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Hi everyone, this is Rogue-9! Two new recruits from Operation Chimera have launched You may have experienced the new skills of two newcomers And what this video does is to study the new weapons brought by the two. Are these two guns easy to use? How does Finka and Lion’s weapons compare to other offensive rifles? Will they take the place of other officers? Let’s walk into science! I will use the following four factors to judge these two new weapons: full range damage output Recoil, reload time and opening time I will put the video segmentation time in the comment section Let ?s go one by one, let ?s talk about Lion ?s V308 ?submachine gun? …

machine gun? Combat carbines? Never mind, compact guns with full power rifle rounds, that ?s it I tested its damage attenuation (weapons full data sheet has been updated, Baidu cloud download link is in the comment area) The 44 basic damage written in the game is accurate (I checked it twice) Strangely, its damage attenuation occurs at 20-30 meters, which is not in line with any existing damage attenuation model. It is inferior to 25-35 meters of other assault rifles, but better than 18-28 meters of submachine guns.

I think this may be Ubisoft ?s intention to let this gun have Your own unique decay curve This unique decay curve will only make “fans like me” a bit troublesome when doing data It also has no effect on the performance of this gun in the game So okay Ubisoft, I will forgive you 44 damage per shot is not bad, but it’s only 43 more than the average damage of a full assault rifle It ?s a bit higher, so I personally think that V308 belongs to the middle and upper class. If the 850 rate of fire is exactly as written on the paper The output of this gun should be quite excellent The output of 1A in 19m is as high as 623 This is better than all current submachine guns and most assault rifles The paper data is only inferior to Twitch’s F2 and Fuze’s AK-12, but don’t forget why I said “if” Before I do the preparatory work for this video, I feel like You should check the authenticity of the data in the game, not only hurt, You have to look at the recoil and the rate of fire.

Checking the rate of fire is a bit difficult Since the recorded video can only reach 60fps, this results in 16.67 milliseconds per frame When you shoot every 2 or 3 frames, there will be Big deviation Please bear with my paranoia, this is not too profound Take Finka’s Spear .308 as an example. I fired 3 magazine bullets at an interval of 81.967 milliseconds to 82.466 milliseconds, the actual rate of fire should be, Between 728 and 732 This is lower than the 780 rate of fire written in the game However, I personally think that this deviation may be the reason for technical limitations. Therefore, I want to accurately calculate the actual rate of fire in the game. A bit difficult for me, we might test out Many different results Regardless of this, let’s look back at V308 and the results are obvious: I fired 50 rounds (not including one in the bore) and the time taken was 4.079, 4.162 and 4.179 seconds Converted to rate of fire, which is about 717 to 735 This is far from the 850 written on the V308 paper.

I don’t need to analyze frame by frame to implement Ubisoft. Just compare Spear and V308 directly If this is the rate of fire of 780 and 850, I will print out my form and eat it! The gap can be clearly seen from the rhythm of the firing. If the speed of fire I measured is accurate, then the actual V308 output we get It should be 528 instead of 623 I said before! How can I take this gun and other weapons in the game? Compare them! ? Far below the actual data on paper, the performance of this gun is greatly reduced Would not be the third strongest rifle at all, and actually the output of this 528 Middle-low Since the rate of fire of the V308 is wrong, we can still believe Data for other weapons? Of course it is not possible! Now that any TTK and DPS output data in my form is not credible, I happen to find myself working again I want to do it in the next video: “What is the true rate of fire of the full-automatic weapon siege of Rainbow Six?” Do n?t forget to watch it then! I again checked the recoil pattern marked in the game Get two sets of trajectories by adjusting and covering In addition, I also use Dokkaebi as the upper body model of the character in the game The distance of 9 meters makes this look basically match the game paper model If you compare the recoil mode in the game with this actual result, Although it doesn’t look very good But after looking at it for a long time, I thought it was close.

