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Hi everyone, here is Rogue-9! Without a doubt, the most unique and exciting gun as part of Rainbow Six Siege White Noise Operation It is BOSG.12.2-double-barreled middle-loading shotgun. To be able to properly evaluate this gun, we need to consider all the hidden small data Like damage attenuation, enemy ammo counts, rate of fire and reload time! Of course, there are many rumors About the penetrating ability of this gun.

The good news here is that the experiment has been completed and the data has been calculated. I am happy to announce my results for you! So let’s get started! As usual, the video is divided into different chapters, so check out the comments section below There is a fixed comment about timestamps. The idea of ??using a vertical center-loading shotgun Very unusual in modern shootouts, but from a game perspective The fact that this gun fired a 12-caliber lead shot instead of a deer is very exciting.

It essentially adds a brand new primary weapon to Rainbow Six Siege And using it requires superb skills. First, let’s take a look at the facts that the game itself tells us about this gun. BOSG.12.2 (I think this can be interpreted as a cruel and powerful shotgun) Is a vertical double barrel shotgun And a long-range tactical equipment. The damage listed is 125 and the ammo capacity is two rounds. I’m sure you would be happy to hear that the gun is moving at a speed of 50. . . In the early stages of game testing, we did not yet have a ballistic pattern diagram But after my tests, I can conclude that the recoil of this gun is quite strong, and there are more tests later.

The model of this gun in the game, just like all the weapons of the Rainbow Six Siege, is very beautiful The gun model of this gun has been rendered, but unlike many other guns, it is This gun does not seem to directly mimic a real-life gun. Of course, there are similar modern mid-loading shotguns in real life. However, there are some details that appear to be unrealistic on the BOSG.12.2 gun model. First, the thumb insurance on the top of the weapon is pulled back to release This is the opposite of how it works in real life, and it seems a bit counterintuitive to me. But what we really understand is This gun is made of different real-world gun parts, and it also has a push-button insurance In front of the trigger guard. Frankly, I have never seen or even heard of such a thing I don’t even know how it works mechanically.

. . Do you have to operate two manual insurances at the same time to shoot? Or are they somehow mechanically connected together? I have no idea how this works I suspect that the trigger assembly simply mimics a different type of shotgun. But the finicky in visual details is enough, let’s dive into hardcore firearm data And this gun is different from everything we saw before But before we continue, I want to take a moment to thank Swagbucks for sponsoring this video. Swagbucks is a website that allows you to earn cash and gift cards By e.g. surveying, playing games, watching videos, searching websites Or (my favorite way at this time of year) shopping online. This site now has a special benefit: If you use this link in the video description below, you can get a $ 5 bonus after completing your first survey. So, click the link below to give yourself some extra cash and gift cards! Back to BOSG.12.2, there is a quick disclaimer All my tests are performed on Rainbow Six technology test server Therefore, in this video, all statistics, findings and conclusions are likely to change before the game is finally released.

As a dual-fire weapon, this BOSS 12 caliber shotgun can cause serious damage And its 125 base damage makes it enough to completely kill a first-class clerk in one shot. It takes only one shot to knock down a second-ranking officer and even a third-ranking officer. I think the most comparable gun compared to BOSG.12.2 is OTs-03, so I will compare its statistics. BOSG begins to decay after 10 meters (twice the range of OTs-03) All the way down to 19 meters, and even at this distance This gun can still knock down three different armored officers with a maximum of two rounds And even with Rook’s body armor, you can still knock down with two rounds with BOSG And the damage of OTs is a bit decayed.

Even in the worst case (Rook’s body armor plus hitting the leg) BOSG’s maximum enemy ammunition count requires three rounds (I know that there may be cases where Doc is over-treated, but this will only last for a short time, and how many times can I encounter this situation?) Usually three shots are great, but we need to pay attention With BOSG, you need to wait for a long bomb change or gun cutting process. However, when the enemy is at least 15 meters away, you can usually hide quickly into the bunker in most cases. Of course, three shots of the enemy will only happen if you hit the enemy leg.

Although this gun is fully capable of penetrating two walls The damage attenuation after passing through a wall is the same as that of any other gun. A double wall will reduce damage by 50% or more If it’s just a single wall, you still get 30% damage nerf. So if you hit the enemy through the wall, do n?t expect miracles Unless you hit your head, you can’t hit a spike in a single shot. So the bottom line here is as long as you hit your enemy You usually need less than two rounds, but if you need to reload, how long will it take to kill the enemy? I believe the expected changeover time is 3 seconds But the current situation at TTS is You can fire after a short interval after changing bombs If you want, you can interrupt the change by firing a bullet suddenly after about 1.3 seconds Even firing two bullets after about 1.8 seconds As long as you pull the trigger when appropriate I have provided these findings to Ubisoft and they assured me it was a known issue And they are already working on it When updated on December 5, this fast-fire vulnerability will no longer be available When testing the maximum rate of fire of a gun I can always fire two shots in 7 frames or 117 milliseconds, which translates to 512.82 RPM.

