Ela’s Scorpion: Not as bad as you think?! Rainbow Six Siege


Hi everyone, this is Rogue-9! It is known that Miss Ela was severely cut again in the first season of the third year In this video, I will compare the performance of her weapon before and after the update. Maybe the new recoil of the Scorpion EVO after the patch Is the accuracy still high at fully automatic rate of fire? This video will not be very long. Let ?s go straight to the topic! The Scorpion EVO submachine gun in the patch log has been greatly modified by two points: Increased recoil and reduced injury You all know that I am a data controller, so let ?s talk about the harm reduction problem first.

Before the update, the Scorpion had 28 to 18 damage without a silencer. And now it’s only 23 to 15 In other words: before the hack, the output of the scorpion is 504 to 324 This made the Scorpion in the past the strongest main weapon of the defender at all distances. And now it ?s changed from 414 to 270. This is slightly better than the average output of a submachine gun: 404 to 270 But do n?t forget what I said at the end of the last video: DPS data is a good consideration when comparing different weapons. But when judging the combat effectiveness of a weapon, more important factors Is the time required to knock down / kill the enemy (TTK) Calculated based on old damage data, assuming all bullets hit body parts 1 shot requires 4 shots at close range, 6 shots at long range, 2 shots at short range, 7 shots at long range 3 shots, 5 shots at close range, 7 shots at long range The number of bullets required to switch to the new damage curve has become 5/7, 5/8, and 6/9. The Scorpion’s 1080 rate of fire remains the same, which means Its TTK against all enemies at full range has only increased by 55.556 ms In fact, the only difference is that you need 2 more bullets to deal with heavy armor enemies at any distance.

TTK increment This means that it currently takes 222 milliseconds to deal with the TTK of 1 or 2 A within 18 meters. Against 3 A’s enemies is 278 ms What does this new data mean? The average TTK of a submachine gun at close range to 1A is 209ms, Therefore, the current scorpion style is lower than the average level, only better than the MP5 series, FMG-9 and P90. Against Serie A, the Scorpion is slightly above the average Slightly higher than the average for 3 A enemies At long distances, Ela’s Scorpion-like TTK works against any armor Are very close to average Ela’s scorpion assault rifle is just extremely powerful from the past Can match the attacker’s main weapon, reducing to the average of the defender’s weapon And clearly inferior to rifle weapons Of course, talking about power without talking about recoil will not work. Next, let’s talk about the increase in recoil. Uh, it did add a lot … Back in the blood orchid season, when the scorpion came out, This thing is simply a laser gun, and now? It’s more like a strip in my hands Lively fish being educated by Yang Yongxin Comparing the in-game recoil model before and after the update, there is no change in the vertical recoil And horizontal recoil seems to increase by 50% to 60%? But just looking at the recoil model Can’t convince me Now its random horizontal and vertical recoil is very intense It doesn’t keep rising like other weapons But often fall suddenly and irregularly In fact, even if I only pull 9 meters away to test It is difficult to hit the target while holding down the mouse Has the scorpion really turned into a harmless, uncontrollable wastewood weapon? I think, not yet Because during testing, I found the new recoil of this submachine gun Maybe we’ve never seen it before In the long shot, I noticed my first three shots Quite accurate Until the third or fourth round, the recoil will start to look like a live fish that has been electrified by Professor Yang.

hard to control I personally think that the recoil of the shooting after the scorpion-type starter has indeed greatly increased. But as long as you fire a short shot, this gun is still controllable In order to test this idea, for the first time, I adjusted the weapon to 3 rounds. Shooting 9 meters away The result is what you are seeing now: But in general, the recoil in the 3 shots is very stable and controllable. In the second test, I was in the case of a pressure gun. Conducted three consecutive bursts of fire And fully automatic shooting As you can see, the results are very different I reached 1056RPM in fully automatic shooting (Already very close to the 1080 rate of fire on paper), but I can still control the back seat very well In addition to using 3 consecutive bursts, the manual short shot has the same effect. But I personally still like the former, so I do n?t always have to control my own shots. All I have to do is press X to shift, and then just click the mouse.

Recall the video of a separate inquiry into the burst mode test I made earlier I mentioned in the video: Burst mode has no benefit except to limit the burst speed But in this recoil test of the Scorpion assault rifle, I found three bursts Is the best way to control this gun, as long as you keep clicking the firing button The rate of fire can still reach a nearly fully automatic speed I would love to hear your experience Should I switch to 3 rounds to shoot, or do I control the shooting length myself? Let me know which one you prefer! After all, I personally summarize: After the third or fourth round, the game ?s newly added double recoil system will make it extremely difficult to control Coupled with the weakened damage, this gun will become a close fire.

Junk weapon The first three rounds will hit where you aim, Next Ela will perform a “Goddess of Love” But if you can control the shot length to avoid entering the second recoil mode Ela is still the one who used the shock stick to ensure the kill Powerful 3 quick-dryers (provided your ice cream imported from Poland is in the right place) The above is my personal opinion Please leave a message in the barrage and comment area, What do you think of Ela and her Scorpion submachine gun? Thanks for watching, see you next time! .

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