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This actually works really great in defense, A lot of people who attacked me with seeing this this defense here And they were all dominant and losing crazy. So this works and it’s very applicable, Save your crazy gear, save your resistance gear, Especially gear that has speed. I see it ahead of the 375 Siphi. You have cleansed me And prosperity. I went before 375 Siphi speed and it cleared me up. This is beautiful for you guys It’s true. There is something special Welcome back. Thank you very much for watching another new episode Today. I wanted to delve into a strategy that felt very interesting Something different. We can use Whether in attack or defense, specifically when it comes to targeting Dominance teams, And I think you will Actually like this – This set isn’t talked about much and isn’t used very often, And I found a good place for it, But before getting into the actual Main video today I wanted to address a few things. Specifically. You know the rebalancing update. You know it’s a lot different Feedback. Some very good very much was very positive. [ video in description ], Then HellHades makes a video on her that he saw his reaction Precisely when we talk about Madame Ceres and How specifically ranked her with 10 out of 10 changes. If she had Her, defense is constantly removed from three turns into two turns.

There was a reason to do that, and I just want to go ahead and address this Just so you guys can see both sides of things. First, I want to let you know that I’m probably the only person at the top That Madam Ceres does not use. You know Everyone uses it Pay. It is by far the most wanted hero The most powerful hero And, for me, it doesn’t matter whether they are Save her on Earth or keep her up in exactly the same way. She is now One song didn’t make all the difference. For me, The reason I feel this has changed is that they will announce a reason Now, most likely everything will be subject to change Changeable, as I said about it, so it is changeable. I want to repeat: This is as important as possible because a lot It could happen every now and then announcing these changes On the eighth or ninth of September. The reason I specifically mentioned was that it was a 10 out of 10 change, Because many people depend on this hero. A lot of people use this hero in every aspect of the game, So this is a very sensitive topic in society. You know if you want to know the real truth. If you want to know exactly how I am feeling, I will tell you guys exactly how I feel, and I am sure I will have a lot of hate. You know when you guys will ever give an opinion about which hero It is a double-edged sword, I’ll cut here and I’ll get cut here, No matter what I will do This aspect, please or I will not please this aspect, one way or another Any opinion. I have is bound to make someone angry So by telling me That changing her from triple cool down to slow down twice was a 10 out of 10 change. Obviously, that pissed off a group of people For me now to tell you what I really feel like this tournament: It will anger more people, But I’ll just let you guys know just so. You know My thoughts on that. Why is this an epic hero? Has the ability to strip debuffs and place them to reduce attack and reduce defense?

Why is this ability so strong that it is even stronger Of almost any ability, any mythical character? Has it For me the way I will think about them. Uh reform the lady and make her more alert like an epic, because she is not myth. Keep this in mind that it is not legendary, He removed the tape from the buff And only to put down defense and reduce attack, Then for her A2 to add and buffs strip it. The way this hero is going to be properly balanced, but you know what you told me I’ll get all the hate in the world and my goal Actually plarium. If this is going to be the way they are, we will change it To keep it this way, Because I am after the community. I am after what society wants, Not what I want what I feel like you know. I want this game to grow. I want this game to flourish. I want this game to be taken to the next level. I am all about the fact that I care a lot about society So much about the game, and I didn’t We want them to really touch this hero, even if caught even these ones Tuning heroes. My whole idea about this video that I made to rebalance Orange leaves were mythical mighty, leaves polished And refine weaker myths. That was my whole idea. This way, we can kind of have someone Some some middle line in between for everyone to be happy. You know Because, at the end of the day, madame can be this Only one hero that the player should use as a down and defense As a tape or as a defense down an illusion period. Relying on this hero. All the time now will pull that ability. These players don’t know how to play the game anymore.

I mean this: is it This madness and how important one change he can make for the hero? That’S why I always say: Leave the strong and strong one Refine the weak to be strong. This has always been my whole philosophy when it comes to this, And I don’t want to keep doing that more and more. I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m not an idiot. I realize she overcame to a great extent. There are other methods you can do as well. Remove this minimization attack clearly not needed In addition to lowering your defense. This can also turn into a one-time cooldown. I mean there are millions of ways you can spend this hero, But I would have felt it if you were to just take this Power and reduce it to two turns instead of three turns. I thought this was perfect because it would please the community. This is my point And again I am after society, not after what Mane personally wanted. Let’S get into the video So below you, You will have a link to all debuff cleaners within the game, So you can take a look at them because everyone probably has a different person. There is a shaman to touch the sky. There is a Hackorn Smash. Lord Bad Alcazar Two legs a lot of difference heroes, But I wanted to show you two men walking, and this is how I use it now. It’S actually quite interesting how I use it, So I mainly use it to attack the dominant teams And she’s in a frenzy, And this set is really amazing, Especially when you are building it with high resistance. Because now, whenever you attack a dominant team Or a dominant team, attacking me Raglan will resist, because no one really builds uh Nearly 300 dominant speed and 550 resolution. They just don’t have enough equipment to be able to do so. So, most of the time they choose to start first, rather than the higher resolution.

