[, Music, ], hey guys! What’S going on it’s ash here, coming at you today in raid shadow legends, welcome to the video! How are you guys doing? I am doing swell just got in from a late video lit recording here, not that anybody cares. What time of day i’m recording this uh, but we just got back from the movies.

I saw uh paw patrol paw patrol. That’S what’s become of my life now that is my uh my night out at the movie theater. We had it all to ourselves. It’S funny! People worry about, you know the reopening of things and, whatever you know, coveted related uh, but ironically the two times i’ve gone.

You know in the last, whatever three four months and things have been opened up again in my area at least i’ve had the movie theater. All to myself, so it’s been very, very safe and uh fun experience in that regard, [, Music, ]! This is crazy. This is getting weird bro. I don’t know if i want to continue doing this bro.

What about you? Are you going to the movies? Are you a big movie fan at all? I used to be a big big movie. Theater fan uh anyway.

Today’S video is not to talk about movies. Let’S talk about shadowkin champions. So if you’re anything like me, when there’s a bunch they’ve been adding a ton of new champions to the game, lately i mean you see them all, not just doom tower champions, just i feel like every fusion there’s more champions, obviously, but then on top of that, You know every month or two they’re, just adding like new batches of champions as well, so a lot of new champions being thrown at us and it’s a little bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to the newest faction and there’s going to be fashion wars, where a Fashion crypt opened up for shadow confection, pretty soon-ish, you know in the next few months at least i would think uh, but you know regardless there’s gon na be fashion wars, so who is worth investing in here for these champions and who’s? Just absolute trash would not invest in these champions even for just faction wars, even on my free to play account. I have maxed out most of these champions uh, but let’s start with the rares uh the uncommon’s, nothing to really write home about there.

So we don’t need to mention uh, infiltrator and uh in conscript. Both of them are pretty bad uh, but the rares here uh, unfortunately they’re all pretty bad with one exception, so life taker i would not invest in assassin. I would not invest in assassin, hits really really really uh wait for you to get it on your own [, Music. ]! Oh!

Well, that’s embarrassing. Uh blood mask kind of the same deal here. It’S pretty soft! So, unless you’re just looking for decreased speed, then why would you even bother he does have a stun, but is that what we’re you know is that the bar that we set here upgrading champions just uh for a stun, no on a single target. No, he is hp based, so it’s a little bit easier to keep him alive, but really i’m not enthusiastic about any of these champions, except for otishai or autushai or odashi, no matter how you say his name, this guy’s really good.

Actually for a rare champion. This is the only rare champion i’m recommending building for you guys so on the a1 and not for all of you guys. But let me talk about you know who could potentially use this champion so on the a1 he has to provoke. His damage is based on defense, which is nice. His defense is solid for a rare champion at 11, 67

Uh so provoke him a1 on the a2.

He has a shield, so an aoe attack, three turn cooldown and then a shield on himself for two turns equal to 20 of his uh max hp, which is nice because he’s landing. Those provokes on the a1 35 chance of landing that provoke on the a3. On a three-turn cooldown, nice too, the books go right into the cooldown. On this champion. We have a block d bus for one turn and an increased defense for two turns on all allies and again that’s the weak version of increased defense, but still for faction wars, especially you’re gon na need it from some champion.

There’S not a ton of them in shadowcan who have it so increased defense blocks. Debuffs is a huge amazing skill to have and then again uh the shield. The aoe attack he’s a champion worth looking at uh marauder, not very good, vagabond, pretty bad and fanatic um. I really like the aesthetics on this dude. Actually, speaking of aesthetics, uh yeah, those, let’s pretend those are not heads, [, Music, ], freaky, all right fanatic uh, i don’t know guys he has uh his a1 is uh.

You know, i guess the coolest thing about him. Right but it’s only a 40 chance of placing the big version of decreased defense for two turns if the uh target is under two or more debuffs, okay, so that’s cool. The rest of his kit is whatever you know, transferring some debuffs, okay and then increase attack and remove one random debuff on a three chart on a four turn: cooldown yeah it just doesn’t for me, it’s not enough to justify building that champion. Let’S switch it up. Let’S save the epics for last there’s a lot of good epics.

