RELFEX SET is like A CHEAT CODE (Best Champs To Use)


Hey guys, what’s going on it’s ash here coming at you today in raid shadow legends, welcome to the video guys. Hopefully it finds you all doing well, today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite artifact sets inside the entire game. It is reflex now you remember about six months ago or so reflex received a pretty monumental buff. It was a 30 chance to reduce the cooldown of a skill by one now it’s a 40 chance, but then, a few months ago it received a pretty massive indirect buff when they added the ai customizer into the game for any champion. So let me talk about why, in today’s video i’m going to show you the champions that i use in reflex gear, how it’s kind of changed my account how it’s made them really really formidable.

I’M gon na run them all on the same team as well. We’Ll have some fun with it and then i want to go over about. You know six, seven other champions who i love in reflex gear by the way, guys if there are any other artifact sets that you’re a big fan of that. Not a lot of people. Talk about, let me know in the comments below, because i want to do a follow-up video to this one, and i already have a couple sets in mind, namely retaliation and avenging, which i’m a big fan of since they’re buffs as well.

That i use on a few champions, so let me know if you want to see that video in the comments below so jumping into it guys. Let me just start out by reading off what reflex gear does just random side note that has nothing to do with the video. By the way did any of you guys use the fitting room. I put a community tab poll up like two days three days ago. Now – and i never use the fitting room, i don’t know why should i i want to help you, i want to help you get whatever you want, or do you guys not use it either?

I never use the fitting room. I’Ve never used. I’Ve tried to use it once and i’m like this is tedious. I’M not gon na use it man help me help. You give me hell haiti’s artifact, uh optimizer instead, anyway, uh fitting room, not for me, but hopefully some of you guys do get some utility out of it.

If we go down to artifact type, a lot of people don’t know this, but you can see all the information, valuable information about every single artifact set, there’s actually a ton of information right here in the game about everything in the game. Okay, so let’s go ahead and scroll down to reflex at the top of your screen here grants the champion a 40 chance to reduce the cooldown of their skills by one turn, the skill whose cooldown is reduced is completely random. Now for the skill to be reduced, it needs to be on cooldown to begin with. Okay, that’s important to mention here when we get into the ai customizer. This set benefits almost every champion in the game.

That is true, especially now, but it’s especially useful for champions whose strongest skills have long cooldowns. I would actually disagree with that. Now, we’ll talk more about that. In a moment, this set is most effective on champions who have one default skill, one active skill and one passive skill as default skill and most passive skills, don’t have a cooldown. It means the champion will always reduce the cooldown of their active skill if it affects uh.

If the effect triggers excuse me, so this is all wrong right. This is before they added the ai customizer in the game, so two buffs to reflex gear, guys, i’m telling you it’s really really good. Now, because now we can simply shut off an ability on a champion, especially if they have one op ability like coal tarp. For example, we can shut off the a2 and then just do more heart seekers right in combination with the four times hitter on the a1 uh. But that’s just one example: there’s still a lot of other good ones.

Let’S go ahead and show you the champions that i have built in reflex gear here and talk about how i’m using each of them and why i love them on reflex. First off before we go ahead and show you all these champions. Valkyrie is another one! Actually i’ll go through all the other champions uh in a moment here, but let me just show you: i don’t have a ton of reflex gear right, i’m sure a bunch of you guys watching are going to be like okay looks like i need to fi off A farm excuse me ice golem because who farms ice golem. Do any of you guys you play to win the game.

Hello! You play to win the game. I don’t spend a lot of time on ice golem. I spend most of my time in fire night uh for savage gear, particularly and uh in dragon’s lair, but i don’t spend in, of course spiders uh, but i don’t spend uh well comparatively. I spend the least amount of time in ice golem.

So these are the three champions. I don’t have a ton of gear right. I don’t have a ton of reflex gear, but i do have three champions geared out in reflex. One is eurogrim, one is battle, khazar and one is coldheart. So, let’s take a look at both all three of these champions and talk about why i love them so much so two are examples: kind of the old school reflex in bad alcazar and eragrim.

Let’S just start with irogrim because he’s easy to find boom there. He is so ergrim an incredible champion. You can see, we have perception and reflex so reflex. What what are we doing with erigam? Why do we have him in reflex gear?

So he has this a2, which is a heal and a debuff removal. Now you can still use this or you can just shut it off in battle, depending on how much healing and support you need, if you’re using eragrim to just you, know, solo or farm on dragons, which a lot of people do, which is what i kind of Do as well, i can get by without him having to heal. I can pair another healer like a cylinder drake or something on the team with him. Some of you might need the heel, so you can leave that on. You don’t have to turn off, but you can to really maximize that reflex gear.

