Defense Guide: The Basics (rainbow 6 Seige tutorial)


Hey what is up guys, luke from luke and will here uhh today we are going to be showing you some uh, just a basic guide on how to play defense on rainbow six siege uh. The defense can be broken down, usually into three distinct play. Styles. The first one here that you are seeing right now is roaming and uhm. Usually you camp out somewhere away from the objective, maybe a different floor and wait for them to start breachingand then run around through the building and make sure you don’t play it like its call of duty that will probably get you killed.

You cant just rely on quick, like aiming accuracy and your trigger finger or whatever you know, umm, so that will probably get you killed. If you play it like call of duty, try and be carefull check all the corners when your running through and don’t neccecarilly always run umm. The second playstyle is lurking and its usually hidning out in a room, pretty easy to defend, but not the room with the objective in it a place near where you think they will come in from or a commonly traveled route through. The building you ah usually can aim around and look around, and if you see somebody you can go get them chicken, though there might be more than just one guy or the one you see, you can always check the chickens. Two oftenly ahh its to make sure there aren’t any guys in your area and if you see someone in your area, then go get em be very catuuiols, though bla bla bla bal bla. I gave up on the subtitles here, so I’m just gon na write random stuff. Sorry, if you are deft and trying to watch this

Hopefully you can at least get a good laugh: FARTFART FART, fART fart