What’s up Guys, Rogue-9 here. As some of you may have seen recently a Rogue-9 discord member by the name of Simmer created a little operator ranking poll that I helped to share. In this poll Rainbow six players were asked to assign each operator a rank, with S-rank being the best followed by A through F-ranks. So essentially each operator was graded on a scale from one to seven. And what this poll has delivered for us is essentially a ranking of all operators in the game from best to worst. based on the opinions of 1298 respondents.

Plus I was able to determine which of the operators divided the player opinions the most. Joining me today to discuss these findings are four of the top Rainbow Six Siege analytical commentators in alphabetical order, we have Coreross: “Hey guys”; Get Flanked: “What’s up guys. I’m Get Flanked. Nice to be here. Thanks for having me Rogue”; Gregor: “Hey Rogue, Guys. Thanks for having me on”, and Prodigio Pete: “Yeah, Hi guys, thanks for having me on me on Rogue”. Welcome guys. Thank you for joining me and to all of the viewers if you’re not familiar with any of these guys I can highly recommend all of their channels – links will be in the description below.

So go ahead and give those a click when the video is done to get access to some more great Rainbow Six Siege content. Let me start out with a couple of quick limitations to the results we will be sharing with you. All of the data was gathered via a self-report questionnaire so these aren’t actual pick rates but reported preferences and rankings. In addition to this we did not have equal numbers of representatives for each player rank. Most respondents were either Gold, Platinum or Unranked while only 31 were Bronze and 11 Copper. But with those formalities dealt with let’s now dive straight into the average rankings for all operators from best to worst as picked by almost 1300 players of the game. At the top we have eight Operators with an average ranking of A, the second highest rank, and they are Hibana, Ela, Bandit, Thermite, Ash, Jäger, Smoke and Twitch. These names are in order, meaning that Hibana is on average the number one pick of the 1,300 players who responded to the poll and Twitch is the number eight pick. Continuing in this order we have 18 operators with the rank of B.

Zofia in the number nine spot overall through to Kapkan in the number 26 spot. And then there are 9 C-ranked operators. Blackbeard through Castle and cutting a lonely figure at the very bottom of the list in the number 36 spot with the only D rank awarded today is our Lord and Savior Tachanka. Now, looking at this list the thing that strikes me the most is that five out of the eight A rank operators are 3-speed taking up positions one through six with only Thermite elbowing his way in at number four. What this shows me is that while the community values the operator gadgets, speed and a decent weapon are also very important factors in operator choice, maybe even slightly more important than the gadgets for most players. This theory is further supported by the fact that apart from Mira, Rook and Doc, all of the 1-speed operators fall into the bottom quarter of the rankings. But that’s just a sort of general observation that I’ve had. We can probably come back to that as we discuss the individual operators. Any thoughts on those guys? Get Flanked: “If I’m looking at like the top five, there’s nothing really there that surprises me.

But once we go below like the top five, it starts to get – there’s some surprises to me The first of all I would say the fact that Thatcher is at 12: that seems a little low for me personally. Especially with the traps that we have going on right now. I would have expected Thatcher to be a little bit higher. That’s probably the biggest shock. If I’m naming one person on this list that I think is misplaced, I think it’s probably Thatcher.” Prodigio Pete: “Yeah, I’d go along with that. One thing I think is quite interesting is, for example, Thermite is quite high. Uhm… Even in the pro league, you see, with Thermite, he’s not a must pick on every map and objective. Say for example, Chalet, if you’re attacking the snowmobile garage. He’s pretty much, you know, a big pick for that objective, but any other objective on Chalet, you’re probably not gonna see Thermite as much. So some of this stuff is situational. For example: Castle, at the bottom. Again some maps, he is actually quite popular, but more so probably for pro league teams than people in public games.” Rogue-9: “Yeah, and of course, I’m assuming most of the respondents to this Poll will have been more casual players.” Gregor: “Yeah, I remember watching a stream of King George.

And he was playing with Kick Star and some guys. And they were talking about the alleged Castle buff that’s coming pretty soon. And their general consensus on it was that Castle didn’t need it. That Castle was already very very strong if you knew how to play him. So the poll seems to be not necessarily a reference to go to, to say: ‘What are the best operators in the game?’ It’s not necessarily like a tier list. But it’s more, I think, a matter of perception and how people kind of see the operators and the way they interact in the meta.

Especially Blackbeard and Glaz both being at C-ranks. I remember seeing them pretty often in pro league games. Very, very high picks. Glaz is a little more popular with the Latin American teams and Blackbeard was a little more popular with the North American ones.” Rogue-9: “I think Glaz was one of those that, once he was buffed a while ago and once they updated his scope, he was extremely powerful, but that’s sort of been pared back a bit as well now. I don’t think he’s quite as powerful as he was before.” Get Flanked: “And Glaz is one that definitely suffers on console, depending on how many players that respond to this were playing on console versus PC.

