Hi all, with you Hatred again ๐Ÿ™‚ Please watch in 1440 resolution! and today we’ll talk about “Consulate” Map this time I’ll start with the tips in the rush on this map Then i’ll show you spawnkills, hiding spots for caveira, murder holes, few c4 traps, where put frost traps and the best valkyrie cams every rush starts with drone at your entrance point next level, ask your friend to look at your drones until you go to the building and break the window that’s how you can avoid sudden death or interrogation of caveira when you’re building, you have two choices. to start with the capture of objective or killing roamers usually if the object only 1-2 people, it is better to ignore roamers and go straight there and then to meet them on the way back but if roamers very close to you when entering the building, it is better to start with them well, go to spawn kills now we will focus on hunting the pixels be sure to break the window on the preparation phase to miss the enemy in this narrow passage very easily, I advise you to just start shooting after 2-3 seconds the start of the round Friend: where are you? I look in the window and can’t see shit.

Friend: I looked in this windows but everything is just covered with white haze, its so strange almost all windows you can break without breaking the glass, it will help to hide spawnkill jump out onto the street as soon as the round starts jump out onto the street after 3-4 seconds from the start of the round now let’s talk about the hiding spots for caveira perhaps the most fun is this table after crouching to it you can do murder hall to the stairs to the archive you can hide to the reception desk on the first floor you only need to break the container but it’s a famous place, so it is better to hide very close to another, less well-known you can either stand on the urn, or break it, and lie down under the bench if you have a good hiding you would be impossible to see among the shadows and in the kitchen of administration office you can jump on the fridge usually you can’t straighten up to your full height, but if you try to run on the white shelf and then step back, you will do it in this case, you will be able to make murder holes is very high right under the ceiling also I advise to make a hole in the left wall at foot level, so you will be able to see first those who will come after you for this place don’t really need a shield, you just need to ask your ally to lie on the floor and you will be able to run up on it the kitchen is near the garage you can climb the soda machine, a great place for Caveira here is another cool place in the opposite room, you only need a impact grenade to destroy the chair in the adminstration office you can hide under almost any desk, but I will highlight only two of them now let’s go to murder holes I’ll do the large holes, but in the game you don’t need it, I’m only doing this as a demonstration when protecting archive, is perfect to put traps behind these benches in the Visa Office usually those who come here, immediately jump over them all you need to know how to finish off the enemy and for this make a small hole after you put the traps, but in any case, not before, otherwise you will not be able to put them and now I will show two very cool angels when you defending the archives, lets take a look if you put the shield in the big passage, no one will be able neither to run nor crawl here, only to jump over.

This will help to catch your opponents off guard in the last seconds of round I also advise you to put the bandit’s battery to stop Ash from breaking it. This especially helps against Montagne Well, now the camera’s Valkyrie, if you break the TV in the visa office, you can throw the camera behind the buggy and glitched screen but it is not visible and it gives a great view with hidden camera behing this bench you can put a C4 in the basement, and make a trap something like a frost trap xD and now my favorite method of protection of the administration office I usually put all my cameras and go into the room with the piano on 1fl and attach the C4 to the ceiling above the piano and hiding somewhere in the basement to be not exposed while I sit on the cameras.

And when there is 15 seconds before the end of the round, I appear and make a comeback ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ) if you make a hole here by desert eagle, you can get a very cool camera with an view of the spiral staircase and the room with the disco ball well that’s all, if you like it, put thumbs up and subscribe, see you soon :).

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