We compare this recoil model with similar rifles: Jackal’s C7E, Fuze’s AK-12 and Zofia’s M762. Compared to C7E and AK-12, V308’s vertical recoil is not good But its level is lower after sitting down. The back seat of V308 is better than M762. I began to wonder if the recoil model of Zofia’s gun was inaccurate Because looking at the model alone, the recoil of this gun should be high and scary (and it is actually quite easy to control in actual use) I think I will have to double check the accuracy of all recoil models in the future.

Well, I found another job for myself … V308 in terms of reload time: 3.31 seconds for rifle change, 2.608 seconds for tactical change This time is about the same as M762 and AK-12, not too long, But also a bit long But considering the V308 has 50 rounds of huge drums Instead of the usual 30 rounds magazine or less, this reload time Actually pretty fast It seems I have to check the reload time in the future This “heavy” Vector has an opening time of 0.451 seconds and 0.284 seconds after installing the corner grip Look at the three competitors similar to V308: M762 and AK-12 are 451 milliseconds The only exception is that Jackal’s C7E takes only 0.301 seconds to open the mirror.

So in terms of opening time, V308 is nothing special, not strong or weak Its opening time is not different from most rifles Since C7E is such a maverick sample, it seems we are worth exploring “What are the opening times of all Rainbow Six weapons?” Well, I found a new little goal for myself! According to the above tests, V308 should be one of the strongest weapons in the game (Although it decays earlier than other rifles) But due to the huge gap between paper and real output It is really difficult to compare it with other weapons Currently, in terms of output, V308 has not reached What it should be The recoil is more controllable and is better than several rifles that are close to it.

Although the reload time is not outstanding, but 50 rounds of drums Gives it an excellent lasting firepower The opening time is average, but if you can control the recoil You can install a corner grip to achieve faster opening speed All in all, although the rate of fire of this gun is much lower than the propaganda, this weapon is still very competitive This makes Lion a huge threat to the defender, not to mention he has a perverted skill (In the new season professional league cadre attendance statistics, Lions play rate is as high as 93%, ranking first) So what about Finka’s new weapon, Spear .308? Its decay curve is as straight as other assault rifles The attenuation starts at 25 meters and ends at 35 meters but the interesting thing is The base damage labeled in the game is 38, and I actually measured It is 40 Although the maximum damage is higher than expected, this level remains 3 points below average Its minimum damage after 35 meters is 25, which is also an average of 24.78. no big difference As mentioned earlier, Spear’s rate of fire is 780 on the surface I measured 730 The theoretical 520 output of this rifle is lower than the average 548 of the rifle output I can’t compare it with the actual converted 487DPS.

The in-game model has the same results as my test It’s more controllable than V308 If we compare it to other similar competitors: Thatcher’s AR33, Hibana’s TYPE-89 may also have Buck’s C8-SFW. We can see that Spear is pretty good, but … According to the model, C8 should be very easy to control, while TYPE-89 M762 is hard to control! I think I really need to test the recoil model … If the C8 recoil is easily controlled, Then the sun really came out Spear’s reload time: 3.31 seconds for rifle change, 2.407 seconds for tactical change It’s very interesting.

There is nothing unusual about the empty bomb change time, but its tactical change speed is faster than Average Spear is superior to AR33 and TYPE-89 at this point However, it is still unable to match the rifle with the second-fastest reload speed of the full game only after the C7E-C8 Comparable Spear’s opening time is average, 0.451 seconds, and the three reference objects just now exactly the same To sum it up: Finka’s rifle is just as good as the V308.

Paper output is poor compared to other rifles But the recoil is very easy to control Reloading in empty time is not very good, so you can let your own reloading cancer happen And the opening time is nothing special Finka’s Spear .308 will pose a huge threat to defenders Although her other two main weapons, the 6P41 light machine gun and the SASG-12 shotgun, are also very good. But I still choose Spear. that’s it! The data and comparisons in this video are temporary. I will explore the actual data of each weapon next. So if you don’t want to miss a lot of exciting content, don’t forget to follow me! Thanks for watching, see you next time! (You can install the corner grip to achieve it … ah cough!) .

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