I mean, Glaz on console versus Glaz on PC are two completely different operators in my opinion.” Coreross: “Quite surprised Dokkaebi actually quite high. More higher than I would have expected.” Others: “Likewise.” Prodigio Pete: “She’s to nerf down that list a little bit, I think.” Coreross: “In person as well, I have actually probably out of the few Operators out of the new season, she’s probably my favorite as well. So I’m not-” Gregor: “Rogue, what was the… What was the ranked ratio for Dokkaebi? Like the choice ratio?” Rogue-9: “So, she was… more favored by lower ranked. The best ranked she got was a off of Bronze and then most of them 2.7. Gold is 2.5. for Platinum. And then for Diamond.

So Diamond had the lowest opinion for Dokkaebi.” Gregor: “Okay, and that’s on a scale of one to seven?” Rogur-9: “Yep, yeah, where a lower number is better. But I mean a lot of the conversations I’ve seen around her since she’s been introduced is that her weapons are lackluster and her abilities are not that great either Okay, hacking into the cameras: That’s fine. But the… the logic bomb itself. I’ve seen a lot of people not impressed with that. But still, she’s ended up quite high on the rank.” Prodigio Pete: “Well, the DMI doesn’t have an awful lot of recoil, does it? It’s pretty accurate. But-” Rogue-9: “Yeah, that’s true.” Prodigio Pete: “She might be kind of benefiting from the fact that she’s quite new into the meta. And then, when an operator’s new they’re getting picked all the time, and then there’s a perception that perhaps they are more powerful than they reasonably are.

But then obviously that will drop off in time as people get used to the operators and what they do. So that could just be that she’s benefiting from the fact that she’s quite new. But I wouldn’t rate her above Thatcher. She sat there one place above him.” Others: “Yeah.” Gregor: “And she’s almost close to, well, she’s very very close in ranking to Valkyrie, who supposedly, she would hard counter.” Get Flanked: “Yeah, the fact that she’s so much higher than Vigil is surprising me. Just comparing her to Vigil: Vigil is at 24, she’s at 11.

I don’t know. Some people think Vigil’s useless. I don’t think he’s useless. I think, like, if I’m droning out like CCTV on Border, and I see the visual indication, it slows me down. Like, if nothing else, a good Vigil just makes me really uncomfortable and slows me down like crazy. I don’t really get affected by Dokkaebi that much, to be honest with you.” Rogue-9: “Yeah, when you’re trying to push forward, you can never be quite sure whether the room you’ve just cleared is actually clear. I suppose, that’s more important with more droning happening at a higher player ranks that Vigil will have more of an impact there.” Prodigio Pete: “One of the things that slows you down with Vigil is you don’t know… Just because you’ve got that marker, you don’t even know if he’s on your level. He could be… he could be above you.

He could be below you. He could be anywhere so… Yeah, being able to slow down the attackers is a key thing for the defenders to be able to do. So, that’s where he comes in.” Gregor: “Yeah, I think Vigil’s been considerably underrated this season. I don’t know if he’s gonna get like a lot of high level traffic, but… I would have to watch the the actual playoffs to get an idea about that. I’m more surprised that he’s ranked above… IQ, because, IQ, especially around Blood Orchid, was getting a lot of play time. Just because, now you have to deal with Lesion traps and then Kapkan got a rework.” Others: “Mhm” Gregor: “And there’s so many traps and IQ’s pretty much a hard counter to that.

The only situation with her is that she kind of has to get into position in order to actually shoot out the traps. But then IQ can also see Vigil through her scanner. Which is a hard counter that…” Rogue-9: “Yeah, she’s been doing greatly with this new update as well.” Gregor: “Actually, she has very good guns. She’s 3-speed, as well.” Prodigio Pete: “‘Nades.” Get Flanked: “Mm-hmm. And she’s thicc.” Gregor: “Heh heh… Not as quite thicc. Ela is pretty thicc too. And she’s very very high up on the list, but I don’t think that really surprises anybody.

I think the only reason that Hibana’s any higher than Ela is because Hibana can breach.” Get Flanked: “Yeah, that’s an interesting comparison though: Hibana to Ela. Because, whenever I look at Ela, I see zero weakness whatsoever. And whenever I look at Hibana, the twenty-round mag in her primary is a weakness. I don’t know. I mean I know you guys have dealt with that before. That’s something that’s extremely frustrating.

She’s still very good obviously. I think she deserves to be number one on the list. I don’t disagree with that. But… it’s just crazy to me, how strong Ela is right now. Like even comparing her to Hibana. It’s like, at least Hibana has some type of downside.” Prodigo Pete: “The other issue with Hibana is she does have one of the longest long-reloads, if that makes sense.” Others: “Mhm.” Prodigo Pete: “Her quick reload is quite nippy, but if you get caught – bearing in mind that she only has quite a small magazine. If you get caught in that long reload, it’s pretty annoying.” Rogue-9: “And I have the impression that the recoil on her weapon isn’t great either.

