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Genshin Impact Zhongli Banner Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and welcome to this video I’ll go through Zhongli’s details, A security sign or sign at Genshin Impact, Explain its timing and how it generally works. Thanks for watching the video so far remember to like it and subscribe and ring the bell To help with youtube algorithm, it is now back to the video. So in general effect you can randomly play it Characters and as they do every now, and then they do. These kind of promotions for five-star characters, The one to come, is zong li and he uh, I guess, on a grand scale, as is required after seeing him 1.1 Promotional Trailers. So it will be between Dec 1st until 22nd, Or is 5 PM to 2 PM reserved for me in the UK.

So it says you need to convert it yourself, The region that all times indicated in this notice is traditionally based on your system, time. Uk Mother Time or British Standard Time is five hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, which is usually the difference. Sometimes it changes due to daylight saving time, but all it can give you An idea about it. So the traditional way it works is when you have a five-star promotional persona. You have a very small chance of fulfilling each wish. It’S like 0.6, but it’s 90th. The attempt is then boosted to 50 and then, if you don’t get it on the 90 laps, then at 180 A roll – you definitely 100, get it as long as you want 90 and 180 laps on this Farm Wish. Then there are other characters you can get along the way anytime. You can have these Anytime, you get any of them, but in 90 of them you need to work for Look at many helpful resources in the description box below, but just know that zomli is coming As simple as that we just have to wait one day.

What I do traditionally, when it comes to, I wish I could memorize my primer boxes so that I have enough to do 10 wishes at once. This is 1,600 Primo Gems and I’ll link to my video in the description where I talk about how to pay Winning. Can be expensive so just because you know you know, because I can see it because I am, I run a financial channel uh being a problem, but fortunately, in my case I managed to continue under Control and I enjoy the game just so you know the players. Uh zomlie security sign will come Uh very soon.

The next day we recorded this video and good luck. If you save Your gem so far to try to have good luck with zhong li hope, you get. Him looks cool and Please check the trailer in the description box from its official channel while it works Anyway guys. That’S it for this video. If you want to make sure you give him a thumbs up.

You can watch the video there, congratulations download it There or you can click here to subscribe. Thank you guys.

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