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Hey guys, what’s going on it’s ash here coming at you today in rage, shadow legends, a quick video for you guys, but a very important video because listen we mentioned this about. I don’t know six months ago, but rare champions inside this game, main plarium. You got ta up your game. You got ta up your game when it comes to rare champions, because they’re adding all kinds of amazing epic champions, all kinds of amazing, legendary champions, but not so much when it comes to rares or uncommon champions. A matter of fact, there’s only really one or two rare champions that were added the last year, plus maybe two years that, in my opinion, are even worth building now, what’s more than that, is that you know, as they add, more epics and more legendaries.

It’S increasingly make it more difficult for me to justify you guys using your resources to upgrade rare champions beyond level 50.

That’S a huge kind of disclaimer to this video or caveat to this video. I think there’s a lot of rare champions worth upgrading to level 50, but to use those extra chickens or to spend all that time and energy and resources into upgrading all the way from five star to six star. I feel like people are wasting resources needlessly on rare champions right now inside the game, because epics and legendaries are just becoming more and more easy to come by inside this game. So we have to reflect the direction that plarium is kind of moving here.

They’Re moving us away from rares, i mean epics – are the new, legendary and legendary are the new whatever, but rares are really the new uncommons in a lot of cases. Some of you might disagree, but in today’s video i’m gon na go through the champions. The only champions that i would even bother taking to level 60 just my personal list here – i’m sure yours will differ but again an important video, because i don’t want to see you guys – or at least i was going to say. I don’t want to see you waste your resources, but who am i to tell you what to do right? Absolutely absolutely.

I want to send the message to make you at least think twice before upgrading a rare champion, because, honestly, i’m starting to feel more and more like rares are just not worth it sure they’re easier to upgrade, but it used to be back in the day. You know two years ago when i started uploading raid shadow legends, there’s a bunch of rare champions that are definitely worth upgrading, because there wasn’t that many good epics there wasn’t that many good or accessible legendaries in the game now with daily login rewards ninja and a Bunch of new epic champions secret room doom tower all this stuff way more two times, events back in the day, you guys know you og players. It was like you know, months and months between two time events. Now it’s like every other week right, so things have changed a lot now. This goes even for my i’m on my pay-to-win account right now, oh snap, but it goes even from my free to play, because let me tell you, i pulled a lot of these rares.

Most of these rares – and i am not investing on my free to play – account, there’s only so many resources in this game. Only so much energy and silver you’re gon na have a tough time if you spread yourself too thin, okay. So, let’s start out. None of the banner lords i used to love dagger. I used to you know.

If you’re looking for good level 50 rares, i had a video with mcdarth microtransaction about uh two months ago. I will link that for you guys in the show notes below we go over a bunch of rares that are worth building to level 50, especially for faction wars, help in those areas right, however, beyond that none of them, none of them dagger, i’m not gon na – Spend at this point in the game, just as an example, i think she’s a great champion, she’s, very, very squishy and that’s part of the reason. Rares are difficult to ride into the end game. If you’re, not in game right now, you’re going to be eventually i’d rather invest in a champion. That’S going to you that i’m going to use in the end game right so dagger, i’m not going to use e-granted avoid affinity 75 chance of placing a decreased defense.

I’M not going to use her 75. I want a 100 chance, there’s enough of them out there now in the game, greedy greedy. Yes, sir and uh, i want one: that’s a little bit uh a little bit healthier than 12k hp with 793 on the on the defense. Okay, so none of them here, unfortunately, high elves. Yes, definitely right, there’s two of them and there is it’s apothecary uh.

You know great heel, great speed, ability with term meter boost gon na help you out, even in the end game, he’s very fast at 106 speed, yeah, of course, apothecary is still an og. An amazing champion. I’M not gon na include the four starters, because they’re all worth investing and final kind of disclaimer here as we go into the second champion, is if your end and end game. This does not apply to you either because you’re probably maxing out a lot of these champions just for the secret rooms of doom tower hard, which is the most in-game content, the most difficult content inside the entire game. So that’s excluding you guys right.