Considering the limitations of my test method I will conclude that the rate of fire of this gun is likely to be around 500 RPM But I think it’s almost impossible to use this rate of fire advantage effectively because of the considerable recoil of this gun. Even at very short distances, such as the distance shown in the video The recoil with a corner grip is enough for a second round Hit well above the imaginary enemy’s head. With a vertical grip, the recoil is reduced but still difficult to control If you want to shoot with BOSG as fast as possible. In conclusion, in almost all cases You all need to quickly recapture the target before the second shot This means that the rate of fire of this gun is much higher than the rate of fire at which you can hit the target as precisely as possible (Unless you are really close to him). This is the basic usage of this gun But there are more tricks available for this beautiful burning stick I have previously compared it to Glaz’s rifle The similarities between the two shots don’t just give you a great offensive advantage.

Just like OTs-03, BOSG can be used to open hatches. It usually takes 3 rounds to open the hatch, but according to the angle and distance defects I tested I sometimes need to fire a few more shots. The windows on the presidential plane are impenetrable to all guns Except Glaz’s rifle, but as CoreRoss recently emphasized BOSG also has some additional features in the picture.

But unlike OTs, if you probe, it will shoot you directly from the window BOSG will open a hole in the window, It does not immediately cause any damage to enemies on the other side. This still allows you to make holes in windows and then shoot through the holes with BOSG or a secondary weapon pistol But this is a tactic that requires caution First, of course, your enemies can also shoot directly at you through the same hole. If you think that using Vigil cadres on this map can make you the god of stealing resurrection points Think again! Even a mediocre Glaz player like me will let you reconsider whether you should steal that person in a round.

If you are playing Vigil, there is some good news Because Blackbeard’s rifle shield is broken by one shot at any distance But if you are playing Dokkaebi against Lord Taschanka, his gun shield can withstand four rounds even at close range. If you want BOSG to penetrate the glass of a bulletproof shield You will also be disappointed. Because this is impossible. Breaking with this new shotgun is quite easy (It takes two shots to destroy a single-layer plasterboard wall and four shots to a single-layer wooden wall) But unlike other shotguns that fire deer bullets, you cannot create holes that you can drill through. Finally, regarding Castle’s dragon scale board, BOSG can effectively destroy But far less useful than OTs Glaz can easily shoot through dragon scales And BOSG needs to spend more time You can tilt bullets towards the dragon scale stupidly, but it will only cause surface damage Can’t cause substantial damage at all; this is definitely not a recommended strategy Because you stole ass after being surrounded by Jaeger during the wall breaking process It’s just a matter of time On the other hand, if you shoot at the same point on the dragon scale Three shots are enough for you to shoot through the dragon scale.

As an attacker, a hole may not be that useful. Of course, you can make a long hole behind the bunker to distract your opponent It may even get into the soul The fastest way to open a hole is to strike the dragon scale once in a melee (thus stripping the surface on both sides of the dragon scale) Immediately, two quick shots were taken of the weakened area. One shot destroys the middle layer If you’re super lucky, another shot will directly hurt an enemy inside On the other hand, if you are on the defensive side The ability to create a peephole on Castle’s dragon scale is actually very useful. At the preparation stage, install some dragon scale boards with small, almost invisible peepholes on the external windows Is the dream of all stealth revival enthusiasts There is a defensive officer squatting behind each dragon scale, they are almost impossible to find And the attackers can’t hit them unless the attackers bring Glaz This technique can even be used to close the door within the target point Then the defender shoots the attacker through a small hole If the hole-opening properties of this gun are retained until the official service The combination of Castle and Vigil will be a powerful weapon for the defense That’s it, Boss Gun 12.2 is not only a weapon that requires skill Can kill anyone at any distance within two shots, penetrate the bulletproof surface and the ability to open the floor Make it a reliable tool in big hands.

Although this statement is too exaggerated for this gun, the trial play in the past three days at TTS has made me very clear This gun is relatively balanced as a high-risk / high-reward weapon If you are not 100% sure you can aim quickly This gun may not be your effective helper. If you miss the first shot, you will have a hard time surviving to precisely aim at the second shot. Miss the second shot and you say goodbye to the world This shotgun perfectly matches the definition of high-skilled weapons If your marksmanship is not significantly above average, then you will feel blue and thin when playing this gun. But of course, this is just my personal opinion! Do you have a chance to try BOSG.12.2 on TTS? What do you think of this gun? Please leave a comment below, if you like this video, please like it! Don’t like it, please tap lightly! Oh, before you click the upper right corner! I have several fans asking how they support this Youtube channel If you speak another language besides English Then you can do a very fast and helpful thing, which is very useful to help new viewers find this channel.

In the lower right corner below the video, you can find a symbol with three dots In this menu you can add translations of my video title and description! It only takes five minutes if you tick the box Your name will automatically appear in the description of the video. (Of course, unless you choose to remain anonymous.) If you feel ambitious, you can even do what Pogo Gaming does Translate subtitles for videos. Every little help I am very grateful to those who have contributed and those who have reached out to help That’s it, thank you for watching! I can’t do it so well without you As always, I hope you enjoyed this video and we will see you next time! [Music sounds] .

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