It’s not as easy to control. Gregor: “It’s fairly high, yeah, compared to other ARs. Like, compared to Ash. That’s a lot of high rate-of-fire weapons too – except for Thermite. And I think that there’s a general a general perception about high rate-of-fire weapons in the game. That they’re inherently better in the sense that you have one-shot headshots. You’re firing more bullets, you have more opportunities to get a headshot. Twitch’s AR has a pretty considerable amount of recoil too – but the DPS on it is just so good.” Rogue-9: “It’s one of the best.” Gregor: “If you’re able to mitigate it, yeah.” Rogue-9: “Okay, so what we’ve looked at so far are the average ranking opinions, expressed by all of the different groups of players from Unranked and Copper all the way to Diamond. But almost all of the operators received the S-rank at least once from each group of the players, But they also received the worst rank of F at least once in 81.3% of all cases.

This shows us that individual preferences will vary widely. Some players will absolutely love a certain operator while others will hate him or her. So what we can look at next are the operators for which opinions are split the most. And the most controversial character in this list where the different player class ranks or the player skill ranks that responded to the poll had the most divergent opinions was Fuze. He was the number one where people didn’t agree. A lot of the lower ranks or Unranked players ranked him B, for instance. Then the mid-ranks C, and then Platinum and Diamond D. Is that something, that surprises you at all, or is that maybe something you can see a pattern for?” Prodigio Pete: “Well , if you say that rank is proportionate to how long somebody’s played the game. So, Fuze does tend to be popular with new players because he’s kind of easy to use, you don’t need to get all your kills with your gun. And then there’s that sort of satisfaction when you put your cluster charge on a wall or a ceiling, and then you get those kills.” Gregor: “Like button-for-a-kill.” Prodigio Pete: “Yeah, basically.

You don’t have to, you know, pull off a headshot or whatever. So I think that’s why he’s quite popular. Just with new players in general.” Rogue-9: “And I suppose an explanation for why Fuze still ended up quite far down the list, is that most of the respondents to this poll were quite seasoned players. A lot of Gold, a lot of Platinum, a lot of Diamond.” Prodigio Pete: “Yeah Fuze is really situational as well. If you have a good map where you can get above the objective and put the cluster charges down, Chalet for example was a good one, then he’s quite popular. But he’s very situational.” Gregor: “Border, if the enemy team is in the server room, if you can get in the armory, and then Fuze from the top, it’s very very difficult to deal with that.

But then if you have a Jäger… and maybe that’s not as big of an issue.” Get Flanked: “I think you can see Fuze start to tick up a little bit, even in pro league. The fact that he has smokes – smokes are really strong right now. We saw Black Dragons use Fuze: extremely effective in season 3 finals. Some of the plays that they were using with them. And I think that the problem that you go through when you start using Fuze, ‘coz I was the same way when I first started, Fuze was my go-to.

I think still to this day, Fuze has the highest KD for me. But you get away from him because you stop getting as many kills with his gadget. But one of the things, if you’re playing with a team, his gadget is just as important for area deniability than it is for getting kills. If you picture, uhm, Cafe top-floor. If you’re defending bar, you’ve got the the two bomb sites there, you can put a cluster charge on the windows over there, by what I believe it to be B bomb? And deny that area, and then you have pretty much a free smoke and drop from skylight and get a plant off there.” Gregor: “And it forces people to move.” Get Flanked: “Yeah, absolutely.

So I think, I think you could see some more use of Fuze moving forward. But I do think it is one of those things, it kind of sums up Siege perfectly. Like, there’s so much depth to it. And it’s hard to really grasp the full potential of a lot of stuff in this game.” Coreross: “I got, the first thing to say about Fuze, like I used to play him a lot. He was definitely my go-to characters. And I think that now I play him a lot less because I can’t really work with my teammates with them.

Like I loved Hibana because you can team up with someone like Thatcher, that whereas Fuze… He’s really good if you like solo playing but not great as a team member. And I think that’s maybe why other people, as they get better, may get more coordinated and play him less.” Rogue-9: “Caveira was another character that split the opinion quite significantly. She was the number three in terms of how different the opinions were and again they all followed sort of the same pattern where lower ranked players had a greater value for these characters than the higher ranked players. And I wonder is that maybe less experienced players getting caught out by Caveira more and then thinking that she has a higher value, than maybe higher ranked players who are more adept at evading her and detecting her before she can do any damage?” Gregor: “I think that’s the case for a lot of your roamers, like your three-speed roamers, especially Cav.

Like, Cav’s a really really good solo queue operator, I would say. Especially if you’re in lower ranks. ‘cos a lot of people just don’t really, like, know how to deal with her, you know.” Rogue-9: “And also, obviously, she’s quite independent. There’s not really anyone else you need for your strategy. Your job is to move around and catch people out from behind, really.” Prodigio Pete: “Yeah. Yeah, I agree with that and that’s probably why she appeals to… people who are solo queueing, perhaps playing alone and don’t have lots of friends that can come on. Because you don’t have to think about too much with Caveira: You go and hide on the other side of the map and then your job is really just dependent on yourself. You don’t have to integrate with what everyone else is doing on your team. Just try and single someone out and get their interrogation off. So I can see why she’s popular.” Gregor: “And the whole silent step thing – like I remember: Flanked, you were talking in the video pretty recently about how one of the more common mistakes that people make at lower ranks is sprinting a lot.

