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Crouch Spamming does NOT break the Hitbox! – Rainbow Six Siege


What’s the matter, Rogue-9 is here and today I want to talk about crouch spam I’ve been talking about this topic in Rainbow Six Siege and some experiments. After the combo shooting, only the time before the new shootout META The next best thing appeared around the map like a professional football player Squatting down like a mole doll on a steroid, of course. Crouch spam is in the game and works, so we can understand this More and more strategies, but is it really problematic? It just makes it harder for you to hit or will it go beyond that and break your hitbox? Let’s find out! Let me first understand some basic principles. Rainbow Six moves at different speeds depending on the armor but this only applies to speed You move on the map.

The speed of crouching, rotating and tilting is exactly the same for all three armor categories The same is true of shielded carriers. So this means that policies like crouch spam can be used equally by all operators! You can crouch spam! You can crouch spam! You can even crouch spam! cheer! Another basic fact that makes crouching possible is that spam works, and it has little effect on it First-person perspective. Yes, the camera angle changes when we crouch, leaning or leaning towards Rainbow Six but from First person perspective, change is very subtle, except to go Prone, you can keep the perfect goal in all these exercises.

Third person character model During this period, the hand can move very significantly These same transitions. Look at that, they even turned to one with the left hand holding the gun while leaning to the left! When crouching, the operator’s head not only moves up and down but also quite From side to side. The difference between how exercise affects the first person and the third opinion is At least part of the reason is that change is so emotional in the shootout. Even if you do n?t consider the hitbox problem, you can already make yourself harder. The goal is to fight, basically without incurring any punishment in terms of your abilities Aim and hit your own target. At this stage we can quickly appreciate how amazing the animation on the left is When squatting? It’s actually like some sort of magic! How did he do that? !! Invisible string? Some kind of support for building under the pants? In any case, this is almost as good as the Raptor, and I hope it will stay in the game.

In fact, I will predict that this may be the hottest new shootout strategy for 2019. Imagine a corner support like this! Any opponent attacked in this way will almost certainly laugh to death before laughing Able to shoot once. But I digress; crouching spam is the problem now we have confirmed everyone Being able to kill spam as well, it’s important to try to find out if this strategy is just annoying And makes it harder for you to hit or actually confuse your hitbox in some way because This would be a truly unfair advantage that needs to be removed from the game as soon as possible. Let us be clear, there is a mistake which makes you invincible when crouching for spam. Earlier this year, Operation Chimera patch notes specifically mentioned that this had been fixed.

The question is, is this still one thing? Beyond that, I want to test some other specific myths about crouching spam. One is complete desyncs of hitbox from the character model. That is, whenever you hit the crouch, the hit box switches to the crouched position, and The visual model still needs to be moved down. Another myth is that during crouching animations, character weapons are more likely to block headshots. I thought of a way to try to measure using hitbox as accurately as possible Aim your teammates and notice the hip fire line changing color. As you can see here … Sorry, can’t you do this while we are recording here? Thank you. As you can see here, whenever my mesh passes through Ash’s impact box, it turns green Although the clothing item includes top hats, it is not part of the hitbox.

Back in the early days of the siege, clothing was once part of a hitbox especially When you play as one of the German operators, they are annoying to bring their big ear defender helmets. But this is no longer a thing (thank goodness). Now if we let Ash squat down a little bit, the first thing becomes obvious The target’s head moves to the left much during this motion. I had to adjust my target to the right few times before I reliably grabbed the top It’s rising head. But once the adjustments are made, we will check the frame-by-frame footage and we can see The graticule changes the color fairly consistently on the exact frame that Ash passes through it Move up or down.

I have a few cases that usually look for a blow, but the colors are not Change: It’s like aiming her shoulders here or very clearly overhead. Maybe it can be explained now that the clothes are not included in the hitbox Or there may be a small amount of asynchronous. In fact: this should not be a headshot for me but it still is and proves there When hitting crouch animations, using hitbox and character models is a bit problematic. Now this is because the hitbox moves differently compared to the model, or it may be side by side Lag for playing games online? Alright, I also did this exact test for a local custom game that both players have List 1 millisecond pings, and even here, this phenomenon exists. This should not be a headshot, but it still is, it is in a LAN environment. Wait … this is confirmed! Crouch spam broke the hitbox after all! Well, yes, it looks like the hitbox moves slightly different from the player model One centimeter here or there.

But let’s be real here; even at very close range, we are really talking about some Pixels … rumors are hitbox insta switches when third person crouches The model is animated, which is definitely not the case. For me, The slight deviation of the hitbox when crouching is really not enough to be consistent Impact of gameplay and therefore: My conclusion will crouch spam will not affect hitboxes. Of course there is no meaningful way. Of course it ?s another problem I ?ve seen. People mentioned that crouching made it It is more likely that your opponent’s weapon is preventing head shots. But as we have been able to observe from everyone so far, nothing Move the front arm’s face at any time during the animation. Does the weapon have certain angles? Stop head shots? Absolutely! But I don’t think it has something to do with Crouch sending spam in any way. As a final confirmation, I also tried to test the hit box with actual shooting.

But as you can imagine, time-lapse shooting works perfectly a few pixels away from the target during the period A fairly fast animation is a little nightmare to deal with. I ran a lot of trials and most of them ended up missing a mile Or an unintentional headshot. Still, I managed to get some decent close-ups, and they have almost confirmed What this mesh color test has already told us: the hit box is still very accurate. Full disclosure now: each participant my experiment was on a very good internet We all have a connection in these tests, always 9 and 16ms, So my conclusion is not to take any network into consideration you or your opponent’s problem May be experiencing in any given game.

But at the end of the day, even if you are playing against high ping people Their role models in your example this game lags behind They are in their own game, what is the most important when it comes, is the most important You shot it. Yes, there will be peeker advantages. Yes, they might kill you and you after the cover. But the most important thing in terms of pickup is that your lens is what the server shows you Target positioning. If you land on your game instance, the hits will still be counted. After all, what do I think about squatting spam? Rainbow Six Siege operator’s speed crouch spam is absolutely superhuman, there is no doubt. In real-life-based games, I feel impossible body movements It should be kept to a minimum. But when it comes to Crouch, spam gives players an unfair advantage, My conclusion is that this is not the case. I tested my ability on the impact of hitboxes best, as far as I know, there Is a very unfair impact. When you crouch, your hitbox isn’t broken; you just really become a more difficult target.

Is this annoying? Yes. unnatural? Yes unfair? Not what I can see. I know there is a balance between making fast-paced, fun games And to make the game realistic, I feel that this sport needs to feel good and fun. But regardless of whether the hitbox is destroyed or not, it can crouch repeatedly at high altitudes. The speed with which there is hardly any punishment for your ability to aim is an issue (in my humblest opinion). This is completely unnatural and stupid, so I believe in the need for crouching Weakened in some way Ubisoft may be harder to aim at changing positions or they can change The speed at which the animation occurs.

Changing positions may even temporarily affect how fast you can move forward or sideways. It would be completely realistic for someone to start crouching around the corner, Slowing down their firing speed would actually put them at a disadvantage. But these are just a few ideas in my head, not the focus of this video. The purpose is to test whether crouching spam gives you an unfair advantage, as for I can see that this is not the case. But what do you think about crouch spam? Do you want to keep it or make it nervous? Let us know in the comments section below! When you’re there, move on. If (you know) you like this video, leave a favorite. As always, thanks for watching; I hope you enjoyed this video I will see you in the next episode!

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