If you want to because bizarre vapors, oh my god, i mean you have healing on this ability anyway, right places. Three poison debuffs on all enemies for two turns also places two continuous heal buffs on all allies for two turns on a three-turn cooldown. So it’s not a long uh cooldown, but i’m gon na turn off the a2, so we’ll never be on cooldown ergo. It will never interact with the reflex prox. It will always go on bizarre vapors, aka, more poisons and more continuous heals.

It’S a really insane ability, and since it’s already on a three-turn cooldown you’re going to be reducing that to you know, two turns or two to one turn, so it’s still going to be effective, even though it’s a three-turn cooldown and again me personally, i shut off The a2 – i do not use that a2 that way we’re only reflexing on the a3, which is just really strong guys. It’S a shame that people don’t talk more about reflex. After the you know, the two buffs one direct and one indirect battle, gaza same exact thing. Now battle khazar was always good in reflex, even the old reflex, but now it’s even better 40. Obviously i have been a speed set as well malice.

He only has two abilities guys uh. His a1 is default, his passive and then malice. So reflex is going to be triggering more malices throughout the duration of the battle and again similar to urogrim. It has removal debuffs a cleanse two continuous heals and two poisons so more healing, more cleansing and that’s right, more poison on the enemies right, so very, very strong, and then we have coal tar who’s an example of a new champion that i would never put in Reflex gear back in the day, but now – and i just want to point this out too guys – i don’t always run this coltar – i have a couple cold hearts built, and sometimes i might want that a2. The a2 actually does a lot of damage and it is an aoe attack, but what i like to do here and everybody’s going to be different.

I just want to give you guys ideas, let you think about this stuff and i’m going to cover a bunch of other champions in a moment here, but i shut off the hour to paint i shut it off. I have her on kind of a seer team right, so sierra can burn away the the first two waves and then once we get to a boss, coal tar is only going to have heart seeker to reduce the cooldown, and you guys know how valuable heart seeker Is not just for the incredible amount of damage, but also for the decreased term here by a hundred percent. So when she’s doing even more of this, it’s a ton, more damage and even more turn meter depletion so again, very very valuable to shut off that a2 and that’s it. It’S always procking onto heart seekers, so we can have reduced cooldown reduce cool down. We can get it twice in a row, sometimes with a 40 chance which isn’t bad at all.

So those are three champions that i build in reflex gear before i show you a bunch of other champions that you know are great options for reflex. Let’S put all these champions together on dragon 25, all right guys, so this is my main dragon. 25 team check it out with the reflex gear. Let’S pay attention to see if we can get any of those reflex procs here or see if we cannotice them either way, this team is going to definitely impress you guys. I have eleanor reel to help with the combust which is going to kill those mobs.

I have karma kaimar, excuse me to reset the cooldowns, and then i have ira grim and battle alcazar, which synergize really really well with seer of all things right, because they’re going to go ahead and add all those buffs to the team with those continuous heels and Boom second wave melted away: that’s right! This is dragon 25, all the hp, all the defense that all these mobs have, but it’s the beauty of having you know not just reflex but just kind of this team synergy here of all those continuous heals to help activate that uh. That ability from karma burn excuse me from seer, so you guys can see already. Okay, i’m kind of losing track of how many skills cooldowns are happening. We just got one on eragrim right there, but this is a very fast dragon.

25 team. There goes sear again. Let’S get some continuous heels up, bad l. We need you right now, buddy, okay, so i could have used the cooldown there, but we have like the double or maybe quadruple right. You know there.

It is there. It is badal again, so you guys can see hard to notice exactly when all of the skills are being the cooldowns are being pushed down because of the reflex hard to notice, and for that reason it’s uh, you know it’s an underappreciated artifact. I feel like set right, but it works incredibly well on teams like this eragrim in battle cazar. Why do i have them in reflex? Well, any poisoner!

Anybody who’s, dishing out a lot of poisons works, really really well in reflex gear right all right guys. So before i show you other champions, this is fire night 25 [, Music ]. I want to show you coal tar. As i mentioned guys, i do have cold hearts, a2 shut off so allure. I have her a3 shut off.

I have cold hearts. A2 shut off here and she is in reflex gear. Obviously we don’t need reflex gear for allure. She would be an example of a champion that would be a bad choice for reflex gear since we’re only using her a1. What i’m gon na do guys is come back to you when i get to the fire night.

This is just gon na, be you know, wave killing here with the karma burn ability from sears, so i’ll be right back all right guys, so we’re at the fire knight. Here we go 12 ticks on the shield. This team should have no issues with that. We got a double hitter from lydia double hitter from duchess. We have the three hits from allure.

We have the four hits from coal tar and two uh from sears. So now we have the shield down. Allure is gon na, go ahead and tick down. That turn meter and now, let’s hope, for a bunch of cold heart heart seeker abilities, i’m not sure where the cooldown is right now so we’ll see already a heart seeker. So it’s on a four turn: cooldown, let’s see if we can get it to proc a little bit earlier than four turns, especially if we really need it with that turn meter of the fire knight himself.

