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Garbage Guide To Rainbow Six Siege – The Best Operator


Hongcai Six: There are two types of siege operations: offensive and defensive So you have to be good at least Or you can be like me and no one can play Hello, I ?m the one who ranks low on the ladder, and I ?m here to introduce you I will only explain to you the standard version of the staff Do you think I can make a lot of DLC if I earn a lot? So guys, do n?t play any DLC staff until I tell you to play Why listen to me? I only played for 60 hours Played single-player games for 59 hours But in the last 40 minutes of multiplayer connections, I realized everything. I have actually been held hostage many times in real life. No matter the form And I can tell you: Special forces do not fight like this UBI what you do These are the places where something happened in the game Then these are the locations on the development side So no question! Back to the topic, which cadre should you finish? Let’s start with Fuze A member of the Russian special forces from Metal Gear Solid He is a slow and loud Uzbek, and he is not sure if it has stereo sound His skill is to throw five bombs into the house, destroy all the furniture …

And hostages It is also logical to destroy cans of biological and chemical weapons and destroy entire cities. But as long as he does n?t kill the hostage, he ?s actually very useful and risky. The description of him wrote that these bombs were made by himself It’s crazy! Which special forces will be used with home equipment! Still considering his colleague: Glaz Glaz’s gun has a sight Every mom has a sight. What’s so good about it- Equipped with a thermal imager, so Glaz can clearly see where the hot staff is Yes he’s a sniper, so hide behind, pour your vodka and shit in those buckets But when there are two people left, you may want to make a wave Try not to be the last one, otherwise your chances of getting heart disease Everyone will stare at you and expect you to have a good performance But the real reason not to play him is an obvious pun.

His name is Glaz (glass), and then he needs to use glass to see farther The Rainbow Squad must understand this. So no need- Love Her narrative wasn’t completely written, anyway. Ah ~ “Sci-fi cartoon writer” She has a device … that allows her to see the electronics So she is easily replaced by people who are keen on appliances because they know just by feeling Obviously, the more positive the chick, the harder it is to beat IQ will say “I can see the stuff that has batteries” So she can easily be countered by those bicycles connected in series. She plugged everything into the plug And if you choose her, everyone will think you are a nerd Do you know what the nerd is the opposite? That’s right, that is the German head of state Pick Blitz and have a flash fight! If you want to join the army, help the other five people! Follow me! No one is following me, you guys are so bad Blitz can take the shield, and then there is a flash on the shield You can use this to grind the eyes of the enemy! This invention sucks Should put a flamethrower or something His running speed has been revised but he still says “slow” Say-Seriously, if you finish him you should feel awkward A shield …

Are you serious? Do you think it is the 14th century inverse We need a more sci-fi attacker Check out Twitch I think she tried to appeal before, but no one would use Youtube Live to be anonymous. She is from France “Nancy” There are two drones that will fire electromagnetic javelins The video camera works well Or more straightforwardly, picking up assists Her drone runs slowly, quieter, and then cannot jump But the sound of jumping up will make your enemies even more afraid Share your battle report If you trust her She is from France, but I never heard her French accent UBISOFT will not make this mistake.

She is not what she said Another alcoholic is Montagne (pronounced in French) Montagne is French and then … haha ??… Kidding, who is french Just misspelled, Montage! Will be called like this because he will always be TK by his teammates Or died of a grenade He has a shield! It ?s great to have a shield at this time (?) This completely protects him, but he has no new tricks, and learns about BLITZ! But you are slow Make you paranoid Mom’s Blitz told my wife three little ones When you finally understand …

You got fucked by a teammate TK was definitely not careless during the siege If you want to keep your chrysanthemum, play with Thermite Attackers with high casting rates And a member of SWAT, which means … What a ghost anteater The casting rate is high because of his skills Thermite will put termites on those reinforced walls and let them penetrate the walls Termites are an insect. Like cockroaches, they are found all over the world except Antarctica. Clams? Not termites? FBI’s aluminizing agent, and a bomb Hey, this makes no sense, how can you survive? That’s a lot of money.

Termites are cheaper, 10 kilograms are a kilogram. Anyway, termites don’t bite steel, so let it be. Ash, another name: Ash, if you want to prove that you are not anti-Semitic, choose him Ash is a member of the Israeli … International Diabetes Federation They have an exchange plan with the FBI! So cute! Her skill is a grenade launcher What do you want to do? Just do what you want! The grenade launcher is supposed to be able to cope with any scene! You won’t hear anyone say: God, I wish I had no grenade launcher At the same time, she is very small, moves quickly, is difficult to hit, and you will not have a sense of crisis, you will relax Then die Should I consider Thatcher? He is a member of SAS Means “airborne task force” Feels like a delivery company line This is what they look like, amorous postman! He can throw electromagnetic pulse grenades and blow up all electrical appliances Will also blow up the pipe (king bastard) You don’t need such expensive equipment And Thatcher is 56 years old He couldn’t bear his spine! What if he retires someday? Your professional corner is gone! Then you have to play Sledge Why should every British wear a mask! How can London be so smelly! Sledge has a big mallet You guys are so lazy “That …