Let’S go to the legendaries, so legendaries i’m actually going to kind of tear them out here again. I guess you can call odachi and a tea or rare, i guess maybe bt or rare. I don’t know uh but other than that they’re all f’s for me, right, f tier, so gintoro we’re gon na give him a tier we’re gon na, be pretty. You know basic here, they’re worth building or they’re, not they’re, they’re, good they’re, average or they’re trash right. Gintoro is good uh you can use this dude gentoro is use him in clan boss.

I used him in clan boss for a while in a relentless set and boy was he nasty you can use him in spider. You can use him in nether spider. Really a lot of places in the game. He has stealing a hundred percent of the target’s turn meter. Reducing the oni’s rage, vs a3.

His a3 is uh, has a decreased defense. Excuse me and a weekend on a single target on a three turn cooldown and will attack five times instead of one on the fourth use of this skill uh in the same round, so basically uh against clan boss. I mean he’s doing like a million plus damage whenever it comes around uh for the fourth time right, so really really good for clan boss. He out damaged draco more for me uh, which is really really cool. Again.

He has decreased defense and we can he’s bringing on a three-turn cooldown, so good for clan boss, d, buffer uh, so very, very interesting champion in gentoro. I’M a big fan of him same thing with lady kimmy, i’m just gon na say right now that gentoro lady kimmy ninja and rio bonespear, i would say, are the you know the best uh riho and lady kimmy are probably the only two s-tier champions in the Legendary shadow king, in my opinion, however gentoro ninja, uh and maybe genzin are kind of eightier, and then we have uh ninja did i say: ninja tune, ninja, a tier and then uh yoshi also has some you. Well, let’s just talk about match. Why am i? Why am i going out of order bro?

I just wanted to kind of look at them big picture here. Lady kimmy is really really good. She’S so fast guys, she’s good for ice golem, she’s good for spider arena, doom tower waves, eternal dragon, she’s, incredible man, she’s a really really fun champion. She has a lot of turn meter. A lot of control.

She has decreased accuracy on an aoe decreased speed. Also decreased targets turn meters she’s great, for crowd control. She also has removing a buff from each enemy uh, placing or a hundred percent chance winning, but to placing block buffs for two turns black buffs is so good. Guys also has turn meter fill on allies, increase, speed on allies, she’s doing a lot guys, and she has this cool uh passive. You guys can check out as well all about turn meter all about controlling the match.

It’S one of those champions that you put on on your if you’re lucky enough to pull her, you put it on your team and you’re like wow, i don’t notice exactly how she’s doing so much in so many areas, but she’s making a big impact on my Team overall ninja i mean some people were very borderline. Was he going to be good? I was not. I thought he was going to be useful. I saw that one video [ Applause ].

He has a freeze on an aoe 100 land on a freeze on a four turn solid for crowd control, and then this hail burn with the instantly activating hp burn just allows him to do an insane amount of damage uh. He also has a big version: decrease uh defense on his a1 at a dependable 60 land rate, so yeah man, ninja, is really good against bosses, especially right, which is nice to have yoshi the drunkard uh, mainly good in uh of the arena. Because of this ability, increased attack increase accuracy, and then we have a 75 chance of placing true fear, debuff on all enemies, for one turn 100, instead on enemies under increased attack buffs. So some people are a big fan of this uh character. Others are not.

I’M kind of uh lukewarm or warm, i i don’t use them in the arena, even though i i see the value that you can have, you can also use them in frostbiter, though right so you could use him and in faction wars just as a cc champion Right, i think, he’s worth building. He was a a fragment summon. So a lot of people have him. I think he’ll be helpful in faction. Wars is, i guess, the long story short of it but again having the hp burn on a two-turn cooldown does make him worth building if you’re looking for a reliable hp burn a placer on the frost spider, so next up is going to be noble.

Who is the worst legendary champion? I would not build him oof. I would not build him on uh on my main account or on first of all, he’s very slow. What’S up with that man, his base stats just suck right. He has a lot of attack.

