Welcome from New to the all-new RAID Shadow Legends series we’re introducing to most of you They all know me for posting ring videos and getting into strategies in all kinds of things that are all related to the arena But This is not the direction I want a channel to follow in I want this channel to be the one stop source for all your needs when it comes to pioneer Shadow Legends And to be very frank and very honest with all of you And I’m kind of one hat-trick pony.

I would say that I am I mastered, and would love to know my things in the arena. But in other aspects of the game , I don’t have all the good knowledge like some moderators And some people who are my disagreement do So, so I want you all to know that this whole series focuses on one thing and one thing only And he’s for everyone who watches the next set of six upcoming videos Which will help you all tremendously in getting Lydia Faction wars [Raid Shadow Legends – Faction Wars Guide] Just to give you a little background story on this We registered Me and Azazzlle I picked up Azazzlle. However, there were a lot of other people in the moderator’s conversation. I could do that too, I chose it precisely because it is He has a lot of patience and a great wealth of knowledge And I’m planning to do a lot of collaborations with the other supervisors later on, So The whole aspect and everything this series is about is the easiest possible way to get to Lydia, Which is the path of least resistance and least resource consuming To be able to get three stars in all Phase 21 in Faction Wars Just to give you a background She sent her three hour-long videos that Azazel prepared, probably for a few days.

And um, I sent it to Grimm, and it just wasn’t up to him And we had to go back to the drawing board and re-record this entire series one more time And we did because we had one goal in mind To offer you first class quality and to give you Few comments as far as he is concerned Now once you send all this to my partner Grimm, It takes days And not hours Days to edit these videos So they can make sure that he can make sure you are enjoying With the best possible quality in this channel and you are You all understand everything as clearly as possible Now I want to clarify something We are providing you with a great deal of tools for you to navigate faction wars here But we don’t So I don’t want to leave you hanging out if I’m almost there Where the discord begins to play, Come join the discord in Any time you have one faction stuck in, You can post your available heroes there, and we’ll make sure You get All this and it was Community mail This channel is all I do here To bring positive And like The community is amazing together in one This is the goal I am trying to grow an incredible community with the best players in the world, all under one discord.

Everyone crafting theory together Everyone get along together Russians love first ever Russians All together She is able to be in the framework of one sedition discussing all kinds of ideas And everything is in peace and harmony together That was my vision, and it was my goal So this is a series about Faction Wars, This is a series on how to Bypass it in the easiest way possible, The first video starts off as a generic video as far as the tips are concerned Such as Lydia Private Collection Out, Why do you want to have it And all these good things Then we go into the details And when I tell you the details, we are We talk about every single manager and group Their complete tools How about working Wave 21 exactly, You need to do to make it happen Everything is going to be discussed here What I am asking you all is to please watch all of this in full If you have not completed the faction wars yet Whether this does not help you for any reason Add my voice to strife, and let us present to you that share pay So we can help you do that Because that is what I want to do I want to help all of you progress to the next level.

And I thank you all from the bottom of my heart I thank Azazel from the bottom of my heart. And each supervisor separately, Everyone in my conflict was helping people Thank you all very much, because without all of you. We will not have this society that we have, So I feel overly happy, and I just want to say thank you all Big cries to Grimm, Thank you so much, man I mean you have been working with me full time It’s amazing to know that he’s like you And I have this partnership Where from the start We did nothing but live together and respect each other And developing love for each other It is amazing what we feel Its blessed is unbelievable And you all contribute to this And I would like to thank you all very much So, now we’re going to end the factional war Better, believe horoscopes of death Next, I’ll give you everything in the sign of death.

I will review Every aspect of the game So that I can help all of you to progress on Come off Hope you hear that Because I mean that, So I appreciate it, I really appreciate everyone clicking and watching this video. And I just want to thank you all and give you a big thumbs up and support If you like this, please “like” it. Click This bell notice if you really enjoy it And most of all Join this disagreement so we can communicate directly together, Thank you again, and I hope you enjoyed the video

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