So, let’s see we get the decrease cooldown already, so it proc there and again we have that a2 shut off. So not the next turn, but the turn after that she should already be back to another. Heartseeker ability might not seem like much, but this is a ton of damage there is already boom so back to back heart seekers, even though this is a level 25 dungeon, where the turn meter depletion is mitigated, it’s mitigated per hit right. So having multiple heart seekers is still going to help you out damage wise and still help you out a lot turn meter wise and really you know if we get another one here, it will be sayonara, and this can really be a difference maker for you guys Who are struggling against the fire knight, especially right because, with the turn meter, you know on a three turn: cooldown, it’s a big game changer with that much turn meter and there it is again so three heart seekers in what a minute or so from coldheart. It’S definitely one of my favorite builds out there and it’s all.

Thanks to the reflex set, i feel like i’m just trying to sell you like i’m on an infomercial right now. You know, like guys, check out the reflex that you need. A reflex set all right. Defense with speed and accuracy we’ll keep that shield all right, let’s go ahead and show you a bunch of other champions here, a few of my faves right. So, first off, let’s start out with some of the obvious choices: valkyrie valkyrie has only two active abilities and again that’s not a must anymore, but it’s still good to look for.

She has one active ability right here. The only ability that can go on cooldown or a2 is one of the best abilities inside the entire game right. So, even though it’s a shield for three turns on a three-turn cooldown, i mean that shield is going to be broken more often than not anyway. So having more of that, shield is going to be great and having more counter-attack is going to be great as well. So valkyrie easy option for a reflex set now valkyrie and a lot of these champions.

They stand to benefit from a lot of different artifact sets. So i’m not saying it’s a no-brainer. You have to put your valkyrie in a reflex. I don’t use ocarina reflex, but it’s an option for you guys dark, elhane and reflex. I love guys.

I love it because again only two active abilities and i put her an attack percentage on the boots. Uh, so she’s trick she’s constantly triggering her death majesty anyway. Off of her passives and when she’s procking, that i mean it’s a three-turn cooldown already, she only has one active ability to shut anything off on her and she’s, going even more often with death’s majesty, which is a hard-hitting a2 ability really really love it uh. Even the starting champions, guys specifically kale, who i won’t show you guys, but you i think you know who kale is right: [, Music, ] on your own. I don’t know how to put this, but i’m kind of a big deal and ethel as well.

Now champions like ethel, who already have an ability that grants an extra turn so higher blessing increase, attack, increase defense. Granted extra turn is already reducing the cooldown anyway of her a2 and then with reflex. You’Re gon na be shooting off a bunch of divine blades from ethel think that reflux is a fun set to use with kale and ethel. Why kale? Because of all those poisons – and we already said aothar uh kale, any most poison layers inside the game?

Who don’t have poisons on their a1, so a2 a3 poisons are going to be great options as well for a reflex set. You can put kale and reflex. He has that turmeric boost on his a2 and you’re going to be cycling, a bunch more poisons than you. Otherwise would have on pretty much again every poison layer in the game, so i mean there’s so many champions guys. I could just be here all day.

Hackhorn smash lord previously a champion that wouldn’t synergize very well with reflex. However, are you sick of him killing himself with the blood offering ability shut it down? Lock it out turn that ability off, and then you have an amazing block d bus for two turns a cleanse and a heel right, and that could be reflex down from four turns to three to two to one. So you get more cleanses, more block, debuffs and more heals out of your hacker and smash lord. You don’t even have to worry about that a3.

It’S kind of annoying. It doesn’t even deal that much damage. That’S another great option for you guys uh, i’m gon na give another obvious one here before we end the video in skull crusher again skull crusher man, you mean more ally, uh protection, more counter-attack and more unkillable on this dude right. He only has one other active ability. It can help you guys out a lot in clan uh or in clan boss.

Excuse me, but just by putting your skull crusher in reflex, if you don’t already have them in lifesteal gear, because again more ally, protect and get that counter attack up on your team all the time potentially right, it’s a three turn. Cooldown counter attack only lasts for two turns so when you have counter attack all the time, that’s a ton more damage on clan boss, guys if i haven’t sold you on reflex now, i’m never going to. Hopefully you enjoyed this video. Let me know if you want to see any other artifact sets in the champions that i love them in highlighted here on the channel. Thank you again for 100 000.

Subscribers guys. I really appreciate you big, shout out to g field where you can get 10 off use my code ash in the description below. Thank you for showing a little bit of love to my channel sponsors guys. It helps me out as well, obviously so guys. Thank you for watching all the way till the end and, as always, take care guys.

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