Okay, he’s got that going for him at least right, but noble man, noble, noble, noble he’s, only really good guys. He has a lot of synergy between fear and true fear, right uh, which is kind of cool he’s. This is a two-turn cooldown, ignoring defense uh. He has decent multipliers as well a decent base attack, but he’s only really he’s not good against bosses right. You know, thereby you’re only really building it if you need help on waves like doom tower waves.

So if you don’t have seer and you pull a noble and you’re really looking for help on doom tower waves, i guess you could do worse, but i just don’t think he is worth building personally whenever an enemy’s turn is fully depleted by any champion. Has a 50 chance of placing a true fear? Debuff, i don’t know, i guess i don’t know you could pair him with a full turn meter. You know depletion champion like razon scar, height or something have two force chain. There’S some potential there in getting the double cc, but i don’t know i know basically an empty turn meter with the uh with the true fear.

But but i don’t know, man he’s just not not a great champion. All right, genzin is a, i would say, he’s like a tier. You know kind of the same level as you know not, but not the top two, but a little step below he’s a good uh. You know spirit affinity, aoe, decreased defense, champion 100 land rate uh, and each critical hit fills this champion’s turn rear by 10, which is nice on a three-turn cooldown, so pretty cool ability here, and then he has a hard-hitting a3 as well. Let me see if i have that written down somewhere, i don’t have the multipliers on the a3, but it is pretty hard hitting and he has all kinds of turn meter fail for himself in his kit, uh.

So pretty pretty cool champion uh. I don’t think he’s, like god, tier i’d, certainly rather have personally lady kimmy uh gintoro in rio, bone spear and i guess ninja over him, but he’s uh he’s definitely in the yoshi a little bit above yoshi tier rio, bone spirit, guys she’s. In my opinion, the best out of all of the shadowkin faction champions she’s going to be a huge carry if you’re lucky enough to have her in faction wars for anybody, but really clan boss, faction wars, arena doom tower every boss, pretty much you can use her Everywhere she has a heel, continuous heel on the a1 on the a2, look at all the debuff she’s landing good god. It’S landing all of these on a single target on a three-turn cooldown stun, hp, burn decrease, defense decrease, crit rate attack, weaken, and then she has a cleanse on a three-turn cooldown with block bust for two turns and a heel, dude dude she’s, one of the best Support champions inside the entire game uh when receiving any debuffs instantly transfers them from this uh champion to the attacker as well. Pretty gnarly uh yeah.

I said gnarly pretty gnarly passive there on her as well taraghi. The frog is a a really fun champion: really cool for clan boss. Uh, specifically because of this passive when attacked is a 50 percent chance of placing a 5 poison debuff on the attacker for two turns occurs once per hit and there’s no cooldown on that. So it’s a really nice poison, laying passive allah kind of eros to soul, cage uh, so pretty cool. I like that toxic blood.

He also has decreased attack hp base easy to keep alive. He has a provoke on an aoe as well and he has a shield and ally protection on all allies, so good for fire knight, with the reflect damage good for uh clan boss, obviously, especially with that passive uh in the decrease attack and the support right good. For on scarab king as well uh, if you need the shield uh on a three turn, cooldown and ally protect, so you can definitely use this dude. I am a big fan honestly of this champion. Nice support here on this a3.

All right, hotatsu, hotatsu hatatu, is a pretty cool champion. Guys he’s b-tier, in my opinion, he’s good for clan boss right. He has a leech on the a1. He has a decreased attack on the a2 and he has increased defense and continuous heal on a three-turn cooldown. On the a3, really good support champion defense base easy to keep alive again, so i think, he’s definitely worth building for faction wars and actually think that you know i set b tier.

I guess, for an epic he’s, definitely up there in terms of support options. Certainly in shadowkin faction, so i think he’s worth building shaunie might be a little bit more niche she’s good for like clan boss in frost spider, because she has poison sensitivity, uh, which is really nice to have on the a1 as well. So that’s a what 60 land rate on the a1 increase attack and increase accuracy on this champion and then hp burn. If attack is critical, so pretty cool uh having the increased accuracy in her kit as well, on a three-turn cooldown and on the a3 we have an aoe attack with an increased duration of all the bus by one turn again good for clan boss. I don’t think she’s going to be a uh kind of a cool passive too, but i don’t think she’s going to be a must build for faction wars, but i do think she again for uh the frostbiter and for uh clan bosch is good to build sashi.