And it’s a very natural habit to do when you play a lot of twitch-based FPS, because you need to move around quickly in order to get kills. But in Siege, you just make so much noise when you’re sprinting. And one of the things that I learned when I first started playing the game was just how important sound was.

And if you’re at a lower rank, usually with an operator like Ela or Jäger or Bandit, if they’re running around, you can tend to catch them coming around a corner pretty easily. But with Caveira, with silence step ability: Just very very strong.” Others: “Mm-hmm.” Coreross: “Yeah, if you can get the interrogation off, especially in a little ranked game where people are not working together so much. She could win you the game very quickly.” Get Flanked: “Yeah, yeah. Basically. The biggest problem with Cav is just that, if you’re playing a team that’s working to trade each other out then you’re not going to get an interrogation off. And… if you get a Cav-” Gregor: “A lot of things have to happen right.” Get Flanked: “Right right, right. Yeah, if you’re playing against a team that’s working together, if you down an enemy, there should be another one of their teammates really close and to prevent you from getting that interrogation. And if you find yourself in like a 1v3 with Cav, and you’re having to defend the objective, then all of her ability’s gone, and now you’re stuck with a pistol, that’s very good mind you.

But and then maybe a shotgun or a… SMG that’s not very good at all. So, the prob-, uh, she’s not very versatile in my opinion. She’s good at, you know, tracking down lone wolf attacker, but once you get into the higher ranks, it’s just not very common to see that.” ProdigioPete: “That’s a good point.” Get Flanked: “What do you guys think about Mira at 13? I mean, that’s not as shocking to me as Thatcher at 12, but… It’s surprising to me, I say tha-” Gregor: “I’m not necessarily surprised that she’s ranked higher than other anchors like Rook or Doc. I’m more surprised that she’s considered in the quote B-range of operators. I thought she’d be a lot higher than that. Because she’s like, she’s just so strong.

Like, the utility that she brings to the team. She’s basically a guaranteed pick on a lot of strategies and a lot of maps.” Coreross: “I think that don’t slate to her is she’s got a little low magazine count, and that she’s heavy armor as well, makes her just that touch harder to play. She’s very useful though.” Gregor: “I’m kind of surprised about those, about the Rook/Doc placement. Rook being just a tad bit higher than Doc. I would have thought Doc would have been a little bit higher. I’ve seen some people just go off with Doc. It’s very very strong, especially when he boosts himself. It’s very difficult to kind of get him out of his perch, unless your headshot him.” Prodigio Pete: “Mmm. See, I don’t agree with Rook being anywhere as high as that. He’s probably one of my favorite operators to use. He’s easy to use: You throw down the armor, your team comes pick up the armor. You have an ACOG, but I don’t think he should be rated that high.” Gregor: “I’m really surprised that Caveira is above Pulse, I would have thought that Pulse would be a lot higher on this list especially considering his guns are really strong and He can function really well as an Intel gathering operator as well as an independent Fragger Get Flanked: As I stare at this list the more questions, I have you made a good point there with Rook.

I mean just look at Brooke is ranked higher than Buck, Jackal, Pulse and Blackbeard. Gregor: Blackbeard and Glaz are probably the the biggest standouts here to me Get Flanked: the ACOG, I mean the ACOG strong. If I’m playing Doc or Rook I’m playing because I want ACOG on defense that’s that’s why I’m playing them And it’s really strong And you see some people like I there’s dudes I play with who just mastered those skinny angles on objectives They know what doorway they can get a really skinny angle on and good luck if you’re coming against a Rook or a Doc yeah having that angle, but Yeah, I don’t know that I would put him that high. Gregor: or an echo I’ve seen echo ACOG is a little bit more popular than it used to be but most people usually run with the shotgun in the machine pistol That’s what I usually run with. Prodigio Pete: me too, but that’s the only reason I can think Rook being that high perhaps It is because the ACOG has been taken away from pretty much everyone else Maybe that is why. Rogue-9: Yeah. I think that that makes perfect sense a lot of the The influence here seems to be that speed is one of the major influences, then weapons and then maybe even third-ranked the gadgets overall because how effective you can get kills seems to be the most important factor in the rankings.