The five of you watching right now right, relic, retender, uh, she’s amazing, i mean she has a cleanse, which is so important in the game, becomes more and more important for every boss. They add to this freaking game right and then she has a revival as well: relic retender, you guys know if you’ve been watching the channel for any amount of time she’s one of my favorite champions inside the game sacred order, nobody [ Music ]. None of these fools i’m not investing in any of them. I used to like draconis, but now you know who needs a shield on a three-turn, a mediocre shield like that on a three-turn cooldown, i’m investing in draconis, but only for level 50.

That’S it.

That’S it. I’M not wasting my time farming, a bunch of uh, a bunch of food for that champion. I’M not doing it. If you guys want to so be it don’t. Do it you’ll regret it man trust me marked.

I took her off the list. I, like this champion, don’t get me wrong, but that defense is too low. I love this ability and it’s very unique right block debuffs and increase defense uh on a three-turn cooldown for a rare champion, she’s the only one that has it right: there’s uh doom uh. What’S his name freaking uh? What is his name uh?

What is that dude’s name so me think why waste time say lot word when few words do trick uh there is another increased defense champion, doomscreech my bad, but both especially marked, i think, she’s, just too squishy to ride into the end game, and you know you Guys might make the decision that that she’s worth it and if you do yeah sure she’s great, but you can run this ability even putting the books into it at level 50.

She doesn’t need to be level 60 right because she’s gon na she’s gon na eventually taper off no one uses marked in the end-to-end game. Sure you can, but you know for me, she’s not worth it so for me here and i love a lot of these champions. But for me the only one really worth investing in is war maiden because you have the force affinity, defense, breaker on the three-turn cooldown right, so we’re men. I was still invest in uh, but that’s it right.

Moving along here we get to ogren there’s only one and it’s bellower bellower’s still a beast in the game. I am still investing in belarua and aoe on every single ability he’s like the poor man’s biggen right yeah, but uh. Also, a good campaign farmer option, for you guys can put him in a sunset, a lot of utility you can get out of bellower, so he’s definitely on my list. Next up is going to be a lizard man. That’S right!

There is a lizard man who i would invest in guys and it’s metal, shaper metal shaper is very unique because he has a two turn cool down shield aoe shield on all allies. It’S applied for two turns it lasts for two turns it’s a cool down for two turns: there’s only three or four champions in the game who have that ability right logic, valkyrie metal, shaper. There could be one i’m missing, but it’s a very unique ability to have specifically for the scarab king, so i would uh invest in metal shaper because he does serve kind of that niche role and that’s what i’m looking from from these champions now, i’m looking for Them to at least bring something unique to the table, and that’s what i feel like they ought to do with these rares right. Give us some better rares in the game, but just have them serve like one roll, even champions like gnarlhorn like raybeard. I think they’re great at level 50, especially for those auras uh, but i’m not maxing them out because and again proof is in the pudding here.

I’M putting my money where my mouth is here, because i have these champions on my free to play. I’M not investing in them, i’m no longer doing it. Two years ago, of course, i was now i’m not doing it guys, no orcs, i’m not investing in any orcs anymore demon spawn i’m going for felhound, of course, he’s still the best campaign farmer in the game. Man, arguably right up there, arguably better than queen ava so yeah fellhound is a boss, definitely worth maxing out right uh. He you might build a farm without maxing him out.

Honestly, you know he’s that good. I put him in attack percentage boots and he might be able to get by at level 50. You guys. Let me know if you try, i actually don’t use uh. I was lucky enough to pull queen ava pretty early on, so i don’t use spellhound as a campaign farmer, so i never maxed them out.

But let me know if you can be used at level 50 if any of you guys do uh. So, moving on to the undead horde uh, only one champion again frozen banshee if you’re looking for that poison on the a1 poison sensitivity as well poison sensitivity, there’s still not that many champions in the game who have it right, so frozen, banshee a great option for You guys, as a rare champion, she can deal out a ton of damage poison sensitivity here. It is on the a3 and the poison big boy version of the big girl version of the poison on the a1, so frozen banshee still worth investing in for clan boss. Specifically uh, that’s it that’s it for undead horde, guys i mean champions like banshee. Uh can be fun again as seducer as well doomscreech.

