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You Can’t Solo Bommal Floor 90 on Hard I Raid Shadow Legends


What’s going on guys, it is murderinc here back with another readshot elections, video, and today, once again we’re talking about dreadhorn bomb with the boss. It’S providing so many issues for tons of players. We’Re going to be talking about stage 90 again. It’S right around the corner: it’s already here for some people who are going to be watching in the future, so I want to talk about samara, gem, cursed, rory and geary. All the champions that are being used to solo first thing i want to discuss is going to be burn.

Geary cannot solo stage 90

I used my best gear. I tried giving the champion a full team of five to support the champion and, unfortunately, the damage is just way too much. The biggest change you’re going to see from any floor to stage 90 is going to be the raw damage, not the side dread bomb damage, but the raw damage the boss does ramps up significantly for stage 90.. So what i want to talk about today is samara.

Gem curse specifically since we’ve already ruled out the shadow king champion, so as we can see here, samara gem curse can complete floor 90 on hard for the doom tower of this rotation. However, he cannot sold away now you might be thinking. What do you mean? You can’t solo it. You have a windscreen right in front of you.

A victory screen floor 90.

The issue with samara – gem curse is, he requires every single other champion you see here or he is not going to succeed and i’m not just talking about them for wave, clear, they’re needed for mastery reasons, i’m only using three of their champions specifically for speed reasons. As well so there’s a lot that goes into this, and i really don’t want people getting baited into attempting this and i’m going to show you why momentarily so. The first thing i want to do is: let’s go ahead and look at how i geared samara jam cursed, he’s currently wearing regeneration, set as well as immortal set, but look at his gear and look at his stats. He has 98.

000 health, 3
4: 000 defense 237 speed, crit rate crit damage. None of that matters, but to get these stats alone with these two specific sets are extremely difficult. We’Re talking about very few players, especially ones who happen to have samar jamkurst, are going to be able to replicate this, and on top of that, this team is not a 100 win rate and from what i can see, there is no way to make it a 100 win rate, so now that we went over that, i want to kind of take you through a run, so you fully understand now, while i am talking about stage 90, this will definitely work for the other stages. So if you don’t really care, if you’re, only looking for one champion with four or three supporting champions to get you through stage, 10, 50 and 90 on normal in 10 and 50 and hard, it’s definitely possible for you, these stage, 50 stats are going to be relatively high, as well with this gear set so make sure you’re careful before investing too much into the champion, is if you cannot hit the stats required for the other difficulties, you’re going to have less than a 20 win rate, and this run, as we saw from The beginning screen takes a very long time as it is so. First, let’s talk about the other champions ushan, i am using a speed, or here you don’t in fact need a speed aura.

This is just one iteration. I use that seemed to be the most stable of all with the highest chance of success out of every single combination that i personally tried, and it has to do with using busan with the speed aura and only three champions, because i am using a master that Gives me increased speed once these three champions die. However, with that being said, i am going to show you this picture right here, which is using samara. Gem curse as the leader with the hp aura, kandra finn, soul, drinker as well as septimus. So there was a quick switch there between fushon and kantravin, but it is possible without a speed aura.

However, like i said this team does not have as high of a win rate as the other team is going to have so getting back to this team. The main thing you need to know is: you have to disable everything minus the a1 and, of course, you can use this a3 as the opener, since it’s an aoe and any extra damage you can make to the trash will speed up your run significantly. The rest of the ai toggles here, don’t matter at all, so let’s hit save to initiate this team and let’s watch the run in action. So another thing that you’re going to notice very quickly is to have the highest chance of success for this team. Specifically, all three champions have to die before you hit the boss.

Now i’ve done at least 55 runs of this with just this specific setup as far as fushon being the leader. This isn’t including anything else where i tried some our gem cursed as leader, and if these champions survive going into the next wave and they are not killed, it has a higher chance of failing because of what it does to the turn meter of the boss and Once we do get to the boss, i’m going to explain a few things as to why it’s really hard to make this even close to 100 win rate is there’s just a certain condition that i don’t even think there’s a single player in this game with gear. Good enough to be able to out do whatever rng we’re gon na see here. So we did have two champions survive here. So it’s not going to be the highest chance of success.