Something else interesting. I noticed that a couple of the trap operators Frost and Kapkan were again quite controversial where lower ranked players had a more favorable opinion of them rather than high ranked players. And I think that sort of fits into what we’ve spoken about already in that they’re quite easy to use you put those traps down and at lower ranks people are far more likely to fall for those traps than at higher ranks where you have more seasoned players who will automatically always look for the frost ramp Gregor: I think Kapkan would be a lot lower ranked if it hadn’t been for the rework Rogue-9: Mm-hmm. Gregor: like especially having five of those things is super super helpful and it still pretty much brings people down down to half health which, that’s the difference in a gunfight again? And it also it also serves as an interesting kind of Intel tool too when it blows up , then you can go Oh okay, there’s someone over here Lesion I’m not really surprised that he’s ranked highest out of the trap based operators because he’s a really good Intel operator because you can see where the traps go off and he has a lot of them over the course of the game and they also slow people down, which is which is very helpful for countering speed, if we’re talking about speed.

Yeah, I think that having well-placed traps to Counter rushers is very crucial to a good defense Kind of surprised about Frost and her placement. I thought she just I thought she’d be like a tad bit higher. But then again if you just look down Rogue-9: Weapons factory in for her as well because okay the the SMG is slow firing but powerful and then the shotgun which Shotguns nowadays is just very very close quarters so apart from your traps I think she’s a bit more difficult to to get kills with compared to a lot of other defenders Coreross: Yeah, I think [email protected] probably, to me, the easiest to use because you can just throw those traps anywhere you want, hide them really well Yeah Kapkan, it takes ages to be those five traps down usually don’t have them time before the start of the round that’s about not reinforced to anything Gregor: I think Kapkan does a little bit better in in close quarters kind of tightly packed subjective rooms, yeah Especially if you place them like outside of the objective, people are going to be more likely The timer starts ticking down to kind of like rush in and make a mistake.

Because that’s that’s the whole thing that that a trap is is predicated off of is that the enemy has to make a mistake and so you’re talking about are people more likely to make mistakes at certain ranks? I think that Kapkan is is a little bit more punishing for the mistakes, but his his utility once you get to people that are that are gonna be more wary of that sort of thing is a little bit limited So I’m not necessarily surprised by Lesion being at a higher rank just because it’s it’s more difficult one to track down his traps because they’re cloaked unless you have an IQ and you can see them and Secondly because it just has so many of them and his guns are really solid too.

Coreross: yeah Ienjoyed both. Rogue-9: Mute and Blitz were quite controversial as well, and I find that quite interesting. I mean Mute to me is, certainly on maps where you need to lock off certain entry points, one of the most important characters you can get there. I mean okay, you can substitute him with with Bandit to a degree But other than that I would have expected him to be quite vital Gregor: but the other thing about Mute is that he can also keep Twitch drones from getting into an objective room as easily Yep, you slow it down directly counter.

Yeah choice from Israeli canto hmm Coreross: So what part of the player base is liked and disliked? Rogue-9: I’ve got that. Coreross: my friends who aren’t as skilled definitely get more stressed using them when they try for the jammers down. Rogue-9: The best ranking that Mute received was from the copper players that responded. He got a and the diamond players that responded gave him a which was the worst ranking Prodigio Pete: What I see with newer players is they’re trying to use it to stop the attackers a gouging the bomb site in cash drones Yeah, and it’s probably I mean it is about that, but not so much in the in the prep phase perhaps but as a round.

Gregor: I remember when the game first came out. It was it was a common meme for people to get mad at the Mute who didn’t stop the drones from from seeing the objective and now it’s like if if people know the map You you won’t, you see the reinforcements, like you see the people, you hear people running around like you you know where the site is that’s not an issue The the the the strength is in countering drones I think mainly Twitch’s drone and especially if you got a mirror Unless you have a Thatcher then that’s gonna be a little bit more difficult to deal with that’s the whole thing about this game right is that it’s all predicated off of off of counters and And how the different attacker and defender operators like interact with each other? Rogue-9: There’s something interesting about Mute in my last video.

I had a little bit of footage in the background of the prep phase setting things up and then playing around as Mute and I had a handful, a good handful of comments from different people Wondering why I was putting down the anti drone device next to a reinforced wall. So it seems that quite a number of people I mean, okay? It was a handful But they didn’t didn’t even realize that possibly one of the the more valuable aspects to that is that you can stop breaches Get Flanked: His gun his gun is lacklustre, let’s just be honest.

Yeah, yeah, I I think he could benefit a lot from Getting the SMG 11. Gregor: I say a shotgun’s pretty fun to use those though. Get Flanked: Shotguns are used but like I think that the whole thing comes down to what you were saying there Rogue? There’s a misunderstanding of how his gadget can be most used in my opinion that’s one of the most powerful gadgets in the game if you play against a good Mute You know it, and it makes you uncomfortable, and it annoys you the entire time you’re trying to attack yeah Gregor: I’m a twitch man, and it’s very frustrating very frustrating to deal with when it’s placed correctly I Get Flanked: I noticed like one thing that comes to mind like on cafe if you’re holding Trains you say this safe secure area.

