Chalet – Map Tour & Tips [Rainbow Six Siege]


Let?s take a look at Chalet, a medium sized map designed for high mobility and roaming. This map features 3 floors: the 1st floor, 2nd floor and basement. INTERIOR Located on the 1st floor, the Great room, also known as the fireplace room, is the central junction of Chalet. It offers high visibility and access to all areas of the map. The mezzanine above provides a lethal line of sight. Note the top windows that lead to a balcony. With its many angles, the Great room is a dangerous place to venture at the start of a round. Be aware of your surroundings or you could easily be spotted and taken down by an enemy. North from the Great room are the Dining room and the Kitchen. Note the window over the sink which provides visibility from both inside and outside. Further north are the Kitchen hallway, the Trophy room and the main entrance with its staircase leading to both the basement and 2nd floor. Moving west from the Great room, you’ll encounter the Bar and Gaming room. Next to it are the Library stairs that also lead you to the basement and 2nd floor. In the fireplace room, the Great room stairs will also lead you to all three floors.

Take them to access the 2nd floor. From the mezzanine, you can overlook the Great room below. The west section of the 2nd floor includes the Library and its stairs that we?ve seen a couple of seconds ago. These stairs lead you to both the Gaming room on the 1st floor and the basement. Back to the mezzanine, we now move to the north section of the 2nd floor where you will find the Bedroom hallway and stairs. As seen earlier, they can lead you to the main entrance next to the Kitchen?s hallway and the basement.

The next room of the 2nd floor is the Office with a door leading to a balcony. From there, you have a great view of the fireplace room and mezzanine. The rest of the 2nd floor consists of the Master bedroom and Master bathroom. Note the bathtub: it?s a great hiding spot. Back to the Great room, you can take the stairs to the basement. The most important rooms here are the Snowmobile garage with easy access from the rest of the map, and the Wine cellar located north. Both these rooms contain destructible walls, some destructible ceiling sections and hold many objective sites.

Back to the Snowmobile garage, you can enter the hallway and use the Library stairs we?ve seen earlier to go up to the Gaming room on the first floor or the Library on the 2nd floor. The north section of the basement consists of the Basement hallway and stairs we?ve seen earlier leading to the Main entrance on the first floor and the Bedroom?s hallway on the 2nd floor. The last room of the basement is the Main garage, a good entry point into the basement. SPAWN POINTS Chalet features four spawn points.

Located on the west side is the Front yard entrance. Also to the west is the Lakeside spawn point. On the east side is the Cliffside entrance. Last but not least the Campfire spawn point is also on the east side. In a nutshell, the Great room is a key junction of the map. Chalet focuses on roaming and high mobility. The three staircases lead to all floors of the map. Finally, the roof is not accessible, but ledges and balconies provide instant access to the 2nd floor. Lives are at stake over there operators, let?s get moving..

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