We did get some decent damage onto the boss, the main thing to notice, and what i’m referring to before is going to be this ability right here, someone’s a dread, mom and grants an extra turn now. This extra turn here has terrible synergy with his other skills, because they’re both three turn cooldowns. So as we can see, eventually, the order of the skills are going to change based on samar, jemker’s turn meter and based on the boss’s turn meter. The more often he starts to use this extra turn we’re either gon na get the remove buff or we’re going to get the hp burn application on samar. So, of course, the hp burn.

Isn’T anything we’re going to be worried about here. However, after these abilities, he’s always going to follow up with his basic a1 ability, which is going to reduce the cooldown of the bombs on him by one and instantly activate the hp run on the target by one turn. So you can see, there’s tons of damage and, as we just saw there, that was a failed run because the condition wasn’t met. So this is very different from other strategies where one champion solos the bosses samara. Gem chris is not soloing anything simply because of the setup required from every single other champion here and how specific it is.

Now i have heard about, and i’ve seen other people claiming that they have a very high win rate of this. It’S really consistent. I’Ve replicated their exact stats and i’ve done it on stream, and i had about 200 people watching me fail over and over again, which just goes to show you. Sometimes, when people make videos they’re only showing you the successful runs and they’re, not showing you all of the failed runs that it will in fact take another thing to keep in mind here, which once again makes this composition. Such a nightmare to kind of handle is since, for my case, the champions do have to die.

They also need enough damage to actually clear the trash wave, because if you just throw smart gem curse in there, the trash is going to one shot him. So it’s not a true solo champion run so on top of needing borderline ridiculous gear for samara, gem curse, you also need incredible: savage gear, cool gear attack gear, any type of gear, that’s extremely end game to be dealing tons of damage to the trash waves. Now i did cheat a little bit using soul, drinker the bombs do a significant amount of damage based on the amount of attack he has. So i do have that going for me. While i do use soul drinker.

However, if you want to use straight up nuke champions, i would recommend not using any spirit affinity champions because, like i said, if they make it to the boss, they get a weak hit. They survive that extra round you’re going to throw the turn meter off and i have failed from a desync in his skills at one percent health. So just consider that for one moment you invest in all of these champions, swap your gear around you’re spending, millions of silver making sure all the gear is just right, and then you get eight minutes into the run at one percent. Health and the whole team falls apart now, while i’m not opposed to having champions like samara. Gem curse be really good for soloing things like we’ve all seen it does work for normal difficulty.

Very well has a chance of working on every single floor of the hard doom tower. However, based on the previous videos that i’ve released from the full guide, i made of baumel with using whirling frosting and resistance to the video i released just before this one that had to do with no resistance raw healing stage 90 as well. That took way less effort and way less gear than banking on one champion here. So it’s pretty obvious for a team like this. You need one specific champion which would be samar, then rather specific other champions.

You do need these specific speed aura that fushon gives. So if you don’t have him you’re going to struggle quite a bit because he’s also a wave clear champion and if you have to use some random champion with the same amount of speed or that he does have you’re gon na have to make up that damage Elsewhere between the first and second video guides that i did release or bombo the dread horn for any single difficulty, there was a range from 15 solid champions, all the way to 50 or 55 champions. You can use with the strategies that i did discuss in those videos to successfully be this really annoying boss on any difficulty, including 90 hard. So with that fact alone, unless you’re missing every single champion and possibility for my previous videos or any other five main teams you could think of, i would not recommend anyone actually attempt to use samara gemcurst or this solo for the opportunity and the chance of beating This boss, unless it’s literally your last resort, all right guys, that’s going to conclude my video today on my personal thoughts after testing samar jam curse in stage 90 of the hard difficulty, my honest feedback from all the testing i’ve done. Let me know what you guys think, hopefully no one invested too hastily into this champion if they really weren’t sure for having no real indication or little indication as to how well this champion would in fact work all the way to stage 90 as we do approach The opening of stage 90, let me know what champions you guys are planning on using.

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