Sashi is good for turn, meter man she’s. She can be an arena booster as well, so i do think she’s worth building if you’re looking for an arena booster because of this a3 increased attack on all allies and then attacks one enemy and fills the terminators of all allies by 20. If the attack is critical, so again you could do a lot worse for an arena. Speed booster to go. You know either first or second on your team.

She’S a good go first champion, and then she has again uh a leach decreased crit rate decrease accuracy on an aoe on the a1 2. So i think sashi overall is a pretty solid champion. Uh fenshi is up next now. Fenshi is a fire knight specialist guys. If you’re struggling against fire knight go ahead and consider building fenshi, also good against the nether spider, he has decreased speed on his a1 on a three-time hit on his a2 he’s.

Another three-time hit with turn meter depletion on a two-turn cooldown again nowhere to run. Indeed, man, this guy is nasty for fire knight on the a3 attack one enemy two times each hit has a poison debuff for three turns we’ll ignore 10 percent of the tariffs defense for each poison. On the target. I have not seen anybody try him in clan boss, yet the problem with clan boss is 7 38 base defense that really sucks to see, because otherwise he’d be a really incredible option for clan boss for right now. I would only recommend you guys: nether spider and fire knight, uh, burning, geary, burning geary is an interesting champion.

He’S the uh. I did like a stupid rage, shadow legend short video like about two months ago about disney villains. Yeah, nobody watched it. I don’t blame you. I don’t blame you, but anyway he was hades from hercules.

I thought that was a pretty good one. He was the uh, the finale of that uh youtube short. Anyway. We have a provoke on the a walmart, a stun on the a2, an aoe stun at a 60 land rate, uh damage based on defense, and he has a quite a bit of it right. So almost 1400 on the defense pretty slow uh, but we usually see that from our uh provokers on the a3.

We have strengthen and shield without on allies with less than 50 hp, which is a shame man. If that shield would just you know, that’s it even if it wasn’t a uh 15 interest max hp, it’s not a great shield. It’S on a four turn. Uh four turn cooldown and it’s not going on everybody which really sucks, but he does have the best kind of defensive uh. You know alongside ally protection, i guess damage mitigation ability in the game buff and strengthen so he has strengthened.

He has a stun. The weird thing with this guy, though, and he’s tough, to kill too he’ll, shame about 50 percent of the message be whenever an ally or an enemy dies with all that said, though he doesn’t excel in any one area. You know he’s kind of a jack of all trades. He will be very helpful for faction wars, though, so don’t don’t hesitate to build him for faction wars and he might help you out in another area or two gennaro is really bad and it sucks because she’s the champion that we give away for free. On my other channel, when we advertise rage, shot elections that was just between you and me, can’t anything be private.

If you want chinara on a new account check out the download link i’ll throw in the description for you guys, uh, we do have a weekend which is nice honor, a2 uh. Then we have a removes all increased defense bus from all enemies and attacks. All enemies is on a three-turn, cooldown uh, so lay bear is an interesting ability. You could use it. You could argue that it’s usable inside the uh arena right if they have increased defense, but i don’t know i mean it’s not that hard hitting that’s the problem.

Right so yeah sure you get to remove increased defense, buffs, provided you have enough accuracy and then what you know you’re not going to kill them all. Probably then she has like a mediocre weekend on her a2. I don’t think she’s worth building, unfortunately, but if you want to again you know you can’t fix stupid corey, not very impressed with this champion at all. I do think that he is potentially worth building for fashion wars, he’s slow 90 speed, uh, not a lot of defense either right. He’S attack based champion of course, three times at random.