So I just want to show you how this layer worked for me, Its defensive scoring just until you have an idea wow And for you to know it now it has all been deleted. But, as you can see here, You beat the dominant here, Hey man. I had the full login and once I clicked sign up, everything was gone Another dominant team. Here I won Against this. I think I lost, Which won’t always be a 100 % win, But take a look at this team that I’ve made here. This team feeds Haig to attack Because I’m super fast. So it is bait that someone uses an attack against me and when they do, They have a little bit of a surprise. So I’m going to touch her professors and everything like that. But first I’d like to show you guys Exactly: how do I use it in battle? You can get a better idea about this layer. I see it went 375 before Siphi. She cleansed me And prosperity. I advanced my 375 speed and my summer cleansed me. This is beautiful, guys, It’s true. There is something special And purified. Let’S try to go against the shield team. Let’S see how it goes.

We have not tried this. I hope it is not a nuclear weapon. Let’S make sure we can remove these, even though that will be very important Just want to show you guys. Maybe we can do this with 314, What Accuracy and 314 speed judgment? Let’S see how it goes: No Nuke, Hege, OK, so interesting! Well, she’s purified! Look at that! Guy Cleansed! Oh boy! Ok, You see there. You guys The power of that crazy group. You know It really is. If you use it right. Obviously, I still need to fine-tune the mine a bit. This is clear and this is given Hope it’s not a Nuke Hege. Oh, and this is Nuke Hege, OK, OK, that’s the problem Either way take care of the business there. I can’t actually try Tormmin Here. Let’S try Tormmin Oops, I forgot to put on Siphi, Let’s see how it goes. Actually, this is a good thing. Look at that We will remove the Balr, which we will be moving the shields on. We will operate automatically. Oh, she is hardly Oh. It’S hardly uh. You will go first Well, you have cleared up Cleansed Well, we got our attack on top. Well, what’s going to happen now Come on Tronda, OK, So he runs oh Barry’s, quick set, which will obviously work Buy a lot of time. It was a group that was just underestimated to say the least, But as you can see, it has high resistance. Oil cleanser Really works, really cool. You guys know. I wish I had provided more resistance gear, which was one of the biggest mistakes I made, And I will review another video to tell us all the details.

But I wanted some kind of sharing You get how this hero was built and what exactly did it do to it Viable in a nuclear weapon, Heiji Strat? Basically, when I will put the King of the Mountains Wah with my mountain kingly shield, I am, She should be able to survive any Nuke Hege And then you’ll still be able to go first And my entire team cleaned. So it is very possible to use this strategy in many different ways, And I said In so many different heroes. I just found Raglan very interesting to use this underneath, But then again it can be used under anyone. As you can see, my gear is not crazy gear.

It is not a fee can be made. The speed is much faster than the one-piece speed interpolated I did. Ah You know I can really push this to like 280 to 90 speeds And lower the resistance a little. If you wanted to know, but I did, They want to go ahead and just show you guys what kind of gear I’m working with. I put her on uh gang attack, because I want her to lose a lot of HP. It could in fact, have a lot more HP Or is she booked, and this is the most important place, So you have two options when it comes to here. What you want to choose is that you do not want to choose what you want. That will reduce its harm Too much because you want it to take damage because every 5 % The damage you incur will increase this tachometer.

So you want to maintain the highest possible resistance at the maximum possible speed, Taking the maximum amount of damage. This is how it works. Selfless defender is uh, definitely go Here. You have a choice among the bulls Or, if you need that extra resistance, I find the resistance of 550 to be many Most of the Higgs. Don’T lock me at 550 resistance, So this is too much for me, So this is going to be Way to go for her to take the most damage and I feel like this – It works really great in defense, especially, It is a shame that I have it. Defense record: I can promise you guys there was. There were a lot of people who attacked me too much. People who attack me so see this This defense here and they were all the dominant ones, were losing madly. So this works, and it’s very applicable, Save your crazy gear, Save your resistance equipment, Especially gear that has speed I’ll, go into it in great detail in the next video. That would be very useful for the total base. Uh players. Let me know what you guys are thinking,

Let me know if you guys have a hero, craze group, If you use one, how do you use one? I am always looking for feedback on what I could improve If you liked the video, if you liked something exit it because I think crazy, The group has been underrated greatly and I believe it has a lot of potential uses, Especially moving forward with the Void Tower. I think it will be used very well there, especially with therapists, So thank you very much again for tuning it in It was my absolute pleasure and even next time I take care of yourself.

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