You’ll see a lot of Mutes, people play Mute, and, like you said, block off that objective like they’re trying to keep Germs from getting in where I’ve seen Mute used more effectively on that objective is actually upstairs to protect the people who are gonna hold upstairs so that they Can’t open the hatch you can put a couple Mute jammers around like cigar lounge and everything up there And it really throws the attackers for . . . It really throws them off because they’re not used to seeing that and they want to know where the rumors are before they try and breach up there and right they can’t with their drones it really slows them down. Coreross: Well I think you guys are right there The top they are mainly about kills But it’s good to see Hibana and Thermite up there because I think obviously going through reinforced walls is extraordinarily important I think I’d love to somehow see some other operators up there, like maybe Mira, that come up because they’re powerful in tactical ways rather than just kills because definitely the table is just all about kills which is unfortunate.

Rogue-9: Yeah, exactly I mean, something I mentioned earlier is the speed like out of the top six five of them are three speed and have relatively good weapons Coreross: Yeah, a real pity, you know, to see that the top ones being for the gadgets just being further there weapons or their speed or yeah getting kills You know they personally Habana is my favorite. Yeah. Gregor: I think they’re all really good solo cue operators Yeah Get Flanked: If you’re looking at those top five with the three speeds, and they’re good guns. I mean clearly there’s some operators that might necessarily not have the best balance in the game if you’re if you’re king for a day How do you balance that do you bring everybody up to their level, or do you bring them down to everybody else’s level? Rogue-9: I personally probably would bring them back a bit there I think that’s especially with the the one kill headshot I think there’s a big challenge in the game because everything is at such close quarters where movement speed suddenly appearing from around a corner and having that instant kill is something that that will probably decide most gunfights and there are just exactly those characters or operators that are good at that and others will struggle to compete there.

And if I had the choice I would probably slow the pace down a bit more and and have more drawn-out gunfights by bringing them all a bit down. Gregor: I would probably. . . I think there’s there’s a really really big disparity in terms of movement speed I think that like if you made the the one speed operators just a tiny bit faster And the three speed operator is just a tiny bit slower then they might do a good thing for just the pacing of the game Yeah, I’m talking mainly from from the perspective of somebody who was it was playing the game relatively inconsistently, but I was playing it I remember playing it during the the closed beta back in the day and Just because the the time to kill was just it’s just so fast everybody back then was really inclined to take things really slow and There there are players now who have been playing the game long enough, and they just have good enough aim Where it does it doesn’t matter? The Speed just really gives them such a big advantage in the fact that they can just you know whip around corners, and then get kills relatively easily For a game that’s supposed to be a tactical shooter.

I don’t know if that’s um. I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing I’m not necessarily advocating for you know bringing down the the skill gap I still think that there should be a very clear distinction between you know people who? Who have worked on aiming enough to get to where they are and and vice versa? But it creates this kind of really it creates this weird dichotomy Where it’s like I try to introduce the game to new people and they’re not really sure what to do They’re not really sure if they should go around and just you know not try to overthink it and just go in for kills Or whether or not? They should you know think a little bit more strategy base I don’t know if any of that made any sense.

That’s just my. Coreross: yeah, I agree with that. i’d like to see the speed redone so that the fast rappers are only just a little bit faster and the slow rappers are only just a little bit slower Maybe a reduction rate of fire and some of the high-end weapons especially Ela and Bandit was really good weaponry. Rogue-9: I think Ela is going to be nerfed in the next round right I’ve seen some rumours about that. Coreross: Yeah, I think they messed up with just giving them that big mag, now they’re trying to nerf her , but it’s so hard to not to do it around that magazine I think is the issue . Gregor: I Honestly think they should just go cold turkey on it Doesn’t hurt to be transparent about those sorts of things especially when you have a game as competitive as this Coreross: Yeah, I’ve seen a big thing from developers where they said that that was the key thing that made that gun unique and that was what they’d like to keep.

I do wonder if they plan to keep it. Gregor: in a perfect world. I think that the the operator should suit their kit and and fill in a very very particular space like I think Ela with her gadgets. At least when I first started playing her I was thinking oh, okay, so she’s kind of this I’d like to play her as a sort of a point defense lurker hybrid like I used the bombs to kind of gauge and gather intel on just exactly where people are coming in and all right and then I go around and I flank them I very rarely engage with people at like medium to long range, but there are people who have just just good enough aim where that’s not even really an issue especially when the gun already has a 50-round magazine And it doesn’t really have that much recoil especially for the for the high fire rate that it has.

So I think that maybe if she had more of a close-range base kind of gun that had more recoil and that would sort of incentivize playing at close closer quarters that would make her a little bit less broken my opinion Prodigio Pete: I think it was one of your videos. I was watching what you had some good ideas about how to balance her I think the 50-round magazine thing is just something unique to her that they wanted to bring into the game that most people looked at and said combined with the fire rate that is going to be a problem. with like huh, yeah That’s gonna be a problem Flanked I think you said I think it was you one of your videos where you were saying perhaps You could have to remotely detonate those mines So you can’t just run around on the prep phase and just throw them everywhere and then forget about them And then when you die your team still benefits from them It’s more of an onus then on you needing to stay alive to be able to detonate your traps.