We already mentioned. He has this ability here really nasty ability, but i can’t – and i won’t max him out to six shut stars. So i’m gon na stop repeating it, but you guys get the point right. All right next up is going to be uh. This is a fast video.

I wasn’t lying guys. This is good. This is fun all right. I like paying keeper a lot. I, like judge a lot.

I like a lot of these champions. However, i’m only investing in coal tar here in the dark, elves coldheart still is a legendary champion. I swear she is a legendary champion, uh her. I think she’s, really, the only one that i would say has a legendary s kit because of this uh a3 ability here, uh, the my other two favorites. For me, the only st rares in the entire game are apothecary coal, tar and relic retender.

For me personally, bellower right there kind of, but that that’s about it uh, but cold, tart, yeah she’s, definitely worth building not one uh, but but two of uh three, maybe even uh she’s, that good right uh for fire night for spider and for basically everywhere all Right so nice revenant ash walker, bro. I can’t pick you man, i can’t pick you. I love my. I mean it’s me, [, Music, ], i’m almost contractually obligated to tell you guys max, is a dude maxim. He’S that good he’s not he’s not.

He deals some damage, though, if you’re looking for an arena, nuker sure use him, but no, no he’s not on my list guys it’s going to be renegade uh here, uh, because renegade is really really solid because of this ability right decrease the cooldown of all alice Killed by two turns uh, basically, a poor man’s uh, a poor man’s prince kymar and she’s really really effective on some of the top teams in the game, so she’s definitely worth investing in also. I have coffin smasher on my list, believe it or not guys. He is worth investing in, you could argue even take him to level 50 is good enough as well, because he doesn’t scale as well as some other champions in terms of hp burners, but he has a decreased attack on the a1 and his hp burn on the A2 – that’s really all you need to know about this champion. Well, i guess other than decreasing damage enemies inflict by aoe attacks nice to have that passive as well. So i do think that coppin smasher is an underrated, rare champion and a rare champion worth investing in, and i guess the last guy, even in dwarves guys i mean you could argue, there’s a bunch of good champions here.

Khazar depart dilgal, uh avir, the alkamage. There’S a bunch bulwark, but really, if i pulled any of those champions, i would be sitting here lying to you guys if i said that i would immediately go and max them out on my free to play. So i cannot stand by it. I’M trying to be real trying to be real with you guys. Odachi, though, he’s on the list he’s the last rare that i would max out only because shadowkin is going to be a new faction war crypt and there’s not a lot of options out there and i do think he’s a really good support champion.

He’S defense based so he’s easy to keep alive compared to a lot of these champions. He has a provoke on the a1 35 chance, not too bad on the a2. He has a shield on himself an aoe attack based on uh defense and again that’s a three turn cooldown, so he deals some damage for you as well, and then he has block a d bus for one turn and increased defense on all allies for two turns On a three-turn cooldown, it’s the weak version of increased defense, as opposed to say marked, but again he is defense based way easier to keep alive and i think he’ll help a lot of people out in faction wars. Now, in a year from now, i might go back on my word and say: okay now we have plenty of options. We don’t need him anymore, but i did include him on the list because i did want to point out.

I think he’s the only rare in shadow can worth investing to level 60. If you do need that support in faction wars, guys that’s gon na do it. I wan na hear from you guys who did i snub? Who on this list, did you take personal offense to these videos always get people triggered, because i leave a lot of champions that you guys love off but again here guys, i’m not here to pander and say that every champion’s, the best ever i’m here to give You my real opinion on and save some of you, hopefully from from wasting your resources and, more importantly, open your uh, your mind to the idea that you can invest in rares just by taking them to level 50 and they can serve a lot of utility. For you and your teams, in your account without having to you, know, farm all that extra resources use all that extra, either money or time, because everything comes down to that in this game.

Uh, hopefully, just saved you a little bit of time or a little bit of money, guys we’re gon na end the video there. Thank you so much for watching until the very end and as always, take care guys, [, Music, ],

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