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Very good to all guys, How are you seeing you today in another guide over The heroes of this time, from the hand of this great visionary hero, The seer is a hero. Like all the best know, support … appears as support in It is true, but it is more denying than anyone and it is the emptiness that is presented to us A competitive advantage in both waves i.e. We have no restrictions on Where or to which dungeon you take this hero because it is out of void. It is clear that it has no affinity defect now speaking little about Skills A1. None of the Other World One Goal One Score:


He has a 15 % chance of getting a role so she’s already introducing us Some lights. That will be beautiful, interesting to see with some group. Tirelessly A2 gets 30 % of a critical chance increase All allies for two rounds and at once put a 25 % weakening in all So enemies for two cycles. If we want to get the most out of it, This A2 from the seer, we will need it. Yes or yes, aim at least some 200 points if we want to transfer to the dungeons to be saved. The expected effect here in A3 is where the spirit This hero is quintessential and therefore we will probably use him for everything The site says: removing all buffs from all allies and not enemies, Only us, but also enemies and after those attacks, Damage of all enemies increases. According to the amount of buffs, It also removes 50 percent of the chance of putting sleep into everything Enemies for one round and for each of the court amateurs Previously a 5 % probability of getting this debufo from Sleep. It is a skill that is measured according to At the enemy’s maximum horse, but mostly according to The number of amateurs. Removing this attack is chestnut, but most likely Be one of the wildest of all game.


If not the wildest of the Game, We are talking about 200k or up to 300k, seen seer mode, Depending on the amount of buff that eliminated. It is clear that we adapt For our enemies with some debuff. It will reduce the defense or weaken it. This further enhances the damage and also increases the attack on itself. Finally, he has the aura ability. None of the otherworld really Increase by 40 HP to endure all battles, Let’s see what role Meet fortune tellers in each of the areas of the game. In the context of this guide, Now before moving on to that, I would like to mention a little in any way Equipped. As you can see, the attack is not a priority. In reality, it goes With speed shoes.


I use it mostly in dungeons. She’Ll. Tell me why you didn’t wear attack shoes on him Percentage of maximizing attack. The truth is that extra damage is in this Hero by the concept of attack. Note much less than what can be seen by An example of this is Cold Heart. I have preferred a lot to the shoe franchise. Speed is more than anything for me easier and that’s relatively fast. You could win or pass quickly for a calm down turn that around They have to go through their A3, which is a skill that I’ll do more. Want he said that is clearly very good: Nuker, always good critic, franchise mischievous gloves A critical opportunity throughout the course of all substations is what I recommend that the more serious damage the greater the damage will be inflicted on the beholder So the higher the better. A good sense of jewelry Attack Loop Ratio, clearly with Attack Percentage as well Always looking for the most potential attack from any website.


Of course, SPM to increase overall damage, We’ll finish doing each of their attacks. Finally, shooting banner more, nothing brings it closer to 200 points, And it is more or less what we need to walk in one form or another in the dungeons. If they manage to put in around 250 points is ideal for you to get it Weakening over the course of waves compared to MS, Once again, we have things from dealing with. What was a classic Nuker’s face is nothing more than a flawless execution finish Franchise damage that happens when it’s full of horse, and so is the privilege, A little topic specifically targeted to help her Constantly targeting weakens, as it will generate a certain advantage for us, And It will add more speed over the course of our various attempts In the various dungeons for a game like this now without further ado, let’s see how Performs in every area I play for you to decide: if Will you download it or not? If it is, you will leave it in the camera or not or if You eat it or not. My opinion, i will do tell at the end of the video. The seer is a very lethal hero, especially in dungeons, And she is one of the heroes of the entire game in power. Make speed farm settings like the one we see on the screen in it This moment, even if you get to come out early in the middle of the game, The truth is, I recommend that you not eat it, because you are probably not going to eat it. To be able to make a big profit as if you were late or at the end of the match, but who The same way is the choice. So far. So often you need in your account, Because sooner or later you are going to need In this way to be able to progress from in a safe and casual way. Different attempts from different dungeons


We’Ll also see which method It mostly works in 20 dungeons, like the one we see now, and Also in golem and Fire Knight. The truth is that she is heroine, The more hobbyists I have, as you well know, the more damage it will do. I know Ideally recommend accompanying heroes, who put a lot of buffs. She continues with her that there is good synergy between them and one of these Heroes is the one we see in the shrine wizard screen, because Basically we get a lot of amateurishness, but it also increases the likelihood Critical and then Major AI is smart enough.


Do not put A2, which increases, then what is the critical probability What he does jumps straight to his file three, and this is clear to us. It states that we go ahead several seconds faster in Different waves, a lot of 2,046,000 damage, seeing how it is We act in golm 20, we’re gon na go realizing that it makes us too. It operates at a fast speed, similar to what we saw in the Dragon Which we quickly go in for a buffalo stuffing In our composition, it is clear that the seer took advantage of this to attack Rage and quickly against the waves. The seer is the hero who You need to equip yourself with a lot of awkwardness in order to be able to do something. Do you see on screen? No, you just need a lot of hobbyist in Allies and enemies, but also needs a lot of damage and massive, Obviously too narrow a critical opportunity for this. The way we hope you will reach the closest 100 % and be able to get it A3 more unforgiving.


