Ash’s R4-C vs. G36C: Loadout META – Rainbow Six Siege


What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here This video finally comes to the veteran weapon competition series In each video, I will compare the main weapon and sub weapon of the veteran staff. And according to different gameplay and situation Summarize which would be the better choice Because Ash has been a bit controversial lately Better start with R4-C and G36C R4-C can be said to be a good gun, right? But is there any chance for the G36 to perform? It’s time to take a look at the data let’s go Just looking at the panel, R4-C is the best choice for Ash from head to toe We will compare the data from the experiments with the panel Let’s explore whether G36 may be worth trying under various conditions First of all, damage output is an important part of weapon selection. In this regard, R4-C crushes G36 with a double advantage. R4-C single shot damage is higher at all ranges What’s more important is that the rate of fire is significantly faster So R4-C’s DPS is naturally higher.

Single shots, low fire rate and slow speed make G36 one of the weakest chicken rifles in the game Only slightly better than Nomad’s AK-74M and Blackbeard’s Mk17 (here refers to DPS) But DPS is just theoretical data There is not much difference between 38 and 39 damage in actual games The number of bullets required to shoot the torch and knock down the enemy at the normal combat distance is the same. Here is another point that reflects the R4-C’s rate of fire advantage Not only the shooting time of the torso is short It ?s also easier to hit headshots. And it doesn’t make much difference to get 1 more damage at a range of 25 meters away. The minimum damage of 25 vs. 23 points indeed indicates that G36 is effective against all armor levels at long range Shooting torso takes more hits than R4-C All in all the data proves the lethality aspect R4-C is definitely a very good weapon.

But let ?s compare them. Is there anything to give G36 a chance Both magazines have the same magazine capacity But the G36 has a faster reloading speed, especially the speed of tactical loading. Will this get the G36 back? Not that I think this advantage can only be said to have been Both guns have the same 450 milliseconds as the rifle. But the G36 can be equipped with a corner grip to accelerate 40% to 270 milliseconds. This is G99 of G36. Because as long as the G36 can be held without a vertical grip, For Ash players who like rush G36’s opening speed may make it a better choice The faster you aim at the enemy after you rush into the point The greater the chance of winning against the gun So to demonstrate the feasibility of this solution You have to analyze waist scattering and recoil I’ve shown it in Noamd’s weapon analysis video before The low waist scattering is not only reflected in the accuracy of waist shooting, but also a few frames faster when opening the mirror However, the scattering range of Ash’s two guns is only a few pixels apart.

I have to say that R4-C is a little better, a little bit Then the factor that allows us to consider the G36 is only recoil. No matter what accessories are fitted in the recoil diagram provided by the panel G36’s muzzle rise and random scattering are slightly smaller These are reflected in the impact point distribution * I used the data I tested in the actual game to compare the recoil diagram of the panel Can be determined to be basically accurate Can the corner G36 press as well as the vertical R4-C? Definitely not enough.

This little advantage in basic recoil is not enough. I further carried out a comparison experiment and actually tested whether the corner G36 can be held down. I personally think it is ok Although the assembly angle of G36 is not as good as pressing vertically, it is not too much to say So there is still a little hope for this special rifle But in fact, if only based on the data that is most important to the player, R4-C is totally a superior rifle Has a clear advantage in rate of fire The damage is also higher, especially when the range is longer.

The only reason for you to take out the G36C Probably can be equipped with a corner grip to increase the speed of opening the lens If you like rush riding the face don’t mind the slightly higher recoil of the corner G36C Then you will still get a little advantage from it But that’s all For other players, I think R4-C is still the best choice. This conclusion is really not surprising. I will analyze the weapons of other officers. Continue this series Thatcher’s trade-off between LA85 and AR33 has always been of great interest to me Who else wants to see weapon evaluations? Leave a comment in the comment area! Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy this video I will see you in the next episode! .

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