Each hit has a hundred percent freeze on a three-turn cooldown, so not bad again, and i mentioned faction wars, not super impressive. But if you’re looking for a dependable freeze on the a2 and then a small chance that a freeze on the a1 uh, you could do a lot worse than gory right. So he has ignored increased defense and shield buffs. Also 50 percent of the turrets defense. If they’re under a freeze and a counter attack an increase, uh attack buff on this champion, if it kills an enemy again, one of those champions on paper seems pretty cool.

I think that we’re gon na have to wait till faction wars to see if he really justifies building, because i think there’s better cc champions out there inside the game. He doesn’t deal enough damage for attack based champion, in my opinion, to be worth uh recommending highly you guys, build jurajin is a really trash champion. In my opinion, i pulled him on my free to play and there’s no chance in hell that i build this dude out, guys he’s an hp based champion. It’S a lot of hp he’s got that going for him and he does have decreased attack on his a1. So not bad but the rest of his kit.

You know i don’t know uh a shield on himself provoke for one turn on one enemy: okay, a single target provoke with a million books cool, and then we have attack one enemy, ignore 25 percent of the target’s defense, also ignorant killable and block damage. So i guess a super niche arena champion uh. I don’t like him i’d much rather go with a guy that we’ll talk about in two seconds here, a borrow, very cool champion, guys great multipliers on the a1. She has a 4.2, i believe, attack multiplier.

It’S one of the hardest hitting a1s in the game. Now, if it turns into an aoe attack, it’s still pretty high, i think it’s around 2.5 2.6 multiplier so again, uh attacks, one enemy has a 50 chance of placing the big version of decreased defense. We’Ll talk all enemies instead, if the target is under four or more debuffs, so a pretty cool a1 and then again, multipliers just everywhere is really really solid.

In her kit attack one enemy two times on a three turn: cooldown, we have increased crit rate. Increased damage on herself, then attacks another enemy on a three-turn, cooldown, perfect veil. I, like this champion a lot she’s, certainly not ester in my opinion, but she’s really really fun, and if i pulled her, i would be tempted to build her out. If i’m looking for kind of an eclectic damage dealing champion in the game, you can have some fun with her in the arena as well, because, as i said, she hits pretty hard jimbo. The dishonored he’s the better version of a champion that will ignore unkillable, uh buffs right uh, save your uh resources.

Don’T go with this guy jurojin go with jen bo the dishonored granted. He is a void champion, it’s harder to get your hands on and he only needs about uh 5. 000 books. I mean good god plarium with these new champions, dude an aoe attack with a heart. All you do know about this guy is that passive immune to decrease attack and ignore unkillable, while he’s under increased attack uh so very, very effective for the arena right, he has increased crit rate, increased crit damage and then grants an extra turn.

So you can open up doing this move he’ll deal even more damage and then you go and you kill everybody with the a2 he’s a fun arena champion for sure. Taiya is the last time we’re going to talk about in this video uh taya is really cool. Looking she’s no one’s gon na get her for a while right. She has decreased accuracy on her a1 she’s, a doom tower uh secret room champion, but we’ll talk about her anyway right, three-time hitter on her a2 each hit has a poison, that’s solid right and then she has the poison activation and hp burn attacks. One enemy has a hundred percent chance of instantly activating any poison in hp burn debuffs on the target also has 75 chance of placing a heel reduction or 100 on a three turn cooldown.

I think she’s going to be a good champion. I think she’s gon na be able to deal a ton of damage paired with another. You know: good poison, hb burn champions on the same team, however, we did just get venomage, who you know. Arguably, his kit is just as good as taya is a little bit different. So you know these instant activation champions.

They’Ve been adding to the game, have been amazing, but by the time anybody gets their hands on taya. My question is: is there gon na be so much power creep that it doesn’t even matter anymore anyway, guys not to leave you with a negative thought uh on this video? But that’s gon na conclude this episode kind of reviewing every single shadowkin uh champion and uh talking about who’s worth it and who’s. Not. Let me know if you have any firsthand experience on other champions that i mentioned that you disagree with.

So, in other words, hey you might love noble, you might have mashed them out. Let me know about it in the comments below. Thank you guys so much for watching all the way till the end and as always, take care guys. [, Music, ],

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