Was it you? I Like that, I really Like that. Get Flacked: it would contain her playstyle completely along with the 50 round mag right now is that? ela players play so aggressively she’s kind of like the new Jaeger you all you’re gonna run into an Ela almost every single round and Maybe you kill them Maybe they kill you I’m just I just think that if you changed it to where in order to get the most out of Ela You had to play a little conservatively then that 50 round mag wouldn’t be such a huge deal because it you wouldn’t see it as much. Gregor: I remember seeing Canto Rockette from ENTS was and and he’s still is I mean he’s one of the better roamers in the game I mean he’s such a good fragger and the operator that he played all the time back in the day was Jaeger and then Ela came out and And now he plays Ela a lot, and I’m not necessarily surprised by that Prodigio Pete: I was gonna mention that I think that Jäger being that high on the list So he’s what sick um.

I honestly feel he’s gonna drop down because although he is one of the only defenders or perhaps the only to have a carbine or an AR whatever you want to call it The thing that sort separated him out was that he had that weapon and that he had the ACOG on there and as you have more operators coming into the game that can frag, and you know have free speed. I think you’re gonna see Jäger drop down that list a bit Gregor: for sure, I think the only reason that Jaeger is even You know still relatively high in that list is the gadget if the gadgets weren’t in the game? then Ela would be able to do everything that Jaeger can do.

Coreross: I think it reason as well that Ela and Jaeger are so heís ‘cos their gadgets or just place them down and leave them And then you don’t have to worry all you have to do is go around killing people. There’s no need to babysit the gadget or anything you just chuck em out done move on. Get Flacked: whenever one of the things I’m thinking about we’re talking about you know Ela being high on this list and wanting to nerf but Hibana is number one on this list and I agree with her being there, but yet at the same time I don’t think she needs a nurse like am I alone in that thought I personally I don’t think she needs it, needs a nurse. Prodigio Pete: No. I don’t that’s just her unique ability combined with the fact that she has a fairly good secondary Coreross: Hibana’s at the top there And I wouldn’t change a single thing about ‘cos I think her weapons are not overpowered and her gadgets not overpowered, But the two combined you’re just really nice to play with.

Prodigio Pete: yeah, I agree Coreross: Let me see that balance in other operators Rogue-9: You think maybe then it was a purposeful choice because if the tower map is probably one of the least breachable Maps that we have. It is very solid, all the floors are solid a lot of the walls are solid do you think that’s something that was maybe chosen because the breaching operators, Hibana Thermite and Ash are all so popular and so high up the the opinion ranks That maybe having a map that benefitted them less was a choice or am I just making this up? Gregor: that’s something. I never really thought about until it was brought up I mean. Get Flanked: I think you’re I think you’re onto something Definitely in there um You know if you look at this list You’ve got a combination of all skill levels here, and you got Buck quite close to the middle maybe a little bit below below the average and I think if you were Just asking high skilled players Buck would be much higher on this list and sure to me when you look at Tower There’s there’s definitely a lack of vertical gameplay As strange as that sounds with the way that it’s that.

It’s built. Just the floors and ceilings aren’t very breachable. And I think that that’s definitely them designing that map to try to cater maybe to the newer player who Who doesn’t doesn’t see that Buck very often and when they do you know doesn’t really know how to handle them. Rogue-9:I think probably one of the reasons why Buck is kind of mid or even just below the middle of the pack is just his weapons are so hard to control so hard to deal with and again it brings it back to how easy is it to get kills with this character and Sure, if you have the skill in the map knowledge.

You can use that Breaching shotgun to make holes that can get you fairly easy kills But for then sort of mid tier to lower tier players with less experience you might not have that map knowledge They just see a gun that is very hard to control and and a shotgun that maybe can put some holes in walls sometimes Coreross: For me, when it comes to Buck. I don’t like the fact you have to switch to his secondary I’d love it if I could still be looking down a site on my assault rifle and then tap the button to fire the shotgun and still be then able to Shoot the actual kind as well because he’s out blow hole in a wall the defender turns red shoots me refresh You know switch back.

You’d shoot them. I’d love it to be a bit more seamless Prodigio Pete: he’s quicker than Sledge though. Gregor: It’s kind of funny. It’s gonna find. That sledge just ranked higher than Buck. Especially considering that Buck, when he gets into a room, you Just you know switch to the shotgun and then bang bang bang Relatively quickly to just like go through a whole floor with that. Coreross: I’d say for Sledge. It’s probably the Mac 11. That’s pushing him up. Yeah Rogue-9: I really like his primary rifle as well, though I like the controllability of it, and I do well with it good damage output. Yeah Get Flanked: Sledge is one of those. Where you look at them and you you kind of understand where he’s gonna fit in almost immediately like okay, this guy can put holes in walls and You know I think again when you look at the beginning to even like the the silver to the gold player Maybe the in gold you start to get into a little bit of vertical gameplay That that’s where Buck excels in that vertical because he can do ceilings or floors Where as Sledge can only do floors so a that’s what how I would explain that he’s got better weapons And he’s easier to use hmm Coreross: Ying needs a good buff ‘cos he’s rubbish.