Do not let an enemy pass, Filtered that the critic does not reach and we survive is the least We like the same way. This champion itself hits a lot As a tip. It is always recommended to get it as many hobbyists as possible Within our compositions of this situation, to increase the amount of amateurs larger than We ruin. What we’re going to scratch. That makes too much sense. Heroes like the blind seer, who puts a lot of buffs For each of our allies, the shrine sorcerer or the heroes, who will generally go Lots of buffs put these waves through us. It will make the work a lot easier and a fortune teller can take advantage of that Climbing a lot of damage from the same thing. The pharmacy is also a very good option here. To increase. The speed of healing Specifically for the difference of heroes is what they need Need. A lot of damage is just what we are See who the seer is. What provides us with the combination of a Shameless amount of amateurs from as well as reducing our allies, Defend and weaken 2,471,000 as much damage from Of all those chestnuts that hit us by fortune teller enough fear, 1:54 minutes. Good weather doesn’t do that either.


Nothing bad either in dragon, nor golem Taking him into the context of what’s next is recommended being Knight 20, The seer always accompanies the heroes, who have an idealistic multitude, Multiple times. In this case, we have two cold hearts containing four beats in The primary cervical knight. Has the primary blind multi-seer blows as well? It has many strokes. Clearly the seer does not have the core spurs The boss requires, but not the same. Does an extraordinary job of cleaning In spite of every amount of horse that might have mutations Fire Knight? Are the most tanks game in terms of Various dungeons of dragon spider, possibly between golem and knight.


These dungeons are the largest number of tanks that more horse have attacked us so far With anger from the first wave, without even giving them a break. Let’S see how to do now to end this wave and what else Everyone wants to know how to perform with the esteemed gentleman. But I repeat this Always going well as long as, let’s have full buddies, going, Giving the necessary support means to say you have a lot of multi-whammy on the basics yeah. Is we making the mistake of conceiving only one or two heroes? Several blows can put us a lot uphill since then as clearly. Well, you know the seer is not giving us multiple plagues being one of her failures in That context, but once let’s get the shield, as we just finished, Let us see at our disposal the gentleman will be able to criticize angrily. Unfortunately, we had practically no power in our formation, So we can remove them more useful for that A3 than the seer, But in the same way it helps us ….


Well, we’ve seen 358,000 damage and fury The same way. It helps us with meaning To go faster with waves. If we don’t see the total, The feeling of bringing the seer to the head of the dungeon the same way, we would need it To be able to advance faster in this wave course. Anyway, we will cut back and we will take Maximum profit and efficiency in our attempts more times, We can improve faster, let’s be able to cultivate different points from Event, tournaments case, there’s anything associated with it, The Fire Knight, even though everything was the seer who Caused the most damage in Compared to the rest, more than anything else to waves. Of course, they are Smokes. Both 1st and 2nd damage. 1,400,000 is not bad, Not a bad time, either 1:53 min, Probably not the fastest, but Insist that the waves smoke like Pedro next to his house. If he is Hero to look gorgeous, let’s see how it is Uncover the beholder in the squares and we’ll see you put a ton of damage on Through the huge amount of amateurs. What do we have The configuration, as well as the configuration of the enemy? At this moment we have, He mastered a total of 16 powers. In total. From these sixteen Increase the number of impressions we will spend on 17 with the generous shield that we were born with Lilitu. From the moment I started trying well at 3, 2 1 BOOM snap …


We have deleted Bad Alcazar Lilitu nearly died, though, with an enormous amount of horse and defense. He who must have a very similar martyr. This is the Nuker lookalike who can The seer provided us in the squares? The truth is that this is very powerful. You don’t do as much fatal damage as it is likely that with any Another wave that we can meet or any other attempt we can Want to attack in all arenas, die instantly enough to be respected very well. This guys is what I wanted to share with you in this phenomenal guide for This huge hero.


How do you, after realizing that she is crashing everything in her path? The key, if we want to build settings, is different farms, speed or those go Developing gracefully through out the waves, though it takes care Enough to wipe out enemies in the sand. As long as you can adapt Correctly speeds champions in a way. No one else, A goal between them. Remember that if someone enters them Guys going to break all the settings started Grouped and can be removed completely or it can kill any of the allies A key in this configuration. So I recommend setting the Speeds. There is a video to do this right here on my YouTube channel for those who don’t You saw it, and I hope you liked that hero.


I hope they take advantage of it Correction for this guide, so they can draw Get the most out of your accounts on The cast is the hero to whom I drive so many places to go down Times in the squares also act very well, and what to Say In species as well as in species, we play a very good role, especially with what Tremendously the tanks that behave different waves in their cellars, Even higher levels. If you have liked the video don’t forget to give it Like, don’t forget to subscribe, activate notifications, if you want to be informed First of all, every time I go up any video on my channel, we see you Coming guys big hug and why be so, good-bye

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