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BEST SKYSCRAPER MAP GUIDE [Spawnkills, Wallbangs, C4 Traps, Murder Holes] – Rainbow Six Siege


Hello, it’s H8red with you again, And this is my new guide about “ Skyscraper” Map. As always, i will start from spawnkills, then i will go for C4 traps and murder holes. The worst thing is that wooden plank cannot be shot trough. Always REMEMBER THIS OR YOU WILL FUCK UP Classic spawn, kill from the last season balcony at tea room. Also, this spot is very nice, But this is just amazing, The most dirty spot ever. This is junior Sergio, see how he is rush for a fight D, Disgusting, “ Ventilation, Units” very useful in the defend of the office. Spawnkill “ Tower” Trivial – and this is the coolest spawn kill for Tower. You can kill Glaz easily, So dirty 3 “, Where you were !” The most important spawn kill when you defending the office.

Somebody always coming from this side Very obvious, but so cheeeeky spot move on to the wallbangs D. You can kill any camper in geisha from kitchen E-A-S-Y, But always watch your back from Crazy Bitch Omagat. So ez You can kill any camper in yellow cage in “ Tea Room” from this angle, Very often somebody watching window from here Ez [ x2 ] Office. In fact, you can destroy the whole floor here And, if you dont have tatcher or he is dead, do not despair And finnaly, my lovely and the funniest way to kill the enemy.

C4 traps This guy was the victim of a prank D Holy moly. Just look: this radius of explosion, “ Really C4 on the hatch, Jeez D, :” “ Okaay”, The toilet in the restaurant, Close the door to reduce the noise of C4, And I really doubt that anyone wants to go to the toilet trough the window with C4. On the ceiling, xD BBQ room, It’s very nice spot if you like to stay in the objective, “ kills from a mile away, xD” Glory holes now D And first of all, I want to say that I have never seen anyone did that before You can watch The entrances to the kitchen from here, But the nice thing about this map – is that the ceilings everywhere already have fake holes. Fucking amazing. Here you can watch the approaches to the stairs.

Also you can watch BBQ window and entrances from Karaoke Room. This is so cool And from the room with the drum you can see, reception without peeking out from behind the drum, Always aim down sight when you shoot the hatch, otherwise you will open it one of the entrances from “ Ventilation Units”. You can watch two side doors from this spots. It’S two different spots, of course. Well, that’s all thanks for watching hope. You liked it If yes put like and subscribe


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