Rogue-9: and is that mostly the weapons as well. I mean okay they Coreross: Weapons and Gadgets I think. Gregor: the LMG. Is just all over the place. I dont understand What’s up with the recoil pattern on that thing? It’s just so random. It’s just so hard to use. Coreross: Yeah. I think I have a DFC card She was the most underwhelming to rope a ‘cos I actually love her gadget, It’s a lot of fun to use I Get Flanked: I Agree with what you said there about Ying I’d like to see The way that I would buffer is I’d like to see a rework of the car gadgets effect first of all if you throw her Gadget into a room. I don’t think that the ATS should completely wipe it out of the air I think the ATS you only impact the the individual projectiles that come out of it similar to a cluster charge.

And I know if you use it as a cluster charge, and that’s how to work but for one ATS to be able to completely Take out Ying’s gadgets is a bit much in my opinion. The other thing is I Agree with the fact that if you as a player see a flash grenade come into your room you turn directions You look at a wall. It doesn’t have an effect on you, but with Ying’s gadget. I don’t think that’s how that should work personally It’s just I mean a flash grenade temp What’s the difference between Ying’s gadget in a flash grenade? Ying’s gadget is a little bit more powerful, but it’s also her It’s a really big flash credit right so you look at Hibana We mentioned Hibana is the number one on this list? Hibana has flash grenades as well has her gadget that can breach hatches in walls as well Good weapons as well as a good secondary, and she’s also a 3-speed so does Ying’s gadget really separate itself that far from a flash grenade to justify the rest of her kit not being anywhere close to as good as Hibana’s and has anybody really used like a little clustered timer Ability anyway.

Yeah, yeah, I find I Just had very like relatively limited success with that sort of thing well if I know it is you can’t do that and enter a room at the same time usually really you’re doing that from above and You know so it kind of takes away from getting the kills with it, and I end up flashing my teammates Yeah, right as I can’t see them. Rogue-9: And the other disadvantage versus versus regular flash grenades is you can shoot it if you see that thing rolling in you can shoot it and destroy it and it’s Gone a flash grenade.

You cannot stop if that’s coming in you can do anything you can shoot at it. You can throw Impact grenades at it. It will not get destroyed it will continue to go off and it will stun you Coreross: That might be a good way to do fix as if it if the ball gets destroyed that it still goes off it still flashes everywhere. That would then take off any other ADS in the room stuff like that, it could be useful. Rogue-9: And maybe even sort of up the spread of those submunitions a little bit so because I find sometimes depending on the obstacles within the room it can be quite unreliable as well.

Get Flanked: Yeah absolutely. That’s that’s that’s my issue because it it. Yeah, it depends on the direction. They’re looking and you know honestly like my mindset right now if a Ying flashes me with her gadget, and then kills me. I’m like GG’s you well deserved good job I’m not even mad at you like well done like I’m not upset at all I don’t know I don’t want to I don’t want to get to the point where it’s a cheap kill, and it’s a free kill You know it shouldn’t be if you’re on a window you throw one end there’s somebody in a room It’s gonna be a free kill, but at this point right now. I just feel like it’s a little weak, I don’t know. Gregor: how about some love for Capitao I wouldn’t I didn’t suspect he’d be anywhere near as low on this list like when his gadget works.

It’s really really strong Prodigio Pete: He’s got poor weaponry Coreross: Yeah, I think he’s a basically the opposite of Hibana like his weapons aren’t good, his gadget is too situational you gotta put yourself at risk to shoot at it Prodigio Pete: When he had nates man, he was probably my favorite operator Gregor:Yeah, I never really that’s not that’s another thing that really confused me yeah Rogue-9: And with the recent pistol update there were only two pistols that were nerfed and Cappitaos was one of them It’s now.

It’s as weak as the USG. He really can’t catch a break and it’s weird He has these horrible primary weapons And now his secondary is literally one of the worst in the game obviously pistols now are quite decent all around But he still has the worst or one of the worst all right. I think with that I’m gonna draw a line under this part of the conversation. We’ve been going for 45 minutes. That’s a good length for a video right the people love YouTube videos that have 45 minutes or more and I have to say a massive Thank you to all of the viewers Who are still with us at this stage going to the comments section at the bottom and say” I made it” I’ll be keeping an eye out for those of you who did and you definitely deserve an ice cream a massive Thanks once again to Coreross, Get Flanked, Gregor and Prodigio Pete for joining me today Links to all of their channels below.

And with that guys as always. Thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the video, and I will see you in the next episode Just all sort of on on three say something like goodbye or something on and then one two three deuces later That’ll do All right yeah, I want the bit of you prepping us should I put that in?.

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