The defender used a bunch of high-tech defenses against Dongdong, what should I do?” “Miss, let me find what’s in my garage!” Sledge can destroy anything that a mallet can destroy. This is not rocket science. Or that this is not scientific at all! The only one who didn’t wear headphones So footsteps should be heard more clearly, but you do n?t know what is happening now Unlike Ash, he also brought a mobile phone Unfortunately, he is 192 cm tall In the United States, the weights and measures system is about …

0.0012 miles It’s very high! It makes you easy to be beaten You also make others feel secure, meaning … Bombs, hostages, biochemical weapon solution irrigation How do you protect them? You can choose Smoke One of the most highly qualified professionals Because he looks cool, I can’t find any other reasons Seriously, he has a gas bomb, but British officials have gas masks. And then these people wear masks So, anyone can counter him! He may have been chosen because of his aggressiveness Because he is Smoke, he will live shortly and many more Perhaps the reason for his high casting rate is because of the guerrilla marketing methods of the tobacco company! What a trash corner Look at Mute So don’t choose him! And the dwarf will still be beaten Unless you know what superpowers he has Look at Bandit I have watched his play videos and I do n?t think he has any special abilities The boxes he carried seemed to be of no use.

I think the reason why he has the lightning bolt is because he is very responsive Of course, because he runs fast Lame … Actually not, I think that character will always crawl Everyone says he has a good gun Which special force will use a bad gun!?!? This officer is illogical The other kid who is fast is Grandpa He has a machine that can intercept grenades Awesome, a character with fewer explosion effects He stands out in this way Grandpa is the only character who doesn’t look like a demon, right? He looks like today is Friday afternoon Then he only has some work left Then he can hurry home and watch his favorite German voice “J?ger” in German and Swedish with “Hunter” Also synonymous with “black drink for teenagers” I never know what it means It would be a big mistake to play with him, because he is a genius inventor and he should not be here Come home! Give the battle to Tan Like Rook His ability is to armor your team That’s right! Played quite thoroughly You have to mess this up I want to share these things with those “good friends” outside! But your allies can easily mess everything up Every time! No one will take it! I have an improvement: newer models will ring when you don’t wear a seat belt This bag should have an air strike alarm until everyone takes the armor bag Until this update, he was garbage “He can increase survival rate” Yeah, but DOC can also A man named Doc, this game is really targeted at TF2 Doc is the only supplement If it is other games, his casting rate must be 100% He also runs very slowly, which is very unreasonable He is a doctor and he should keep fit and healthy It reminds me of his name Gustave “Doc” Kateb Shouldn’t it be Dr.

Gustave “Doc” Kateb !? I think he is just a passerby holding an amphetamine sucker Impersonating a doctor may be more evil than taking the hostage To check your heart rate, you can choose Pulse He can see through the wall, and then he can tell your teammates that there is a bastard Obviously, communication is important You all know that I am a second-rate communicator in history Second only to Vlad III He wanted to assassinate, and then everyone knew So I ?m here to teach you how to communicate with team members Hi, everybody! Sounds silly, kick him Uh …

I might be too active …!? I should behave naturally An An It ?s so natural for this kid, I want a strong player, kick him! Are you serious !? OK, let them talk first I heard your breathing! Kick him! Punch three bites Summary: Mute all voices! Don’t play with him !!! Castle Everyone on the Internet says that Castle ?s right hand is strong Means he sucks His ability is a better wall Not bad, especially if you lock up your teammates Everyone is optimistic about him in principle Especially the first R6 game started I think he has to change the wall to make him look like a castle on chess It also has the same function as the castle on chess But if you want to play now, get some sausage from the campsite! Remember the first rule of survival before entering the forest Don’t be seen by those smelly cars Kapkan has “reject access” What a “door explosive” It was easy to counter him.

It was easy before he put explosives! I’m sorry This thing can’t kill you Deals 45 points of damage to heavy armor units. Her mother is really bad. He also has a screwdriver, which is really useful, but he refuses to use it in other situations His narrative says that he is a horror Playing with him also turns into a horror coffee Finally He got stuck! A character that breaks the balance of the game Ubisoft then decided to keep it Even if he is garbage, no one will complain about how garbage he is He is a complaint diffuser You should play him No! You should just play him If you weren’t defensive at first, flash In fact, he should delete the players other than his card, so that every offensive and defensive officer is his card Then changed the name of the game to “Rainbow Six-Tadpole Card” Machine gun towers everywhere! The conclusion is to delete the game to play Rainbow 6 No.

1 Above is Kilian Experience .

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