, because those fighters are not very good, You will never need them, so how can they reach Tier 4 or even Tier 5 for your sacrifice? This is the problem-and the meaning of liver dog food. The most common way to solve this problem is to have a powerful fighter “carry (drive)” them to fight, earning them experience points and allowing them to level up.

The stronger fighter is your “dog food captain”. All you have to do is ask your dog food captain to bring together a few weaker fighters who will eventually be sacrificed. These weaker fighters are often called “food”, or “dog food.” Again, they are useless, their design is to be cannon fodder in battle and let your dog food captain pass the level alone. You don’t even need to wear artifacts to them, because their design is sacrificed. But this is why it works. Even if they die, as long as your dog food captain manages to pass the level, everyone in the team will gain experience points. So you have a dog food captain, and dog food. You only need to keep repeating the same level to upgrade them-until they reach the highest level of a certain level, You can increase their rank and repeat again.

Once they reach the rank you need, you can no longer give them liver experience, and then sacrifice them to the fighter you wish to upgrade to. The reason is simple. Now that you know the basic theory, let’s talk about the specific details. First of all, how to choose a dog food captain? As we mentioned, you need a fighter who can go through the levels alone. Remember, no one expects your rare, Tier 2 and Tier 1 fighters to last until the end of the battle. Because your dog food captain will take on the task of fighting the enemy alone, when choosing a dog food captain, you will need him to possess certain qualities. First, since they will fight multiple enemies at the same time, a powerful range attack is the key.

If your fighters are strong enough, they can wipe out a whole wave of enemies in one fell swoop… But even if they are not strong enough, the range attack can speed up the tempo without waiting for the enemy to waste too many rounds. If your fighter is strong enough to kill all enemies in the first round every time, then he is enough. But the reality is not always the case, so most of the time your dog food captain needs a certain degree of survivability. Certain self-sustaining skills, such as blood sucking or even healing. The reason is simple. If your dog food captain can’t wipe out a whole wave of enemies in one fell swoop during their combat round, They need a certain degree of anti-strike ability-and survive to the end. Some fighters may have self-sustaining skills, but you can also obtain these skills through specific artifact sets. ??The Vampire Set and Captain Dog Food are a great match. Especially when paired with a skill or artifact set that allows them to fight back. The enemy attacks you, and then you counterattack, while you can heal a little. The shield artifact and sacred artifact set rewarded by the arena are also great, Because they reset every turn, and withstand several attacks if necessary, so as to provide a good damage buffer for your sweeper.

There are also some cool talents that can also help the sweeper. For example: Bloodthirsty and Blood Shield. The former will restore 10% of the fighter’s health for every enemy killed, while the latter will apply a shield equivalent to 15% of the maximum health. Both situations only happen once per fighter round, but they can stack… which is very good. You can use certain methods to turn an inappropriate sweeper into a great sweeper ??So don?t be afraid to think creatively when the sweepers do not meet all the requirements by default. Now that you know what you need, let’s discuss some options for fighters in the early liver dog food stage. In fact, equipped with a vampire set, especially after unlocking some talents, novice fighters are still very useful. Alham and Yasr are undoubtedly the best at this time. Elhan has two powerful range attack skills, and the speed is a bit faster. Yasir has better survivability, thanks to her high-level blessing skills, which allow her to apply buffs to her attacks.

In addition, she can also defend when her health is low. Executioners in the Ghost Rider camp are also a good choice. His spear array ability adds a buff to his defense, as well as a counterattack buff to himself, which is very useful against multiple events in the level. His screaming skills attack all enemies and can compress their action bar, Can give the executioner a greater chance to enter the round and eliminate more enemies first. Moreover, the icing on the cake is that he still has a chance to stun enemies with his first skill-this is very useful when used with counterattack.

If you don’t have him yet, he is a worthy fighter. Finally, the integration of the portal interface is also well selected. The guardian of the ruins may have to spend more time training, but he has some very useful skills. First of all, his offensive power is very strong, and his aura can provide up to 40% offensive attribute gains for all strength attribute players including himself. This is more than that, he can apply a 50% boost to his attacks-and can last for four full rounds! As you can imagine, the attack from the Ruins Guardian is fierce. It’s really fierce. But what about survivability? His passive skills are permanent and permanent.

When being attacked by the enemy, he can apply 15% continuous healing every five rounds. Upgrade it and it will shorten to three rounds-this is very useful. With a vampire set and some carefully selected talents, this fighter is invincible. Of course, this is not all fighters suitable for liver dog food. There are many good epic and legendary fighters who can do this job well. But for this video, the fighters we have chosen are easy to obtain for all players. Take a look at your fighter library and see if you have a fighter with the characteristics we outline, you are likely to have some very good choices! Okay, this is the first part-choose a sweeper.

But where to go for liver dog food? Most of the liver dog food actions happen in levels, because they are easy to pass, and you can repeat the level in a short time. ??And, according to experience, each pass can provide a higher experience value than the copy. The same level, the higher the difficulty, the higher the experience value obtained, Therefore, it is usually best to go to the most difficult level that you can often pass. However, the level leader usually provides less experience points than level 6 before it. For example, level 6 of the road to flame can provide the best experience value output in various difficulties.

Its hell version can provide the highest energy consumption per share of experience points-if you have a fighter who can withstand it! This is another thing. You will want to get the most experience points under the premise of the same energy consumption?? But what if you can pass the highest level you can reach without a fighter? Or what if your sweeper can pass the level, but each round takes 5 minutes? At this time you need to consider your own situation and make the best choice for you.

If your double experience is only one hour left and you have enough gems to replenish energy, Then you have to take into account the time and energy consumption of each round of clearance. In this case, you may want to focus on speed and clear as many levels as possible before the end of the double experience. However, if you only have a limited amount of energy-and don’t have enough gems to replenish it-then you have to pursue the highest experience output per round. There is no absolute answer to where and how the liver dog food is-everything depends on your fighter and your current situation. But now that you know how to make these decisions, you are all set! thank you all. Don?t forget to like and subscribe, we will bring more videos soon. good luck! .

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